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Completed Let's Play Victoria II: a Slum Divided, The Brazilian Slaughter


Jul 7, 2012
The Codex
If cheating is needed to spread the light of the revolution to the bourgeoisie slaves of Brazil then so be it.


Jun 3, 2005
I'm afraid I may have to cheat by triggering events that gradually increase % of socialist POPs to achieve that.
I have generally found that they manage this just fine on their own. The main benefit to going Commie is basically that they'll stop revolting.

Well, generally I think it's a shame you either need a small country or deliberate fuck-ups to set up a dictatorship.
Is it really a fuck-up if you're doing it intentionally towards a directed purpose? The main thing if you plan to overthrow the country is to never fortify the capital. That way it will fall quickly and the rebels will enforce their demands.


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
Main benefit of going commie is that they are the only ones who usually combine state capitalism/planned with full citizenship(very useful for any country in Kwa due to immigrant attraction), and it gets tiresome to keep cancelling the constructions of unprofitable factories the stupid capitalists tend to do.

I didn't have to cheat for what I hoped to happen to happen, but I had to cheat to ensure it would not end being for nothing, or something silly and nonsensical like a conservative counterpart of it.



Libertas Quae sera Tamen

Arbeiter, Bauern


Damn Frenchies, they found the source of the Nile first and got all the prestige for it. A missed opportunity, but nothing but a minor distraction for the frogs after all the humiliation of having waved so many white flags in their conflicts with Prussia BEST BRAZIL.


With the improvement of the government and a growing sentiment towards Freedom, a new Open Door policy on immigration is enacted to attract even more to join the land of the free. With a population now approaching 15 million inhabitants, it is indeed gearing itself to become the greatest country.





It was when one private bank in Rio Grande do Sul decided to print more Jewgold than they really had that the most historically important events of this decade would be set in motion. Such scam driven out of the purest greed and disregard for the fellow men harmed millions and enriched a few, and the government support for such scheme caused a massive fury in the state, the feeling of being injustice was rapidly taking a more definite form, as among those who fell victim to such scam many joined the socialist and communist causes, and whispers of revolution were rapidly spreading through the most populous state of the country.


In August of 1876, the Brazilian Republic was the second greatest military power in America, and more than capable of standing and overcoming even the militaries of Great Powers. It was then that a historical alliance was signed between the two mightiest democracies of the continent, in the hopes of securing no more frogs shall meddle in the affairs of the Americas.


Socialist unions rise in support of the people dispossessed by the Great Bankster Scam of 1876, conducting sabotage acts as they accused all of the "bourgeoisie" to be in league in their plan to milk dry the workers for their personal enrichment.


By the beginning of 1877, the Republic of Brazil requested permission from Greece to conduct excavations with the goal of uncovering the history of Ancient Greece. Their arguments end being convincing enough, and thus they had their request granted. Hopefully this time there won't be any Frenchie to discover something important from these excavations first.


Likewise, it was decided to change the national value to something even greater. To formalize their ideals to a new level, one without restrictions, without exceptions. Freedom is their greatest value, to become a land where all men shall be free, a land that makes no distinction between those born in it and those who moved to it. Let it forever shine, at their brightest and finest hours, as an example for the world.



: Once muslims starting imposing Sharia Law with the nod of the feminazis, don't complain I didn't warn you all. You could have prevented it but no, you had to bury the last shred of decency you had by letting this grow strong and giving ears to it.

:decline: :decline: :decline: :decline:

As a consequence of embracing Freedom as an ideal without limits, feminism is on the rise, to the disgust of the Western Civilization Defense Squad. Likewise, bolt-action rifles have finally become standard in the army, and to make things better, new models are on production that will featured magazines to increase even more the rate of fire and to make reloading them even simpler.


With the rise of ever-increasingly progressive ideas, a reaction was formed, the foundations of the Western Civilization Defense Squad thus strengthened as they look upon the past with rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia for an age that was worse than the current one in the Republic.


Things went badly in Crete when a Afro-Brazilian NIGGER who went there to work in the excavations was accused of raping Greek white women. To prevent an international scandal, the government decides to make the Greek government agree with them through the same way the Jews would make them approve "austerity measures" over a century later. The rumors it spawned served well to stir reactionaries and racists in the country.


Petroleum is a new source of energy that is far more promising than steam power. However, right now nobody invented applications for it yet, and thus there is no real demand for refined fuels, and besides, they don't have access to oil, because offshore drilling requires technologies a long way from being developed right now. If they manage to add an oil-producer to their sphere of influence, it might be useful though.


In 11th of August of 1877, what many already suspected was confirmed. The bank involved in the Great Bankster Scam of 1876 gave substantial bribes to the Federalist Party to ensure they would block any investigations and trials against the same bank. With this fact in plain sight, countless lost their faith in liberals and of these many joined the socialist ranks. After the scandal, the Colorado Party made their famous speech on how "democracy and capitalism are mutually exclusive" and riled many enraged peoples against the status quo. The government knew there was only one thing that would hopefully distract the population from the tensions and prevent them from exploding.


To finish what they have started, to eradicate tyranny from the Brazilian nation. And thus it began. Thanks to their alliance with Kwa perhaps, or because they feared to be humiliated into raising lots of white flags once again, the French proved how reliable allies they are and left monarchist Brazil to their fate.


Except this time... the war was not as one-sided as before. Despite aware they stood no chance at this point, the monarchists fought fanatically, and every advance was bloody, casualties many times being greater to the Republic. But they cannot stop now, the nation must be united in FREEDOM!


A feeling of national BROtherhood has risen. The Brazilians are one people, to never be divided by petty regionalisms like the former Spanish colonies were, and for that to ensure there is no need of kings and despots. They were only divided by a conflict between liberty and tyranny, progress and reaction, but now this will be over.


No matter how many brothers shall die and kill each other in the end of this thirty years long Civil War, there will be peace, freedom and prosperity for everyone from Pará to Rio Grande do Sul.


Now on some European News. Giuseppe Garibaldi, hero in the two Wars of the Farrapos, has achieved, or nearly achieved, his dream of having his nation united. Italy was formed, but due to French meddling the Papal States remain independent. They have many challenges ahead to achieve full unification, for to face Austria-Hungary and France will not be easy.

Perhaps most interesting is that, somehow Finland achieved independence, despite still being in the Russian sphere of influence, and most importantly, the news on a Jacobin revolution brewing to overthrow the monarchy in Prussia and replace it with a democracy that might serve as the base for the proclamation of a German republic.


Empriricism will give some benefits to the organization of the military and also speed up research. Given the cultural research benefit Freedom provides, it is a natural choice.


As if the rising militancy of socialist revolutionaries that were just a few steps from open rebellion wasn't bad enough, an outbreak of Typhoid Fever happened in Rio Grande do Sul. Having enough ethics to value life over stability, the government enacted a quarantine that caused even more militancy, and thus from a deadly disease would come a spark that was about to ignite the powderkeg of a Second Revolution.


A chance to prevent the worst came as, worried by the militancy, certain conservatives and liberals offered support to the socialist proposal of improving the pensions for the elderly, but the government decided to simply bide its time on such subject, specially as the finances were going badly, the war lasting longer than predicted as despite well aware they lost it, the monarchy refused to surrender.



In July 13th, 1878, dozens of thousands rose in the capital, rapidly overwhelming and driving the local police into retreat as they stormed the Golden House. The situation was getting out of control, the red flags rising all over the city as the Colorados tried to completely secure Porto Alegre, intent on overthrowing the existing government and paving the foundations of a socialist democracy, as they believed that the game was rigged. Only through violent revolution they thought that it could be possible to create what they called a true democracy, one ruled by enlightened workers who gave no ears to the lies of the bourgeois parties.

While the war of unification was far from over, the Brazilian Revolution has begun.


A social conscience has risen among the violence. However, the conservative government was resolute on entering History as those responsible for reuniting Brazil, even if such was the last thing they'd achieve.



Casualties have ramped up pretty high on the dramatic battle of Rio de Janeiro, where men loyal to the emperor swore to fight to the death, and thus many did, inflicting devastating casualties as their military equipment has been rapidly modernized since the last war fought against them. There was a high cost, both in money and in lives, but the Republican Party was resolute to have this as their year of glory, be it a total victory or their goodbye gift to their fatherland.


The Western Civilization Defense Squad tried to do something, but at this point it was too late. Meanwhile, with the enemy armies crushed, cuts were done on supplies because there was no other option save bankrupcy, which would be terrible.


In April of 1879, at last, a Brazilian was the first in the world to develop a vaccine against the devastating Cholera, which will greatly increase the quality of life for the population, while also bringing great prestige to Brazil for such scientific achievement. With this, the population will increase even more thanks to the drastic reduction in deaths the eradication of Cholera will ensure.

Meanwhile, as the situation worsened in Rio Grande do Sul, the government made one last bid, mobilizing as many as they could to fight against the revolutionaries, now numbered in the hundreds of thousands.



The revolutionaries were victorious, in part thanks to how many called to mobilize indeed mobilized.... on their side. Red flags waved over Rio Grande do Sul, order lost, while all of their army was deep in the Brazilian North to finish what they have started. Now it was too late. Hopefully they would resist long enough for the war with monarchist Brazil to be over, but the stability of the country was already eroding, no matter how the current government refused to negotiate with the revolutionaries even after they stormed the capital.


Another important invention which will greatly help in many practical applications, the creation of the periodic table was a significant leap in the field of chemistry, even if Brazil was not the first country to develop one.


In April of 1880, the there was The Brazilian Slaughter of the last monarchist army, and now victory was about to be confirmed.


And thus, at last! A crowning moment of glory for the Republic! Now there is no more WORST BRAZIL! Technically, there still is one in the remnants of the crooked regime now overthrown, but eventually it will be gone. Let this May of 1880 be forever remembered for what it represents. From its humble origins as a minor separatist Republic, from victories over two Wars of the Farrapos where all odds were stacked against them, the Republic of Brazil has risen triumphantly, putting an end to many of the ills of the nation inherited from colonialism, and actively working to eradicate the still existing ones. This is a great day for freedom.

However, to achieve this victory much was sacrificed. Countless dozens of thousands died in bloody battles, pensions were suspended as the country verged on bankrupcy, and together with other austerity measures, these actions triggered even more revolutionary fervor, from the point where, while at this point they have secured their status as the legitimate government of Brazil, the socialist revolution has taken the entirety of the very source of all these achievements: Rio Grande do Sul. The armies marched southwards, in the hopes to restore order.



25th of May of 1880 will be forever remembered in the history of Brazil. Having no other choice, the Republicans agreed to abdicate if their lives, health and families were not harmed, and to such terms the revolutionaries agreed, as then, by force, the conservatives were ousted from power and a new government of the proletariat has risen. The Colorados defended ideals which would eventually be called Democratic Syndicalism, supporting an economy mixed between central planning and workers self-management and standing for both freedom and socialism, which they considered equally important to each other to become true rather than distorted shadows the bourgeois liberals and the tyrannical communists in their dictatorships of the proletariat stand for.

They have achieved their ultimate objective at last, overthrowing the previous order and instating democratic socialism. Ironically however, just as they announced their victories, elections already started as they believed that the people had to support socialism for it to be an authentic and succcessful revolution, and thus, the Republican Party might ironically go back to their seats, unless they successfully convince the masses of their ideals.




Only through democratic socialism such ideals can be truly achieved. Many foreign powers look warily, for they know well the threat represented by this successful revolution. A coup attempt by the communists to instate a dictatorship of the "proletariat" was prevented, and investigations found out that banksters and JEWS were involved in it, making it obvious that they were trying to corrupt the revolution into something arguably worse than capitalism out of fear it could inspire the workers of the entire world were it to become a functional and better way of life.


Socialism, once fringe, became one of the most followed ideologies, but there was one more problem. The so called "White Army" of the bourgeois liberals besieged Porto Alegre, threatening to put a rapid end to this revolution. All forces were being deployed to stabilize the country before all they fought so hard for could be lost.


Extensive social reforms have begun. First, to eradicate the odious institution of child labor slavery, something only cold-blooded capitalist pigs could have invented. This will greatly improve the quality of life and drastically decrease child mortality, because the life of the people are worth more than extra cash in the pockets of the ruthless bourgeois.





Fortunately for the workers, by August the damn Jacobin bourgeois rebels were crushed. Socialism has won, Freedom has won and True Democracy has won. Now it is time to achieve the most important victory: to be acclaimed by the people, to have most voting for socialism in the ballots to confirm that this is indeed the will of the people, and so for it to be, forever.


To reduce the increasing costs of the large and mighty army of the just established Socialist Republic of Brazil, which will of course be critical because sooner or later the counter-revolutionary forces of the world, the imperialist scum and the Kwanzania corporatists will make their move against the revolution, a system of modern logistics is at last researched, and to ensure that, no matter how many pigs send their cattle to the slaughter for their unjust counter-revolution, the proletariat shall win, let those who fight for the reactionaries and bourgeois be slaughtered by mighty machineguns!


Vile imperialists and exploiters! They now march to suck dry every resource of Africa, to chain their people under wage slavery and therefore enrich a few fat cats from such exploitation. It is a pity the revolutionary military has no navy to challenge such vile disregard for national sovereignty born out of pure greed and lack of humanity. Once the time is right and our glorious military ready, we shall fight for the freedom of Africa as much as we did for the freedom of our own people!


Minas Gerais, the same state where the first attempt at a Republican revolution and at independence happened, became a bastion of socialism, their population standing stronger than anywhere else for the ideal of a better world and a better future for the people.


The damn Frenchies tried to trollbait Brazil into a war, obviously aware of what their now old rival represents. Their loss.




The Colorados have won both through guns and ballots, confirming that the revolution was more than successful. A new ideal is rising. From the socialist revolutionaries that now form the democratic government of Brazil, many have an Internationalist ideal, defending the creation of civilization and government based upon not nationality, but ideology, and from such, the lofty dream of world socialism, and equally, a far closer dream as well, while a new very important reform was established to create public schools for everyone and no longer make education a privilege for the bourgeois and even worse aristocrats.

Slowly the ideal rose. From its posiition as the unrivaled power of South America,The Republic of Brazil now ruled by a revolutionary socialist government was about to become something greater, in a movement that would definitively draw the attention of the bourgeois empires of the world and pave the way for what could become the greatest conflict they have ever fought, but it is something that must be done, for the workers and people of the continent, because isolation will mean defeat while the forces of counter-revolution gather.


Thus, in the year of 1881, something greater was formed. Supported by socialist movements of their neighbors, the just established Colorado revolutionaries thus proclaimed the Libertadores, giving a true purpose to the flawed dreams of men like Simón Bolívar: to unite the proletariat of the entire continent under the flag of socialism. This declaration brought considerable condemnation from the rest of the world, and immediately, all other great powers turned hostile against the just established revolutionary confederation, for they knew what it represented to those who shell money to their crooked politicians for them to pretend running a democracy while ruling for the wealthy and powerful.

By proving freedom and socialism can work together, the Libertadores now stands for a birth that shall be drenched in blood, for never in history, since the days of the French Revolution, have counter-revolutionary forces been so active as before, talks having happened less than a few hours after the establishment of this socialist multinational government, and alliances being forged against old enemies intent on crushing them sooner or later, all while the Banana Republics are being auctioned, the greatest powers of the world, like Kwanzania, France and the British Empire, stand ready to snatch certain South American countries whose elites give more value to their status than to the sovereignty of their nation, and to partition the continent in the hopes of culling what is now the greatest threat to their establishments.

Of course, by doing so, they shall only give even more reasons for the socialists in Brazil to stand for their ideal against all odds, just like the Republicans in Rio Grande do Sul did, and therefore, they will not be intimidated if, to unite the workers of South America through freedom and socialism, they must defy the mightiest countries of the world*.


*Also will be done IN SPACE as soon as GarfunkeL gets the Aurora game back on track.

PS: Now I'll have to edit some events to ensure a really severe counter-revolution and some partitioning of Latin America as Satellites or directly ruled territories. Map-painting against the other infinitely weaker South American countries would not be fun enough.

Therefore instead of fighting them, there will be one hell of a fight coming.

:patriot: :kwanzania:

Or maybe not



Jul 6, 2010
Compton, California
MCA Project: Eternity
Long live the Libertadores!


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
So I finally created the needed event chains. I decided to make it an all-Kwanstain reaction because Kwanzania would never let Europe recolonize the continent even under the pretext of "stopping the red threat", and because it is easier this way, plus considering how long it'd take for me to research naval tech and build a navy mighty enough to defy UK, more likely to reach a conclusion before the game ends.

Essentially, after the global trigger activated by the decision of forming the Libertadores, including a fluff event mentioning the counter-revolutionary elements in neighbor countries being ready to trade the independence of their nations for the maintenance of their privileges, Kwanzania gets an event where it chooses whether to offer to make all South American countries which aren't in Libertadores SOI, someone else's satellite or ruled by a socialist or communist party their bitches satellites, to even offer statehood, therefore annexing them and less likely, do nothing at all. AI Kwanzania odds are 50% of offering protectorate, 45% of offering statehood and only 5% of not acting against socialism.

If they choose to offer protectorates, then an event is triggered for all South American countries(save as mentioned socialist countries, those that already are satellites or those in Libertadores SOI) where they must choose whether to become Kwanstain bitches or independent, with 95% chances for the former.

If Kwa chooses to be bolder and offer statehood, they will gain 10 points of infamy because the "it's to stop the reds!" excuse can only go so far, but also a lot of prestige. A different event is triggered for the same range of countries then, with 50% chances of them accepting, 45% of them agreeing to become satellites instead and 5% only of refusing.

On the bad side for kwa, every country that becomes a satellite gains 6 points of militancy, and every annexed one as a new state 9.

Thus, as a teaser of what is coming, here the results of this event chain in my game, and to hell with reloading the saved game for more favorable results. The greater the challenge the better, because otherwise it would be a piece of cake to unite South America, and waging easy wars is boring:




Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
Also, considering the territorial extent where the conflict shall happen, there will be a need of building so many bunkers in the Amazon Rainforest it will make Vietnam look like a Disney theme park.

sqhipere, sqhipere



Notorious Internet Vandal
Jun 1, 2008
Cell S-004
MCA Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2
Well, one thing I can say is that it seems that Fascist dictatorships are really hard to happen even in APD. Seems you practically need to lose a war for enough pops to turn Fascist for the 50% majority in the upper house (since let's face it, almost everyone turns into a Democracy in APD). Good thing is that judging by the AI it seems to be pretty much guaranteed to happen. What I do wonder about though is whether or not there's any stability in a Fascist/Communist Dictatorship, at the very least in vanilla it was endless RABBLERABBLERABBLE if you weren't Universal Voting with the rest of the political reforms.


Jul 6, 2010
Compton, California
MCA Project: Eternity
Also, considering the territorial extent where the conflict shall happen, there will be a need of building so many bunkers in the Amazon Rainforest it will make Vietnam look like a Disney theme park.

sqhipere, sqhipere

And decades after your (hopefully) inevitable victory against the forces of imperialism, the sons and daughters of the proletariat will have their first fuck in these bunkers.


Notorious Internet Vandal
Jun 1, 2008
Cell S-004
MCA Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2
Also, considering the territorial extent where the conflict shall happen, there will be a need of building so many bunkers in the Amazon Rainforest it will make Vietnam look like a Disney theme park.

sqhipere, sqhipere

And decades after your (hopefully) inevitable victory against the forces of imperialism, the sons and daughters of the proletariat will have their first fuck in these bunkers.
Hey hey, I don't think most people understand that Albania joke.


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City

The Porto Alegre-Berlin Internationale and the Greatest Betrayal of World History

Anthem of the Libertadores (BRBR version of The Internationale)


Once allies, once together, there were two countries in America whose entire fundamental values lie upon the words of Freedom and Democracy, but one revolution followed by the confirmation of the popular support for the revolutionary socialists in elections that went shortly after they took control of the government divided the two into opposite sides. How can the worker powerless to enact his will be considered to live in a real democracy? How can choosing whom to become a wage slave to be called freedom? South America was changing shortly after the proclamation of the Libertadores, leading to a chain of events considered by both socialists and nationalists the greatest mass treason of world history. There was no other way to describe what the bourgeois-ruled governments have done. There might be some truth to the ideals Kwanzania claimed to represent right during their proclamation of Independence and early years, but since then, things have changed.

:kwanzania: :patriot:

:decline: :decline: :decline: :decline:

Now, asked by dictators and corrupt politicians ready to sell out the sovereignty of their peoples against the will of their peoples(as expected from a false democracy), Kwanstain stands next to a great chance to forge their own imperialistic ambitions and take most of South America for themselves, except for Paraguay and Colombia, which are safely under the sphere of influence of the Libertadores. Well aware of how this is a direct infringement against liberty and democracy, their imperialistic government doesn't care, basking in hypocrisy. In California and New Mexico and all else of Mexico they stole they might go with the excuse they were fighting against a dictatorship and that the people of such States would live freer and better under their rule, but here this bullshit doesn't cut at all. It is obvious.

The idea that socialists can win elections no matter how much they try to rig the system in their favor and alienate the masses is obviously frightening to bourgeois, crooked politician and aristocrat alike. They will do whatever they can to stop it, and the fact near all independent nations of South America offered to give in their sovereignty to Kwa' shows how far the 1% is willing to go to not lose their privileges. Of course, the 99% did not watch it unfold quietly, militancy rising dramatically over most of the continent as movements for restoring their independence were organizing themselves.


In days, the struggle of decades of men like Símon Bolívar was ruined by such a blatant display of disregard to their own people and regard only for their privileges. Let no more lies about the ruling elites caring about nations and patriotism stand. They only use jingoist rhetoric when it suits their interests, for all unjust and imperialistic wars mean misery for many and profit for a few. This also made it very clear that there can be no compromise. However, last year the country's economy nearly collapsed during the war with monarchic Brazil, and thus, they knew that they had to promote the nation's economy to new, greater heights, sufficient to support a much longer war effort and even endure blockades, before they could begin their struggle for freedom in South America against the tyrants, crooks, oligarchs and plutocrats who in hypocrisy proclaim themselves bastions of Freedom and Democracy.

There is only two true bastions of Freedom and Democracy in the world. One of them is obviously the Libertadores. The other is Prussia, whose decadent monarchy was recently overthrown, and is currently ruled by the arbeiteipartei, as the second socialist democracy in the world, dreaming of uniting Germany under the red and black flag.


Part of the bourgeoisie and reactionaries flees to Kwanstain, Kwanstain illegally occupied lands in South Amerca and other plutocracies. They may go live in privilege and injustice if they lack the humanity to see the misery they are responsible for and stop doing it, but the means of production they once owned will stay here, in the hands of the workers. A much greater number of workers however choose to seek a freer and more prosperous life in the Libertadores, that continues to draw significant quantities of immigrants, specially from the backwards Russia, another nation plagued by the capricious and unjust rule of even feudal lords from how backwards it is.


The injustice Amerikwa did in South America will not be forgotten. The treason of those corrupt politicians and sociopathic bourgeois and aristocrats won't either. Once everything is prepared, Kwanzania will be given one last chance for peace, and if they refuse, they will learn how far a State forged by victorious wars against States once vastly superior to themselves is willing to go to free their continent from such shameless imperialism, to fight for democracy against a false democracy, to fight for freedom against hypocritical tyrants who proclaim themselves defenders of it. They will pay for this!


Over Rio de Janeiro, the more radical communists are growing in popularity since the Great Betrayal, driven by inflamed speeches on how the whole democracy thing is vulnerable to Kwa intervention, and thus a proletarian dictatorship is the only way to secure the status of the workers in the Libertadores. But still, their rousing barely scratches the popularity of the democratic socialists, while weakening conservatives and liberals alike.


For too long the poor have waded and lived in filth, with the trickle down economics those deceitful liberals defend being of course the piss of the capitalist pigs trickling down over the faces of the downtrodden. NO MORE!


Most of the Amazon Rainforest has been settled by the Libertadores, the vast jungles untouched by civilization and its taints feature primitive men who lived communally, let them learn the technologies of today, but a great project has begun: to try to uplift tribes into perfect communist societies, which is believed to be more likely to happen sooner than for communism to be achieved for the civilized, already corrupted by the vices of the establishment.



The counter-revolutionaries, enemies of the proletariat and traitors have gone even farther than to just sell out neighboring countries. They want to sell out Brazil too, as rumors leak of how the United States is supporting a group of reactionary military officers in a plot to install a military dictatorship and put an end to the dream. Immediately, a through investigation begins, to weed out such traitors and send them where they deserve for selling out their country for Kwanstain: to the grave.


Nevertheless, the new First Minister of the Colorado Socialist Party proves himself incredibly competent, and the coup eventually fades into Oblivion after certain questionable officers were given the proper treatment for betraying their country and their people, which obviously is a bullet to the head for such a heinous crime of daring to defy liberty and democracy under the strings of the hypocritical false democracy and empire of the United States. Several military officers fled to Kwanzania-controlled territories before they could be blammed for such crime worse than rape and mass murder.

Fortunately, as the Libertadores remains a free nation, only proven traitors were shot. There was no excess that could lead to a great purge and to the destruction of the officer corps making their armed forces poorly led for years. Nevertheless, Kwanzania, to the depths of hypocrisy, bribed their own newspapers to report such events as a "great purge" and political persecution rather than as a victory of democracy and freedom against reactionaries funded by this long declined country. Unfortunately, they failed to find conclusive proof about Kwa' involvement on this, although the general population was more than convinced on who to blame for this coup attempt other than the local traitors. Burning Kwa' flags became a pasttime in all of South America, although in the tyrant-occupied ones, it led to several arbitrary arrests.



The socialist project was interrupted in Prussia, but that could change at any time, as a large part of the Prussian population believed in socialism. Rocked by conflicts and by the foiled ambitions of the previous aristocrats to create a German Empire, Prussia became a democracy where the socialist party ruled for a significant time. Long enough for them to grow influential even now, despite failing to win another election. As the two only countries where socialism was never interrupted by anti-democratic reactions, Prussia and the Libertadores established the "Entente of Liberty", the fates of the two States tied in similar goals. The Democratic and recently socialist Prussia sought to unite all Germans under a banner of freedom, while the Libertadores sought to unite all South American peoples under a banner of freedom.

Austria was also undergoing major revolutions during this time, although again, the most interesting detail over Europe other than the triumph of liberty in Prussia was how Finland achieved independence through purely diplomatic means.


One of the German minors managed to find the Labyrinth where the mythical Minotaur supposedly dwelt first than the Libertadores archeology team.

What a shame.


Once the time comes, there will be no space for mistakes. The Kwanstain is a declined but massive country, with a population over three times greater than that of the Libertadores, and they will have naval superiority, because it's impractical to research all that is needed to build a capable navy in enough time for all the wars that shall be needed to free South America of the imperialist eagle. They will be many and vast, more than capable of amphibious assaults, while the Libertadores has a very large coastline where their most developed regions lie, and thus, a massive network of bunkers and fortifications would be constructed over all country, including in the Amazon Rainforest that will make the minuscle resistance the French faced in Dai Nam look like a theatrical battle in comparison to what the manboons shall face unless they agree to get out of where they don't belong without war.


: x


This time, the Libertadores had a decent show over the World Fair, not excellent, but good enough to gather some prestige.


In another great historical achievement, they have become the first to discover the tomb of the legendary Agamemnom over Greece, and thus achieved the height of their archeological digs there. The team returned to the country lauded for their accomplishment, and in understanding the foundations of the western civilization and of the unjust status quo that still reigns over most of the West, they will gain a better insight in how to topple such unjust systems and replace them with a better way of life, for even now, the Libertadores remain in transition. Though heavily taxed, the capitalists are not yet completely stripped of all their privileges, but to do so will require much work if it is to be done without the grave mistake of causing another group to become a new ruling class, and better the old elites to be kept under control as shadows of their former selves than for a new elite to rise and create even worse oppression. Libertarian socialism indeed was not an easy ideal to stand for and achieve practical results with, but they would not give up.


By the half of 1882, in preparation for what they believe to be an almost certainly inevitable war that may reach worldwide proportions, an important step was achieved with the development of machineguns, while a new plan was set in motion. Thanks to ports in Northeastern Brazil, the Libertadores could export their socialist ideals to what's left of Africa not turned into exploitation colonies to enrich those damn fat cats as always. They just had to make a wise choice if they were to secure a small spot there. But now was not yet the best time for such.


During the year of 1883, major discoveries happened in the fields of biology, military logistics and industry. The Theory of Evolution, in accordance to the idea of the supremacy of Science in public education, was immediately chosen to be taught for the children, in spite of the immense baaaaaaw and butthurt such decision caused among the conservatives, and specially among the reactionaries. Anti-clericalism has grown during the Colorado party rule, and the previous scandals of pedophilia were part of the reason even some liberals voted on the Colorados because of their strictly secularized stance on politics. The economy of the country was improving drastically thanks to these developments, and most importantly, certain industrial developments would eventually enable the Libertadores to begin the construction of the Panama Channel.


The development of the steam turbine was the last step needed to proceed with the construction of the Panama Channel, but wisely, the government decided to build an even better financial reserve. Vast improvements over healthcare, anti-pollution laws, pensions and several other cherished reforms intended to improve the quality of life and wellfare of everyone and of the poor in particular have also increased the running costs of the State, still getting positive incomes due to their heavy taxes, necessary to keep the public hospitals running efficiently, the elderly fed and the people secured by the greatest security net of the world. Yet, they managed to keep it running without debts thanks to the fact they never stood in the middle of the road, their intent was clear and complete and their refusal to give any concessions to the banksters, formalized after the complete seizing of control over all banks gave them the means needed to fund this, combined with other seizes inspired by Proudhon ideas against rent, usury and many other elements of capitalism already deemed as the "most parasitic". The technically "state capitalist" economy was transitional at best. The capitalist class would naturally become extinct with time, as turning all hierarchical organizations in society into direct democracies not only requires a technical apparatus beyond modern technologies to become practical, but also a much better educated population at large. Illiteracy has been drastically reduced compared to the beginning of the century, but this struggle against ignorance is far from over. For a pure and direct democracy over government, businesses and every sphere of society, putting an end to central planning, is the idealistic goal of the libertarian socialist Colorado Party, but to achieve it, there is a long way to go yet. Of course, the current transitional state is way better than some Dystopian horror certain anti-Marxist writers fictionalized about what a dictatorship of the proletariat ruled by a communist party would become, but there is no idea on how this other type of communism would work. All socialist regimes in History so far have been democratic.


In 1884, a very scathing rumor began to spread: the rumor that the Federalist Party is receiving massive financial support from offshore bank accounts whose strings are pulled by the United States of America, and was ready to sell out the sovereignty of Brazil were them to win the elections. Although the Federal Police never found conclusive proof of such treason, these rumors nevertheless caused an uproar and severely ruined the reputation of the party over the entire country, leading many to become convinced socialism was indeed the best choice and the only way now.



"Of escape there are but three methods — two chimerical and a third real. The first two are the dram shop and the church, debauchery of the body or debauchery of the mind; the third is social revolution." - Mikhail Bakunin

"Religion is the opiate of the masses, but a man under opiate still can manage to stand. Now when the masses are under opiate and booze at the same time, then they'll never stand up." - Unknown


The military continue to be expanded, in spite of the "anti-military" policies of the government, which in practice mean they won't give lavish wages to the officers nor make the profession of soldier far more attractive to the poor than any other job, and nothing more. For now, the conflict is being waged on a subtler level. Eventually, there will be the time for seeking first a diplomatic mean of freeing South America from Kwanzanian imperialism, and then, if necessary, war. But first they continue their preparations, which include a plan of creating a sphere of influence extending all the way to Mexico as a means of securing military access treaties that shall allow the Libertadores to bring the war to Kwanstain, if necessary. For this plan, they have achieved a lot of success in influencing the small countries of Central America for a greater plan.


The socialist government faced its first major structural challenge during the year of 1885. Although a market economy still existed, large portions of the economy in the country were already ran through central planning, including the distribution of food, only partly still done through the leftovers of capitalism, because one of the most essential articles of the socialist Constitution was the granted right for everyone to food and housing, and they knew that this would be impossible under a capitalist market economy, and while Proudhon's ideas of a mutualist free market in replacement of that were commendable, they proved to be impractical so far to be applied in national scale. This new mostly planned economy, no matter how much goodwill, inevitably led to some terrible bureaucracy. The government would not let this go on, and took drastic measures to ensure nobody shall starve, sending the military to help distribute food and speed up everything, while also seeking to launch an investigation and fire any public worker found to be procrastinating. There won't ever be indifference and stagnation, and most importantly, the government can't afford incompetence in the first place as this is a democracy, and if they mess up the new economic model the people will start to feel nostalgia for capitalism, and by extension, vote on their rival parties and enact a counter-revolution by their own will. The checks and balances of a fully free representative government proved themselves critical to prevent many of the so called disasters the critics of socialism claimed that would inevitably happen, and drove the government to both seek reduction of red tape and also encourage and demand as much hard work from their bureaucrats as the capitalists tend to demand from their clerks. Besides, with the Admnistrative budget at 100% for years, the bureaucrats really have no excuse to do a lousy job.

Sending the military to distribute food also served a secondary purpose. It served to make those in the army feel they are there for more than just shooting the soldiers of the imperialist, to gain slowly but steadily a social conscience, and a new generation of officers raised under different ideas will hopefully nullify all threats of coups. In a very scathing private statement to all public agencies, the prime minister said that if any person die of starvation due to administrative incompetence, laziness and alike, those responsible will be found and punished severely, while also annoucing radical changes on the structure of these agencies to reduce the red tape.


Unfortunately, the ugly face of planned economics was showing itself clearly during 1885. After the early crisis in food distribution was solved, a new scandal surfaced on how in one of the now state-run factories, the workers were being given moldy bread while the man responsible for the food was hoarding public funding. The socialists claimed this was a consequence of insufficiently precise and clear laws regarding workplace conditions, and the government naturally supported them.

As for the crook responsible for this...



In the same year, the "Free Africa" project has begun over West Ivory Coast. The intended purpose of the project, under the socialist ideology, was to "uplift the primitive peoples towards socialism and prevent them from ending into de facto slavery to the imperialist and colonialist oppressors, to, once they become sufficiently educated and civilized, grant them independence to serve as the vanguard of socialism in Black Africa and fight to free their fellow brothers under a greater ideal of a Socialist African Union. In the same time, forays into electricity have revealed how important copper will be for this invention that shall change our lives for the better, and thus, to not rely on imports from counter-revolutionary nations for our needs of copper, we must secure our own sources of it.". It was the most honest statement there, not hiding the interest in access to copper, although it promised healthcare and pension benefits would be extended to the locals, their lives would become much better and that statehood shall be granted to them once viable, and that they will grant independence to them... eventually.

Troops would be deployed as part of the plan to colonize that land first than the old rivals of Brazil, the damn frogs. They won't get this. They already took too much of Africa, they don't deserve any more.


The development of Electricity was putting the Libertadores in the forefront of industrialization, except for some neglect over railroads. However, the country would soon go through the development of new means of transportation rather than just trains. Ideas for an internal combustion engine driven by refined gasoline from oil, something the Libertadores already had technology to produce but didn't because of both the lack of demand and of access to reliable sources of raw oil, were sprouting among engineers, and they could bring drastic improvements as well, except that for some funny reason, while all the smog of coal, heavy industries and steam power seems to have no effect on population growth, combustion engines do.


Thanks to how masterfully and responsibly they solved the issues of the planned economy so far, and perhaps to how they wisely relied on the Rhetoric of Hate to *BLAM* every crook responsible for these issues, the Colorados won another election with the support of more than 50% of the entire population, while the Liberals and Conservatives, in spite of their mutual interests as representatives of the bourgeoisie, so far didn't manage to put their differences aside and form an united coalition to oppose the socialists, thankfully, for they still have a chance of winning, because there are many unenlightened and skeptical people yet. But with every success of the socialists over the ballots, their odds diminish.



Prussia was not the only European country where liberty triumphed. The decadent monarchy of Spain, long past its glory days, has finally collapsed, and thus the Spanish Republic was established. Over Spain, socialism has also grown as a strong ideology, although currently it does not rule the country, it may yet emerge victorious, either through militant or peaceful means. Some people suggested the establishment of a "Triple Entente" between the Republics of the Libertadores, Spain and Prussia as a means of defending their shared ideals in face of a world still mostly hostile to them. However, Spain is in a tighter situation, with strong reactionary elements, specially in the city of Burgos and among the military, who may react violently and have more success than those who tried the same in Brazil, were a socialist coalition to win the elections. Due to these details many also defended the development of a navy and of research in the same to allow the Libertadores to project power overseas in defense of socialism against counter-revolutionary forces.

They had no idea yet of the ultimate form of counter-revolution that would appear during the beginning of the next century. It would polarize even more the world, and pave the way for an even greater conflict than that which will most certainly happen in America once the Libertadores deem their economy sufficiently developed to fight a war for far more years than all the wars they previously fought without going down... or perhaps once a truly mighty secret weapon is developed thanks to the recent technological advances.


Some claim socialism stifles creativity and invention, that greed towards wealth or power is all that drives people to greatness and humanity to progress.

They are wrong, as the first electrical lights of the world invented in socialist Brazil and by extension the Confederation of the Libertadores shall erase the darkness of their ignorant and reactionary arguments.



Thankfully the Libertadores are bound to win this race for West Ivory Coast.


The invention of lightbulbs was insufficient. With the lack of proper means to generate electricity in large scale, the Libertadores was unable to truly put these lights to good use. But no more, for in December 1885, the first practical project for a coal-fired powerplant in the world was developed, which would allow the country to generate enough electricity to attend the needs of their people, as electric power was in high demand since the first inventions came. Bad news... The Libertadores will have to import all of the coal.


Thanks to the planned economy, the country industrialization was now in good hands, and with the inventions developed, immediately began the construction of a factory of basic electric gear and of a coal-fired powerplant in Rio Grande do Sul. After the end of the monarchy, Brazil has gone through an intense industrialization, even more bolstered by the new socialist government, being currently the 10th most industrialized country of the world. The invention of the combustion engine would also bring another great leap for the economy and industry, and potentially allow for the economy to sustain the high costs a war with Kwanzania will have. The unemployment caused by the economic woes during the final conflict of the Brazilian Civil War is gradually vanishing while states once deemed backwaters have drastically progressed.

They have won two elections, they have endured the woes of a planned economy and acted the way the people would like for them to. There is no doubt now in the minds of specialists in politics. The socialists, from the day they stormed the capital, came here to stay, and they have ruled with a certain wisdom, not risking everything over a war with Kwa they were not yet prepared to fight. But the clock is ticking, and although delayed, considering the pride of the imperialist, the war will sooner or later, with almost no doubt, happen.



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:love: For the Glory of Marx!

The Marxists are actually the communists, not the socialists. Libertadores is socialism without




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Greatest Decline Ever?


A new great invention came from the Libertadores, that will revolutionize long range communications and allow people to speak over great distances. The first telephones began to be manufactured as infrastructure began to be constructed to ensure a total coverage of the country by telephone cables.


In 1886, bad news came. Taking advantage of the easily manipulated illiterates, the ancien regime made its last attempt to regain power, pushing for several anti-communist propagandas, bribing local newspapers and such to shift public opinion against the Libertadores. As Rio Grande do Sul is the most populated of all states, this will be a great challenge to overcome, but in time, their stronghold will falter, as anything built upon a foundation of lies and deception.


But this is the land of freedom. A socialist revolution requires a deeper dissolution. To suppress the old world will only make it resurface by twisting socialism. The old world must be destroyed not through violence, but through the world of ideas. Slowly, its values must be deconstructed and discredited, and that includes everything, even religion, for the Church has always been an enemy of the people and an ally of the wealthy and powerful, a force of reaction and tyranny that the world is better off without.


After their stronghold secured in Porto Alegre, the conservatives won a DISCUSS!!! over the matter of the so called Free Africa project.


Population grows steadily. This is helpful for increasing literacy without causing major reductions in the growth of the country.




One of the greatest barriers for a war against Kwanzania was the strong amount of anti-militarists among the socialists. Their speeches became famous across the world, and helped ease tensions with all great powers besides Kwanstain, which has chosen to be a perpetual foe of the Libertadores and will sooner or later face the consequences unless they have the good sense of retreating from South America, which is very, very unlikely.


The Copper mines will surely be useful for the Libertadores. This was like the last part of Africa not yet taken by the European imperialists.


Some truly revolutionary ideas arrived. The concept that machines may yet become sophisticated enough to show signs of intelligence was truly ahead of its time, while new industrial machinery is developed as well.


There were few places in Africa the imperialists didn't set their hungry yes over, yet, but for Libertadores, there was a growing economic problem: their lack of access to coal. Thus, to secure a supply of this valuable resource in the generation of electric power, they supported a group of capitalists and would-be capitalists that found Africa as a loophole that may allow them to get rich despite all barriers set to prevent it from happening. Believing in the strategic importance of Madagascar and in how dozens of millions of white people not suffering from brownouts justifies turning a reactionary monarchy into a colony, they agreed,


Electricity and the combustion engine would revolutionize the industry, paving the way to what some would be later call the Second Industrial Revolution.


One of the first practical applications of this new invention were agriculturual tractors, that will drastically improve the productivity of the country RGOs.


Synthetic Rubber would be interesting, if they had access to lots of oil and little rubber, but many people strongly believe that the Amazon Rainforest is rich in rubber, and it's only a matter of time before its regions rich in this increasingly vital industrial raw material are discovered.


By late 1887, Porto Alegre farms were already being fitted with the first tractors, and the rise in productivity was indeed substantial. With growing financial reserves, the government was almost ready to begin the construction of the Panama Channel.


In December a treaty was signed with Colombia regarding it, and the project began.


It is a great feat of engineering which might take over a decade to be concluded.


Baawing, what is left of the old economic establishment, emboldened by the conservative stronghold in Porto Alegre, launches a campaign to abolish the good and generous minimum wages the socialist government instated, which since then caused the income of the workers to raise way above the world average. Of course, their complaints were utterly and completely ignored. The interest of the workers always come first.


In 1888, a new form of revisionist socialism emerged. Social Democracy sought to be a middle road between capitalism and socialism, not exactly seeking the end of capitalism. The Colorados condemned this new movement as being a "bourgeois sham" and revisionists.

tl;dr 1888 the year LIBERALS as in Kwan terminology were born in France. Later they will definitively support diversity enrichment by the Moroccan and Algerian rascals.



Something far more interesting and incline was the invention of the first automobile by the Libertadores.


The Libertadores Red Vanguard was established shortly after the invention of the first automobiles as well, composed of elite regiments that were the first motorized infantry of the world.





In December of 1888, Porto Alegre became the first city of the country with an extensive network of electric cables providing energy to all houses. Paris is no longer the true city of lights.


With all drastic advances in the economy, at last it was possible to give a drastic tax cut to the poor, and create a much more fair taxation system. Eventually the middle class would have a break as well, while the rich would continue to be heavily taxed for real, in the hopes of encouraging them to let the workers assume ownership of the means of production through more humane ways than putting bullets to their heads. Due to extensive social reforms creating a need of more government workers to keep the social welfare net working finely, there was a hit to administrative efficiency, but encouragement to bureaucrats would sooner or later fix that.


In April of 1889, the planning of the channel was concluded, and its construction proper has began. Meanwhile, the project to add all former members of the United State of Central America to the sphere of influence of the Libertadores continued to progress.




The third election the Colorados faced was... complicated, to say the least. The conservative stronghold in Porto Alegre posed a real threat of winning these elections, unless something was done to make the more alienated people stop being blinded by the lies and deceit of these reactionaries.


Greatly improving the productivity and logistics of the cattle farms in Rio Grande do Sul, the first cattle trucks began to transport cattle through the country roads.


Fortunately, the communist radicals managed to weaken the conservatives, but the dispute was far from over during the campaigns of 1889.


The Panama Channel construction was being very costly, but now that they started it, they wouldn't give up.


Thanks to a very strong and popular political campaign, the Colorados won their third election, but narrowly. There was a growing sentiment that the conservative ideas had to be eradicated from the country, but that would take generations to happen, and most importantly, for socialism to indeed continue working relatively well.




In February of 1890 an important milestone in the construction of the Panama channel was achieved, but it was a long way to go yet. However, these were not the most heard and commented news in the year of 1890, for a new reform would cause a lot of ruckus among both supporters and opponents. A reform that would change the Libertadores forever, and whose long term consequences are yet to be seen:


:decline: :decline: :decline: :decline: :decline: :decline: :decline: :decline: :decline: :decline:



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