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Completed Let's Play Victoria II: a Slum Divided, The Brazilian Slaughter


Jul 7, 2012
The Codex
The hammer and sickle must be never be abandoned.


Sep 29, 2012
I know that your chemical weapons just make the soldiers HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE to death.


Jul 7, 2012
The Codex
This will not go the way of the FFF Aztec LP.


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
Considering I already uploaded it before, here the beginning of the end for Kwanstain.



All quiet in the Mexican Front

Ay Carmela


This was like the nth expedition. Why is reaching the North Pole so difficult? Prisoners of Ice?


The Libertadores Red Army marched northwards, expeting to engage Amerikwan forces, as expectedly, being part of their sphere of influence, Mexico was granting them military access too, which was a very unwise choice for them, because now their country would become a scorched land. Trenches were being dug, massive lines in expectation because the manboons were hoping for a successful offensive in spite of how hundreds of thousands have fallen in South America.


And thus, predictably, it was a massacre. The only reason the Libertadores weren't yet marching on Washington was time, and the fact they seemingly have an endless supply of cannon fodder, but their future will be harmed far more from these massive casualties than the economy of the Libertadores is currently being harmed by the blockades. Where the latter is causing short-term hardships, the former will weaken Kwanzania as their youth is sacrificed in the altars of bourgeois exploitation and imperialism.


The darkness of the past will be forgotten, the light is coming to shine all over America, for the true defenders of Freedom shall prevail in both industry and war.


In October 1897, the near entirety of South America was freed from Kwanzanian imperialism, and now all armies marched northwards, to crush the United States and affirm the Libertadores as the dominant great power of America.


Crushed again and again, the Kwans were resorting to a strategy of sheer numbers in a desperate attempt to turn the tide of the war. Canisters of ITZ bloated the landscape of Mexico, and new craters caused by massed artillery barrages served as the evidences of the slaughters that happened in Veracruz. It was obvious however that they were far from broken, as they kept sending more fodder to ITZ.


Even with vast numerical superiority, however, their fate was sealed. For every Brazilian soldier that fell, over twenty manboons died.


However, while victorious over the battlefields of Mexico, the elections had a much different outcome... The Brazilian Slaughter was managing to turn fascism from a fringe movement to a significant political force in Brazil, and this was very worrissome.


As even with a vast numerical superiority, their situation was not changing, they tried to drown the Libertadores army into an ocean of dead manboons.


From which the final results were very predictable, in the form of a another crushing victory that wiped hundreds of thousands of people whose great-grandchildren would otherwise be the #1 audience for Oblivion and Call of Duty: Popamole Warfare.

:incline: :incline: :incline:


Mugabe's Communist Dictatorship won't last much longer, as the British decided that those Boer countries should be part of their own empire. And thus Stalinism Mugabism happened as an insignificant footnote in History before such flawed and self-defeating form of socialism could cause untold misery and death, thankfully.


Almost a million of Kwans have perished due to ITZ. This is a great cleansing, a favor for the entire human race to cull such kind of people before they become the leading forces of the natural decline capitalism thrives on like vultures to a rotting corpse. Kwa' delenda est.

:patriot: :kwanzania:



No comments needed.


No mercy for the servants of imperialism. In their arrogance, the United States refuse to let South America be free and clings to their recently solidified imperialistic presence even as they send millions of poors and manboons to die for such an unjust, futile and egotistic cause. Let them fall apart, let them crumble. One day the red flag shall wave over the burning ruins of Washington.


In their arrogance they allowed for millions of their own people to die in a war they could have avoided, and refuse to fully leave South America free of their bloodsucking tendrils. Hopefully the people of Kwanzania aren't too manboon to not wake up and make the 1% pay for sending the 99% to certain death so they can line their pockets.


As the war continued with untold slaughter of Kwans, things were getting complicated in the coming elections of 1898. Liberals and Fascists alike accused the Colorados of frauding election results, and a concerted counter-revolution was on the way. The Kwa' had influence over certain think-tanks and lobbies that remained operational due to the democratic nature of the Libertadores, and thus they prepared their fifth column of traitors, dregs, sellouts and servants of imperialism to attempt defeating the Libertadores from inside as in open war they have failed. Of course, only one fate await such honorless pigs and traitors ready to fellate Uncle Sam:



The continued battles wore the Libertadores armies, and although they failed to achieve victory, slowly their endless human waves were weakening the red army, but they also got their reserves, and due to the casualty proportions, it was irrelevant, while a force marched through the Mexican West Coast intent on invading the United States proper and let them realize that they better cede to the demands of the revolution.


Ciudad Victoria was a demonstration of how modern warfare favors defenders. In spite of ITZ, the casualty ratios weren't as disproportionate, although still heavier for Kwanzania. Nevertheless, this war began to become costly as obviously somehow Kwa' could keep sending millions of cannon fodder to delay the advance of the Libertadores.


By October, the tensions reached a dangerous height. The fascists were openly defying the Libertadores, even after they failed to storm the Red House, while the Kwan-backed Jacobins were on the verge of direct and violent revolt. The counter-revolutionary and fascist legions were about to make their move, but socialism cannot fall. The revolution will prevail. To prevent things from getting worse, the riots were allowed to take their course, for now. Better for these troublesome traitors to think they can win a revolt and are winning, so that they will come in the open, and by acting violently, give to the democratic Libertadores more than enough justification to kill them all like the traitors and fascist pigs they are. DEATH TO FASCISM! DEATH TO THE TRAITORS AND KWANSTAIN BOOTLICKERS!


It came quite late, but it was a start. The establishment of railroads all over the Libertadores would drastically improve the economy through its logistical benefits and also allow faster transportation of troops.


By the end of 1898, many strategists believed that Kwanzania just improved their military technology significantly recently, and now the advantage of the Libertadores was not that great, as another victorious if costly battle happened. However, the road to invade Amerikwa was almost clear, and once one Kwan city fell, they'd definitively agree to all demands of the true bastion of American liberty.


Due to the situation at large, the Colorados invested heavily in propaganda in the hopes it could bolster their ranks in the still vastly ideologically divided Brazil, and secure a less tight victory in these elections.


They won the elections, but lacked the necessary majority in the upper house to conduct more social reforms, which was greatly needed considering the militancy at large. Again, the fascist movement grew dramatically and the Integralists became a significant political party, thanks to the leadership of The Brazilian Slaughter.


But things in Mexico were complicated. No matter how many of them fell, more manboons marched, and the Libertadores armies couldn't keep up with the growing casualties of nonstop battles.


Why didn't they break apart? How can they keep fighting to defend some land that they have no justification to occupy, who brings no benefits to the average bloke? Are the manboons this dumb to not go in mass desertion considering the millions of them who already perished for this unjust cause?


Probably yes.



Then, by February of 1899, the sellouts, the traitors, the capitalist pigs, cronies and their patsies rose in rebellion against the legitimate and democratic government of the Libertadores. Surprising nobody, the first battles have shown that all their weapons and equipment were American-made... thus they deserve to be treated like all other servants of imperialism, and take some heavy doses of ITZ as well. DEATH TO REVISIONISTS AND COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARIES!


Failing to achieve victory in America, the Kwa' sent forces to invade the colonies of the Libertadores, unaware that Madagascar was defended by the Red Guard. Despite outnumbered, the red guard fought with unremitting valor, causing massive casualties on the enemy.


Meanwhile, the Libertadores finally began to advance towards the United States territory, after almost an year of slaughtering gringos in Mexico. It was about time for a decisive event that would tip the balance just enough for Kwa' to agree to all war goals of the Libertadores. Well aware of how they seemingly could keep sending more fodder and with many of their armies depleted, they couldn't continue waging this now almost 10-year war for much longer and expect to march to Washington.


Yet, even as the counter-revolutionary legions tried, and were failing, to overthrow the legitimate and socialist government of the Libertadores, socialist movements also organized on their own. The red flag shall never fall from Porto Alegre.


After this battle, the Libertadores, although delivering far greater casualties, ended in a delicate situation. It was clear that the best they could do was to draw the United States forces away from the west coast, where another force was marching towards San Diego.


When they marched into North America, they were expecting to find a crushed, depleted army, rather than an endless wave of conscripts dying again and again to the point they could actually "win" the war or prevent them from invading most of the United States.


Because even after all these casualties more than surpassing one million dead, they refused to cede to their demands.


But things were different in Africa. Eventually the Red Guard couldn't resist anymore.



As the month of August approached, the last of the traitors were slaughtered in the Amazon Rainforest, and the counter-revolution was completely crushed and their inciters killed together with all others who serve the interests of the United States bourgeoisie through war and deceit.

A great victory for socialism, and also, indirectly, this failed counter-revolution buried the liberal ideology in the country. The only still coherent opposition to the socialists came from fascists and conservatives, with LIBRULS now being nothing but a fringe group.



In August 4th, the invasion of Amerikwa was about to become much more real, for San Diego was nearly completely secured under the red banner.


And about time, for the situation began to deteriorate in the Mexican Front. The Amerikwan army literally drowned the Libertadores in the corpses of their underclasses, and now they were dangerously close to advancing, although the Libertadores wasn't mobilizing their massive reserves yet, and had spare armies in South America ready to march northwards if really needed.


Entire armies had to be disbanded to prevent them from falling into imperialist hands, and considering ITZ, it was better for them to blend among the Mexicans and try to make their way back south. Than to witness the "civility" of enraged manboons too oblivious and dumb to direct this rage towards those truly responsible for the deaths of millions of their men.


However, everything could be over by October 24th, as finally, San Diego fell, and this was just what was hoped to suffice to convince them to cede to the existing demands. The Libertadores have suffered too much from this war, not in loss of lives, but economically, and thus it was the time for it to reach a conclusion. a successful invasion of Amerikwa, if well-planned, was entirely possible, but would require too much of an effort and cost too much right now. Instead, it was take to take back from their clutches as much as possible.


KWANZANIA HAS BEEN CRUSHED! Although unfortunately in their arrogance they refused to abandon all of South America, this war was traumatizing and humiliating to them, almost ten years of slaughter without precedents, and this war secured Mexico under the Libertadores Sphere of Influence plus Uruguay(to the butthurt of Cheferider) and most of Bolivia, granting to the Libertadores a massive amount of prestige. Although the war for the liberation of South America is still a long way from reaching an end, this has been a great victory of socialism against the forces of imperialism, and next time, they won't have the luxury of military access through Mexico, and thus once the truce is over:



Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
The war was won against Kwa... but 1900s Libertadores is as politically explosive as 1917 Russia, with funnily the fascists biding their time and planning to win through elections instead of joining the revolts.


Brazilian Civil War


The Jacobins have been completely crushed all over Libertadores, their associations with Kwanzania and clear nature as traitors proved, but they wiped out all the loyalist forces in Madagascar, and threatened completely the stability of the entire Confederation even from so far away.


Not all Bolivians were happy to have been freed from yet another blatant act of Amerikwan imperialism. Some, most likely funded by Kwanzanian intelligence, rose in arms to fight for restoring independent Bolivia again, oblivious to how they were being manipulated as puppets by the same who erased their sovereignty from the map through crooked deals with traitors in their country.


The rebellion in Madagascar was seen as a signal. The damned LIBERALS all rose in another major counter-revolutionary action against socialism, and again blatantly serving as puppets of Kwa'. The Libertadores had no ethical issues with slaughtering such traitors with chemical weapons, and the now long discredited and dying Liberalism would soon lose even more of their scant followers in Brazil.


While what many considered to be a Civil War raged on, industrial advances continued, bringing progress to the countries of the Libertadores, and securing the position of the Confederation as the seventh greatest economy of the world.


Not all LIBRULS see violent revolution as the only viable form of opposition to socialism, conservatism and fascism, some publish great literary works, which of course, in a Free and democratic country, are freely distributed without any kind of censorship even if they oppose the ideals of the ruling Colorado party.


In what would be a masterwork diplomatic maneuver as a Great Power, the Libertadores are on the verge of goading the mighty and now westernized Qing Empire, which is undergoing a very quick and substantial industrialization process, to their sphere of influence, although many more years of diplomatic plays will be required for that to happen. With control over this immensely populated country, the opportunity to supply its massive demand for every type of product and establish multinational cooperative factories in China is tempting, and will ensure no more resource shortages as China is rich in coal, to make everything better.


While the Jacobins in Brazil were fighting a doomed fight, things were getting completely out of control in Madagascar, and taking advantage of the chaos, the natives were on the verge of declaring independence again, which of course would be seen as an open invitation for the European powers to take a slice of the island for themselves.


The fascists in particular took advantage of the massive militancy all over to promote their xenophobic and racist views, and several pogroms against certain minorities like Jews, Gypsies and niggers almost happened, barely contained by the police.


Yet, even with all revolts, socialism remained a strong ideology, even as the country became increasingly more politically polarized between socialists, conservatives and fascists.



The worst happened in southern Madagascar, and through the chaos brought by the damn Jacobins, ironically, an absolutist monarchy of Madagascar was proclaimed. It didn't take long for the Frenchies to declare war on this rump State, and thus, it was critical for the Libertadores to reconquer it first.


When it seemed the Jacobins were at last crushed, driven by radicalism and the loss of their relevance in the ballots, they once again rose to even greater numbers. The Civil War was far from over. It seemed that most LIBRULS were ready to die for their beliefs, unlike 21st century ones who are probably gutless cowards due to kwa' influences. Even the Libruls of the Libertadores are better, because they got guts. To openly rebel against a country that has no qualms about using chemical weapons against traitors is not for pussies.


Yet, the Jacobins were the lesser threat. Riled by the rising popularity of fascism, by the always tight victories of the Colorados in elections and disappointed by the lack of more radical measures, for capitalism still remained, even if on a tight State-controlled leash, the radical Bolsheviks were on the verge of revolting against the democratic socialists, intent on establishing their dictatorship of the "proletariat" by force, while the reactionaries also were readying themselves, and it was only a matter of time before the authoritarian "Red Armies", reactionary "White Armies" and Jacobin "Republican Armies" tried simultaneously to overthrow the Colorados.


The loyalists were having a very hard time keeping order, as enormous rebel armies tried to take control of most Brazilian cities, and there was the fear that the Bolsheviks would make their move at any time.


The beginning of the 20th Century was one of the most politically turbulent periods in the history of South America as most of the continent was engulfed into a devastating Civil War, but also a time a great industrial progress and cultural advances.


The Libruls have a much stronger following among the middle class, and it remains a strong and foundated ideology despite having lost much of its popularity.


While a transport fleet of long obsolete clippers is readied to transport men for the invasion of Madagascar, the news come of how the former capital of Imperial Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, has fallen to the damn Jacobins. There are just too many of them, and when the Civil War began most of the Libertadores military was stationed at Mexico,but eventually they will be all crushed.


In 1901, the rising popularity of Fascism unfortunately was far from over, with the inflamed speeches of the charismatic The Brazilian Slaughter drawing lots of new followers to this odious ideology, which in turn are seen in the composition of the Upper House, based on the collected ideologies of the population. Most of the new fascists ironically were once LIBERALS. LIBRULS -> FASCISM. What a surprise...



The Jacobins were resolute and decided to fight to the last man. Their wish will soon be fulfilled.


The Frogs however wasted no time in their bid for taking Madagascar. It was about time for the Libertadores "recivilization" to happen.



Although The Brazilian Slaughter was born in Pará, it was in Pernambuco that fascism became truly strong, with the so called Integralists holding public rallies in the open with significant crowds hailing them in support. The majority of the population in this state endorsed the Integralist movement, and this also riled the Totalitarian Socialists even more, who were convinced that if they did not put an end to the "bourgeois joke of false democracy", socialism would lose and fascism win.


Hopefully the significant victories of the Libertadores in the Olympics of 1901, specially of their football(the real one not the Kwanstainian one) and shooting teams, will calm down the situation a little. Progress also continues, with railroads expanding even more with recent developments.


In the beginning May, everything was set for restoring order in Madagascar. The French must not be allowed to take it! That is the only source of coal the Libertadores has direct access to.


They never give up...


The pitiful Madagascar army is utterly crushed, as the race to conquer Madagascar finally seems to be on the side of the Libertadores.


In September 4th of 1901, finally, through an anonymous whistleblower, what many people long suspected has been finally confirmed without any shadow of doubt. Confidential documents proving that the Federalistas received near all of their money from Kwanzania in exchange for promoting the partition and transformation of the Libertadores into a bunch of Banana Republics and Kwanstain lapdogs were leaked, and this scandal buried for once and all the LIBRULS in Brazil and inthe Libertadores, with the leaders of the Federalists being immediately arrested for the crime of High Treason. The only substantial opposition to the Socialists now indeed came from the Conservatives and Fascists only.


Without even supplies to keep their army, they are crushed even when having vast numerical superiority, and soon most of Madagascar will fall under Libertadores control again.


Under the leadership of a reactionary retired general, the reactionaries also rise in revolt. What's next? Totalists and Fascists by the millions?


Refrigerators were invented in 1901 inside the Libertadores, and they began to rapidly spread through both industrial and household appliances, revolutionizing food storage and allowing for foods to be preserved for a much longer time than before.


1902 saw the rise of Fascism as the third strongest ideology in the Libertadores, now clearly divided between socialists, fascists and conservatives. The two latter wisely were preparing something, discussing a negotiation for the fascists to support the Republican Party in the next elections, and if successful, this would mean a very small chance of socialism winning again in the ballots, but right now, the Civil War continued in full motion, and tensions still were skyrocketing.


This new century also would make new conflicts with Kwanzania far more complicated than before. Although Kwanstain remained diplomatically isolated and incapable of securing alliance with any other Great Power, they still were the greatest military power of the world in sheer numbers, as proven by the fact that even after millions dead, they didn't stop putting up a fight. And now, it's presumed they have long developed countermeasures for chemical weapons after their traumatic experience with ITZ.


With most of southern Madagascar secured, finally the expeditionary forces march to crush the damn Jacobins who caused all this mess in the first place.


Conspiracy theories, once in the realm of fringe, became wildly popular after the leaks of the ties between Amerikwan intelligence and the major Liberal party in the Libertadores. Claims of a massive bourgeois cabal called the Bavarian Illuminati pulling the strings of all conservatives, liberals, revisionist social liberals and fascists alike to attempt undoing the Libertadores were one of the most popular, as the claim the Freemasonry was a front of the Illuminati, and a certain conspiracy theory tabloid claimed the Foreign Minister of the Libertadores is an Illuminatus. The fascists had a different conspiracy theory on the other hand, involving the obscure Protocols of the Elders of Zions the a Jewish conspiracy for world domination. Even the President of the Libertadores didn't know that, and after a check, he then publicly confirmed it that he was a Freemason, if not an Illuminatus, riling up the elites who were worried that their cabals would become public knowledge and widely known. Of course, with the Civil War at large, the subject was eventually forgotten...




Of course, on one hand the ties of these rebels with secret societies are not so secret. But if they were as powerful as the conspiracy theories claim, they would have won already.


By 18th of February of 1902, at last, order began to be restored over the African island after so many years of chaos.


And by March, Madagascar was in Libertadores hands again, preventing France from seizing South Madagascar for themselves.

However, the Brazilian Civil War was far from over, despite all the Brazilian Slaughter with ITZ, and the Totalitarian Socialists, numbered in millions were yet to make their move amidst the chaos.



Jul 7, 2012
The Codex
:salute:Comrade Cassidy continues the socialist struggle. Now have the bolsheviks take over. I wanna see countries invaded and getting their governments replaced with puppet communist ones.


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
:salute:Comrade Cassidy continues the socialist struggle. Now have the bolsheviks take over. I wanna see countries invaded and getting their governments replaced with puppet communist ones.

Nah... I'd get trounced if I had to fight all GPs at once(even Kwa is very tough due to their numerical superiority), and most of America is made of either Libertadores puppets(like everything in their SOI and the United States of Central America) or Kwanstain. Besides FREEDUMZ is the National Value of Libertadores and the damn bolsheviks are an insignificant minority, plus I won't LARP to let rebels win(I actually failed to arrive in time when the democratic socialists overthrew the government) so no way that will happen.

Plus the Libertadores current form socialism is much better industrial efficiency-wise and they have more than enough CBs till the endgame.

And at last but not least, this enitre Let's Play is a homage to The Brazilian Slaughter, thus it is only fair and more KKKodexian to let the German-Brazilians in Rio Grande do Sul sieg heil anaue and crush the manboon untermensch without cheating to prevent them from winning elections if that happens. But once the fascists gain their own party so that their voters stop voting for the conservatives, just to advance the detail, from how the Libertadores are ideologically divided, all elections will be very, very disputed between socialists, conservatives and fascists with neither side having any major advantage over the other at first.



Rise of Integralism, fall of Socialism


In spite of all the turmoil, progress is happening in the colonies.


The grassroots socialist movements expand over Brazil, in the hopes to counter the rising popularity of fascism.


Facing enourmous Jacobin forces, the forces sent to restore order in Madagascar suffer a setback, as the traitors march to meet the loyalists in a decisive battle.




The rise of the popularity of fascism and the massive militancy and continuation of the Brazilian Civil War finally led the radical Bolsheviks to break away and declare war against the Libertadores, accusing them of being "revisionists and puppets of the bourgeoisie pretending to seek revolution through a false petit-bourgeois socialism", rising by the hundreds of thousands. The White and Republican Armies were crushed, but now the Libertadores had their former allies as enemies too, having to crush the Bolshevik Red Army lest the cherished freedom is trampled by these madmen who think tyranny is the right path to socialism.


The Libertadores pledges to fight against the Bolsheviks, supported by all libertarian socialists. The final schism between the beliefs of early "Utopian" Socialists, Proudhon and Bakunin versus the beliefs of Karl Marx and of the Russian Vladimir Lenin is finally done, the two schools of socialism now waging open war on each other. Meanwhile, in an unexpected action, the British Empire offers an alliance of convenience. They accept, because this way Kwanzania will not dare to start a war against them while they are not prepared to face one.


Industrialization proceeds rapidly, with new techniques being developed to increase the efficiency of automobile and aircraft assembly lines.


Perhaps it was their schism from the Bolsheviks, perhaps a revival of the idea of realpolitik and "the enemy of my enemy", but somehow, many European countries don't consider the Libertadores a "Red Menace", and offer alliances. The alliance with the Frogs also is accepted, as another barrier to Kwanzanian imperialism. This serves only to rile up the Bolsheviks and Totalists, accusing more than ever the Libertadores of being sell-outs and traitors of "true socialism". Nevertheless all the measures taken in the decades of Colorado rule, from extensive land reforms to destroy the plantation system to the forced breakdown of megacorporations into small businesses and extensive incentive to workers self-management and cooperatives, plus a legal recognition to the right of all workers to take over the factories they work at against the wish of their masters.("Petit bourgeois socialism" as the Bolsheviks pejoratively call such measures), have more than proved their intention of eventually eradicating capitalism through a decentralized, libertarian and grassroots way rather than the authoritarian, central command way the Bolsheviks want.


In September 10th of 1902, finally the loyalists crush the enormous Jacobin forces in Madagascar, and at last the opportunity to restore order to the island is at hand.


Which will not be simple at all.


New philoshopical currents are emerging in this new century, as are emerging new concepts in sociology that will help the Libertadores to understand collective human behavior, and thus how to induce, not impose, the people towards the socialist way of life.


The anti-religious stance of the government is clear, and measures are taken to ensure complete separation between any Church and the State, although on the other hand, ensuring they never alienated the mostly Catholic population of the Libertadores, the Colorados do not actively pursue or enforce anti-religious concepts either, and grants total freedom of religion, save for tax exemptions.


While order is being restored, good news on Central America. The socialists won the elections, and thus the semi-independent United States of Central America are closer than ever to the rest of the Libertadores.


In West Africa, the Bolsheviks have crushed the colonial armies, and thus ships are readied to transport a new army there to restore order. The Brazilian Civil War has been indeed devastating, with every minority ideology trying to achieve through violence what they couldn't achieve through the ballots. LIBRULS, Reactionaries and at last Totalists defied the authority of the Libertadores legitimate and democratic government, and all have failed, Democracy emerging triumphant.


Despite all the chaos still ongoign even as the defeat of the Bolsheviks was only a matter of time, elections were not cancelled, and hopefully they would convince most to try voicing their opinions through voting rather than through the barrel of a rifle. However, as expected from elections happening in the middle of a Civil War, it would be a tense moment. And all while Integralism grew even more, with over a quarter of the voters supporting the movement at this point.


The elections turn out to be contentions...


With a growing anger against the government, bolstered by unemployment issues caused by a faster growth of the craftsmen than the time it takes to expand the factories in Rio Grande do Sul and by the fact the sheer majority of the population was staunchly anti-socialist.


And the violence of the Civil War was far from over. One of the greatest problems for the Colorados in these elections was the fact that the fascists decided to support the Republican Party this time, and together they were more than enough to have serious chances of winning.


Conservatives in the upper house remained a great barrier for social reforms, and thus sometimes improvisation and self-initiative was the only way to improve working conditions. With the immense tension however, it was hoped that they would realize how they should fucking support social reforms this time FFS!


The concept of the Revolt of the Masses is a very real and close reality for the Libertadores. As the fascists grow in popularity, it becomes clear in an ironic way that Democracy is the only government that allows its own undoing in a nonviolent manner... at first. However, there is still hope for democratic socialism to triumph even now that fascism became on of the three strongest ideologies in the Confederation.


Speaking of The Revolt of the Masses.... *sigh*


After the country nearly collapsed and lost Madagacar, finally those stubborn conservatives agreed to support a reform for improving the welfare checks of unemployment subsidies. A massive government-funded industrial expansion program in the meanwhile is undergoing with the goal of eradicating unemployment for once and all, and this is a serious issue in these elections.


Fortunately, in the national DISCUSS! between Bolsheviks, democratic socialists and fascists on the issue of unemployment, the Colorados did the best arguments, ensuring more support to the libertarian socialist cause among the unemployed.


With the recent unemployment subsidies expansion reform, finally, in 13th of May of 1903, the long shadow of the Brazilian Civil War has ended, with Bolsheviks, Jacobins and Reactionaries successfully crushed, and the fact the economy managed to grow even in spite of such turmoil is a testament to the success of the Libertadores. However, the end of the Civil War and their victory was little reason for the libertarian socialists to celebrate.



Breaking European News: Courageously, the Democracy of Prussia, old signatory of a mutual defense pact with the Libertadores and formely ruled by the socialists(now back to LIBRULS), has proclaimed their intent to unite all Germans under the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as the Republic of Germany, and upon this the ancien regimes of France and Austria-Hungary banded together in an ironic twist, with a monarchist France now fighting against a Republican Prussia born out of a revolution not unlike the one that once overthrew the monarchy in France. Among the Prussians, who still believed they could overcome such enormous odds, the conflict was called the Weltkrieg, and later historians would call it the First World War, with some tying it to the Libertadores-Amerikwan War and some not doing so. Brutal trench warfare happens, with massive casualties as the western front shows signs of bogging down, although Prussia is in a dire situation, facing enemies over a massive front and having Sweden as their only ally. Perhaps they did a big mistake here.


The hopes that there would be no more Civil War waned as a new wave of riots erupted during the elections. Out of its commitment to liberty, the Libertadores did not send the army to suppress the riots violently and with potential slaughter. Hopefully this would be just temporary.


The Weltkrieg began to turn out really badly for Prussia, as they were vastly outnumbered by the French and Austro-Hungarian forces, and their men died in the droves in Strasbourg, unable to break through the vast French trenches. Hopefully neither side would ask for the Libertadores to join this war, which was of no interest to their political goals and most importantly, as the enemies in this war were both allies of the Libertadores, it would force them to pick sides.


Askaris are formed in Madagascar, which will hopefully help ensuring no more chaos such as that of the Brazilian Civil War will happen again.


In July of 1903, the end of an era happened, despite the fact that ironically, some fascists voted for the Colorados, for most of the fascists, as advised by The Brazilian Slaughter, voted for the Republican Party, who approached the campaign evoking Bolivarian ideals to the Spanish-speaking inhabitants of the Confederation, and Republican ideals to the Brazilians, while promising they will respect all worker rights established during the socialist rule and not forcefully dismantle the land reform and workers self-managed factories, retaining the Confederation in its "middle of the road" between capitalism and socialism.

However, it didn't take long after the Conservatives victory for the fascists to begin their disagreements. The fascists became disappointed when the promises of the Republicans of respecting the socialistic part of the Libertadores economy turned out true, as clearly they made concessions in the hopes of securing their position in the government in an union of nations completely polarized and divided by political ideologies, and sought more of a "center-right", or even "center-left" policy in economic fields, while retaining their strong conservatism in religious and cultural matters only.

The Brazilian Slaughter was outraged, and thus he wisely began to set up the events for forming at last an organized Integralist Party, which would be formed in 1905, and with the end of the "honeymoon" between fascists and conservatives, the next elections would be the most important elections in the entire history of South America.


And probably the most disputed in History as well, because socialists, fascist and conservatives were more or less evenly matched in population support. And despite having lost, the Colorados saw the end of the coalition as a good thing, for it meant that they stood a significant chance of winning the next time, with their ideological rivals divided, and securing socialism again.


The promises of the Conservatives didn't take long to ring out empty, as they agreed to lockout a worker's strike in one of the still capitalist-controlled factories. This of course would backfire against them in the next elections as it only strengthened socialism.


The conservatives promised they would not revert any social reforms, but they were very clear on their intent of not supporting any further reforms unless one was the last thing stopping another civil war from happening, and this causes a strong wave of opposition from both social liberals and socialists.



Now... eventually there will be a chance to achieve the same in the South Pole...

Provided they don't get eaten by a Prisoner of Ice first.



The conservative prime minister doesn't help at all the conservatives at gaining popularity in face of the vastly and roughly evenly divided population, and after the end of 1903, it seems that at last the tensions of the Civil War are definitively over, and peace reigns again in the Libertadores, although their champions lost the elections.


1904, one year before the Integralist Party formation, however, marked a bleak prospect for both conservatives and socialists, as for the first time in History, the fascists gained the support of the majority of the voters, despite the fact the differences of support between each of the three main ideologies are minimal. Despite having won the elections, the conservatives were less popular than the socialists, and thus socialism still had a chance to prevail through a fair and peaceful election.

Could this be the end of the socialist era, or even worse, the beginning of the end for democracy in the Libertadores? The socialists still have a significant chance of winning in the next elections, which definitively shall be the most disputed elections in the History of South America.



Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
By the way, supposing the ideologies won't shift any further, the socialists will win because the communists will support them in the next elections and together they have 30% of the electorate, more than the conservatives or fascists which are going to launch separate coalitions.

To put it briefly, the main runners of the next elections as of 1904:

Socialists and Bolsheviks: 30%
Integralists: 28.4%
Conservatives and reactionaries: 27.77%

And this needs Page 8

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