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Let's Sail The River of Time - 21 (Rat Diplomacy)

Discussion in 'Codex Playground' started by Brother None, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Brother None inXile Entertainment Developer

    Brother None
    Jul 11, 2004

    * Update 1 - Night Camp
    * Update 2 - Exploring Nadoret
    * Update 3 - Bickerbolds and Big Frogs
    * Update 4 - Mage in training
    * Update 5 - But Thou Must
    * Update 6 - Choice
    * Update 7 - Not The Bees!!
    * Update 8 - Gathering the Crew
    * Update 9 - Foreboding prophecies
    * Update 10 - Sneaking in
    * Update 11 - Kicking the door in
    * Update 12 - Tentacles in the deep
    * Update 13 - Ardo Attacked and Missing Folk
    * Update 14 - Return to Nadoret to find a Vortex
    * Update 15 - You is a warwilf?
    * Update 16 - Trolls at the bridge
    * Update 17 - Water nymphs are all houris
    * Update 18 - The Ox Herder
    * Update 19 - Entering the Thieves' Guild
    * Update 20 - Thieves' Work
    * Update 21 - Rat Diplomacy

    It's time for a bit more cRPG in our Let's Plays, and what better RPG than one I recently enjoyed, reviewed, and am finishing up the GameBanshee subsite for: Drakensang: The River of Time.

    I'm an old fan of the The Dark Eye PnP system. It was released as Oog Des Meesters in its 2nd edition in the 90s and I didn't half play it to death then. I also greatly enjoyed the old Northland Trilogy, the Realms of Arkania games as the franchise was then called in the US.

    Drakensang: The Dark Eye was naturally a bit of a disappointment held up to the standards from PnP and Realms of Arkania, but still a solid RPG in its own right. Trying too hard to imitate big brother BioWare, it lost itself in trash mobs and shitty epic storytelling. I did like what I saw of the 4th edition, and having bought an English language rulebook, I like a lot of the things they did with the rules. It's a great system.

    The River of Time took everything that I complained about in my Drakensang: TDE review and removed or improved it. Better travelling system, better encounter design, better quest design, better story, more engaging companions, and so on and so forth. It's not a great RPG by most measures, and certainly not by the Codex' standards, and it really slips and slides at some points, but it's pretty damn good.

    One thing it lacks in overall is choices. It's not as bad as some, but it has only a handful of clearly demarcated choices (which do have consequences), for the most part it BioWare-style provides you with false dialog options and the like. Still, forgive it that...

    The intro is, typically, not on Youtube, and I lack the means to put it there. Here are the first 12 minutes of the game, though I suggest you turn it off after the intro because the video is from someone who can't figure out the controls. Need I say more?


    You're plonked into the adventure, and other than this being a prequel to Drakensang: TDE, with two companions from that game (Gladys and Forgrimm) acting as narrators (well, Forgrimm, really), you don't really know much. Not anything, really. That works for me.

    Forgrimm's voice actor is one of the better ones to be honest, some of the others (Cano, Beggar Greyhair) are really bad. But it still gets to me when an actor is not properly explained the subject matter. The way he enunciates "1009 after Bosparan's Fall" makes it sound as if this happens just after Bosparan's Fall, but aBF is just TDE's way of counting years (their AD, in other words).


    This bad mommojamma will serve as our PC for this adventure. I've finished the game as a Geode (Dwarven druid) and as a Charlatan (rogue/mage multiclass type), so I'm constantly using magic users. Still, can't get much purer in magic users than the Tulamide options the game gives you. The Elemental Mage is cool, but I opted for the Metamage, probably the most dedicated magic class.

    He's a Tulamide, a race of humans from the southern parts of the main continent. Darker-skinned, Arab-like, basically. The Mhandistani (Elemental Mage is one) culture are polygamous and fairly carefree. The Novadi worship Rastullah, the One God, where pretty much everyone else worships the Twelve Gods (with Praios as the head maestro). Even dwarves do, though they refer to Ingerrim as Angrosh, the father of all dwarves. Elves don't worship anything because they're snooty douchebags. The Novadi are fairly unique in their faith in this world's version of Allah, believing the Twelve Gods do exist but are mere disciples.

    All Tulamides believe women are inferior and property of their men (young Novadi women have a bit of freedom though), which is also a unique attitude in this world because - as the rule book explains - women are not physically inferior to men. Some whim of nature, who knows, but that's how it is. There are still male and female-dominated societies though, and the Tulamides are male-dominated.

    The Novadi, furthermore, host more suspect schools of magic, practicing the dark art of Necromancy and the like. Our hero, Sayyid ibn (son of) Nasreddin, studied at such a school, the School of Magic at Mherwed. His teacher (and father?), Nasreddin ben Nazir sal Cherek ben Hamar al-Alam, decided the pupil had learned all he could at this school, and sent him to the mage Master Brookbeard in Nadoret, to put the final shine and polish on the student's training.

    And that's where we are, en route and right close to Nadoret. But first, character creation! Naturally I dive into "expert mode" after providing Sayyid with the proper scowly face to suit his angry, infidel-smiting demeanour.


    This is your basic setup. You can not learn skills your character does not know from character creation, but everything else can be edited to suit your balancing needs. I took a point from agility to put into intuition since a true mage has no need for agility, and similarly I removed the advantages Intuitive (+1 intuition) and High Resistance to Magic (+3 Magic Resistance). I instead opted for the penalty of "Artisan Talent Penalty" (-2 to all Artisan skills except lock pick) as a true mage blabla you know the drill. This freed up enough leveling points to take the massively useful Rapid AE-Regeneration bonus.


    The spells known to this young student. Fastness of Body is a shield spell, the Attributios are temporary buffs, Corpofrigo Cold Shock is a handy penalty-inducing spell for longer fights, Ignafixus is a typical attack spell, handy against some opponents but not too much against others. Light in the Darkness is your basic Light spell. Skeletarius summons a skeleton. Master of Animals converts an animal to your side temporarily. I redistributed some leftover points over the spells, Staves fighting skill and human nature/fast talk.


    Oh yeah. Ready to take on this world of infidels. You shall all burn.

    First gameplay update tomorrow. Also an odd question: I'm currently running the game with hi-res textures and most other graphical options to max, and the screens of the next few updates will all be at high settings. The game looks better but it's also a bit of a pain to run, not because it runs slowly but because loading screens take a very long time to load. Do you guys mind if I turn down some stuff?
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  2. hoverdog dog that is hovering, Wastelands Interactive Developer

    Jul 8, 2010
    Jordan, Minnesota
    Project: Eternity
    I approve of this LP :thumbsup:

    do as you wish, I don't mind
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  3. Radisshu Prophet

    Jul 16, 2007
    I'll be sure to follow this. :thumbsup:
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  4. bandaid Educated

    Jul 11, 2010
    Re: Let's Sail The River of Time

    No, not at all. Proceed good sir, I am most curious of your mishaps.

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  5. Ogg Prophet Patron

    Jan 14, 2008
    River Seine
    Codex 2012 Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Codex USB, 2014 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 BattleTech
    Re: Let's Sail The River of Time

    Nice idea. I've already finished the game as a metamage and was considering trying it again with another class. TRoT is truly a charming experience. Original and effective character system, decent quest design, varied encounters, pretty (though unsurprising) environments... Sadly it suffers from the now traditional RTwP. i know I should have gotten over it now, but Baldur's Gate really hurt cRPG with this knd of bastard control scheme.

    Also: we are no graphix whores!
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  6. Monocause Arcane

    Aug 15, 2008
    Will follow!
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  7. Jaesun Fabulous Moderator

    May 14, 2004
    Seattle, WA USA
    Torment: Tides of Numenera Divinity: Original Sin 2 BattleTech
    yeah, please finish this Brother None, I was curious how this game turned out.
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  8. Cassidy Arcane

    Sep 9, 2007
    Vault City
    Would've done this if I had the patience for doing LPs of games where dialogues play an integral part and thus would lead me to inevitably type them instead of filling the thread with superfluous screenshots showing the same dialogues.

    Being the best CRPG of 2010 by and far, and considering I never tried it with a spellcaster besides a quick check on Nadoret to see the differences in the initiation quests for different kinds of archetypes, carry on.
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  9. RK47 collides like two planets pulled by gravity Patron

    Feb 23, 2006
    Not Here
    Dead State Divinity: Original Sin
    I'm not sure if I want to get Drakensang sequel, then I remembered, there's no way of getting it now since they closed down. Depressing. BACK TO WORK (#%^(@&YG
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  10. Crooked Bee (no longer) a wide-wandering bee Patron

    Crooked Bee
    Jan 27, 2010
    In quarantine
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    This is a p. fun game. I only played a Streuner (dunno what that archetype is called in the English version), so will be following this LP.
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  11. Yaar Podshipnik Arcane Patron

    Yaar Podshipnik
    Jan 9, 2011
    Codex 2012 Codex 2013 Codex 2014 PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015 Codex 2016 - The Age of Grimoire Make the Codex Great Again! Grab the Codex by the pussy Insert Title Here RPG Wokedex Strap Yourselves In Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Codex USB, 2014 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 BattleTech Bubbles In Memoria A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    Turn off whatever you like.

    I've never played anything in this setting; looks very good so far.
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  12. abnaxus Arcane Patron

    Dec 31, 2010
    I've finished the game as a metamage. It is the best mage, imo. Starting with Skeletarius is a very big advantage... it's the best summon by far. Other mages need to wait a long time til they can buy the spell.

    Points in Human nature aren't necessary, though - you can buy spell "See true and pure" for that early.

    What's great about River of Time is the lesser emphasis on combat and that pretty much every archetype/race gets its own unique content.

    It was stealth-released on Steam a few days ago.
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  13. Brother None inXile Entertainment Developer

    Brother None
    Jul 11, 2004
    Me neither. I just took the texts from the relevant db4 file. They're unsorted, but a quick ctrl+F gets the job done a lot quicker than typing. Still a lot to go through though.

    It doesn't help that it's not particularly well-designed RTwP.

    They call it rogue in the game. Not a very accurate translation, I know.

    I did all the background quests for the walkthrough, the rogue/thief classes probably got the best ones.
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  14. Brother None inXile Entertainment Developer

    Brother None
    Jul 11, 2004
    [​IMG] Here we are then. Cast amongst the infidels like pearls before swine. Let us make the best of it. At least we have almost reached Nadoret.


    [​IMG] You promised to make yourself useful during our journey. I forgot all about that, or I would have given you something to do much sooner.

    [​IMG] Your mind must be playing tricks with you. This is the first thing I've heard of a deal.

    [​IMG] Hoho, I may be old, but I'm not stupid. I can offer you passage to Nadoret and in return you'll help out on deck as needs be.

    [​IMG] Well? Can you get on board with that, or is this the end of your little excursion?


    Option #2 taken, obviously.

    [​IMG] Hoho, such pride in one so young! Well, think it over. It's not much to ask."

    [​IMG] Hoho yourself. Hmmm. Pride. I am guessing this is a final lesson in humility from my old master. Blast his eyes!

    [​IMG] Lend old Piet a hand to set up camp for the night. We'll set off at first light tomorrow - our paying passengers are in a hurry.

    [​IMG] Captain, there's something I wanted to ask you.

    [​IMG] What can you tell me about Nadoret?

    [​IMG] Well, what can I say? It's a small and rather pretty trading town on the Great River, ruled by the honorable Baron Dajin of Nadoret.

    Enough of that, we search out old Piet.


    He sounds delightful.

    [​IMG] Who? What? Oh! It's someone from the boat. What was your name again?

    [​IMG] ... Sayyid ibn Nasreddin! How could you forget?


    Because you're dumb? I shall sear my name onto your bones!

    [​IMG] I don't really have much of a choice.

    The game is gaining self awareness, it seems.

    [​IMG] Do I have a choice? You will be rid of him tomorrow, whereas I will probably be slaving away under his command until the day the river takes my soul. I should get you to do my work as well ...

    What a delightful fellow.

    [​IMG] Or not. Who knows what a mess you'd make of it ... I seem to remember that someone chose to waste their money on betting instead of buying tinder fungus in Ferdok!

    [​IMG] No, that's not true! Somebody stole the money and I was so shocked by the theft that I forgot to buy the tinder fungus. Really!

    Hah! A likely story.

    Tinder fungus is one of the many harvestable herbs or moulds in this game, with sufficient plant lore. Tinder fungus is a fungus that grows mostly in caves and is vital to adventurers for use in tinder boxes, to start fires. In this game, it serves to create incendiary ammo for bows or crossbows.

    [​IMG] I don't have any tinder fungus either. How can I help?

    [​IMG] Well, someone will have to find some dry tinder fungus somewhere on this island and you are going with them, just in case ...

    [​IMG] I am not hearing this. You are going to send out a mage from the school of magic of Mherwed to fetch some tinder fungus? Infidel, I could incinerate you where you stand. I'm sure we can start a fire from your smouldering carcass.

    [​IMG] I'm not scared! I would go on my own if it wasn't so dull ...

    We're docked to a tiny island that isn't large enough to house any wildlife that could be much of a threat. She's right not to be scared.

    [​IMG] (in a whisper) Make sure she comes back in one piece - or you'll have me to deal with! Janah is in enough trouble as it is.

    [​IMG] Why don't you go with her?

    [​IMG] My knees baulk at the very idea, that's why! Now go on, get a move on youngsters!

    [​IMG] Of course. Come on, Janah! Let's go!

    [​IMG] And then you can tell me what he whispered to you ... Come on!

    [​IMG] Don't you dare! And Janah - no dawdling and jabbering about, there's work to be done!

    [​IMG] Come on, tell me! What did he whisper to you?

    [​IMG] A bit more respect - please! It's bad enough that we have to hunt around here like this because of you.

    [​IMG] You're almost as bad as Piet. This'll be fun.

    [​IMG] I think there might be some tinder fungus inside the ruined tower. Let's take a look there.


    We head towards the old tower.


    We seem to be in luck as there is some tinder fungus growing outside, but...

    [​IMG] It's as wet as a bowl of Kosh Cabbage Broth! We won't find a shred of dry tinder fungus out here if Efferd has blessed the entire island with his wonders.

    Efferd is one of the Twelve Gods, lord of the ocean.

    [​IMG] I didn't think we'd need this long. But you don't seem to be much good at anything.


    [​IMG] I know! While we're here, let's take a look inside the ruined tower. I bet it's still nice and dry inside.

    [​IMG] Hm, that old ruin looks as though it might collapse at any moment. I'm not so sure about this ...

    [​IMG] Are you afraid? How embarrassing! We won't find any tinder fungus anywhere else. Come on!


    The ruined tower leads to a small cave, adjoining the sea.

    [​IMG] I'm not so sure that we should go in there. There seems to be a cave in there ... and in Piet's tales only one person ever gets out of a cave alive.

    And she was just now mocking me for bravery.

    [​IMG] Hm, you're right. You should go in alone.

    [​IMG] What? You must be mad! Either we go in there together, or I'll tell everyone back at the camp that you are a coward. Come on, you can lead the way! I'm right behind you.

    And so we get our first, temporary party member.


    Summoning a skeleton mage for back-up purposes, I don't know how much use this Jana is.


    But our only opposition seems to be a bunch of bats, who drop easily. Combat is a basic RTwP affair, you can queue up actions for party members you directly control (only me, right now), while non-controlled party members work by their own AI routine. The skeleton mage casts his own spells. The only AI settings are agressive (attack with weapons or spells) or passive (let the player decide). It's a bit simplistic, but it works.

    [​IMG] Thank the Twelfgods you were here ... Otherwise ... er ... nobody would believe me when I tell them what happened.

    Fine. Let's look around.


    What's this then?


    The who?

    [​IMG] Who is this Riverfather that you speak of?

    [​IMG] According to Piet, the Riverfather has watched over the Great River since time immemorial. Legend has it that he appears in the guise of a river creature, an old man ... or even in the form of a walking willow! And he is friends with the sprites, too!

    [​IMG] Oh, come on! That's just superstitious nonsense!

    [​IMG] But how exactly do you know that?


    A talent check! I'm not very good at fast talking, though...

    [​IMG] [Failure] What a load of rubbish! That's a sacrificial shrine... really!

    Oh well. I can still continue on, but it's worth noting that dialog-talent checks always net you experience if you succeed at them, and often smaller side rewards, even if they do not influence the course of the conversations significantly, like here.

    [​IMG] Bah, the Riverfather is just an old fairytale! I'm going to open it.

    [​IMG] Oh, no! If I could, I would leave you here right now!

    Haha yes! All the riches of the River Father are mine!


    Oh. Well, still better than nothing.

    [​IMG] H ... hey ... There's s-s ... something rising out of the water!

    Oh no, the Wrath of the Riverfather!!!




    Not exactly a big threat.

    [​IMG] There you have it! Your greed has brought the wrath of the Riverfather down on us! And I bet that was just a taste of what's to come. It's all your fault!

    I bet it is!
    Spoiler: no it isn't. As far as I know this has no long-term consequences.

    [​IMG] Bah, what a load of trollop! Calm down, won't you?

    A load of...trollop? I know you're a foreigner and all, Sayyid, but that ain't right.

    [​IMG] Whether or not I calm down is beside the point. Just so long as the Riverfather calms down! If Piet knew what was going on here ... he would never calm down again!

    [​IMG] Alright, now let's find some of that blasted tinder fungus already!

    Almost forgot.


    There is some growing in the rotting planks of that boat.

    [​IMG] At last! A piece of dry tinder fungus! Let's take this back to Piet right now. I'm looking forward to a nice warm fire.

    [​IMG] I want to return to the camp, too. Let's go.


    [​IMG] That's what I've been wanting to ask you the whole time!

    [​IMG] Actually, it's you I'd like to know more about.

    [​IMG] Me? Um ... why? I'm sure that you will have adventures and be rich and powerful one day - but as for me ... well, there's nothing interesting to say about me."


    Second option, naturally.

    [​IMG] You're hardly modest, are you? But it would be interesting to find out what becomes of you one day ...

    [​IMG] Do you know anything about the other three passengers?

    [​IMG] Well, if you know anything about them, you just have to tell me! I've already tried to get some information out of that good-looking, dark-haired fellow.

    [​IMG] But the Dwarf and the blond-haired fellow with the broad shoulders drove me away as soon as they saw what was going on. With all their whispering and carrying on, they're like a gaggle of old maids, hhm?

    [​IMG] They certainly seem to be up to something.

    [​IMG] That's for sure! They argue all the time, but they are very careful to make sure that nobody overhears what they?re saying. Maybe they are planning a robbery, or perhaps they are imperial agents!

    Enough gossipping like old wives, time to head back.


    [​IMG] It's a relief to see that you have returned unharmed. We were a bit worried. Especially Piet!

    [​IMG] What do you mean were worried? I still am worried! Shaky-legs Karl told me all about what happened.

    [​IMG] Well never mind all that. We're back and we even have some tinder fungus.

    [​IMG] Good news at last! Piet, stop babbling and take care of the fire. Alright?

    [​IMG] Hurumpf! You take care of the fire, Janah.

    [​IMG] But ...

    [​IMG] Sayyid ibn Nasreddin, and you go ...

    [​IMG] ... go to sleep. All that fossicking about was very tiring.

    [​IMG] When I was your age I had more respect for those older and wiser than myself. It was a hard day for all of us and we all need some sleep.

    [​IMG] Why should I respect some heathen?

    [​IMG] Tell your three traveling companions over there that the camp is set for the night. But do not otherwise disturb them. Understood?

    [​IMG] There's something else I have to tell you. We found something in the cave below the ruined tower - Janah thinks it might be a shrine consecrated to the Riverfather.

    [​IMG] Don't let Piet hear about that. What about it?

    [​IMG] I searched the shrine for treasure.

    [​IMG] Aha ... and is there anything you'd like to tell me?

    [​IMG] A giant frog crawled out of the river and attacked us.

    [​IMG] And Janah thought that was a sign of the Riverfather's wrath? Don't worry too much about it or you'll end up falling in the river. And that would only confirm Piet's fears!

    Let's go troll Piet.

    [​IMG] What do you want?

    [​IMG] I plundered a shrine consecrated to the Riverfather.

    [​IMG] Whaaat? Are you mad? You will have to atone for this wicked deed if you ever want to get anywhere in this life. Or I promise you, you'll not forget my words ... or the Riverfather ... for a long time to come!


    On to the three traveling merchants. It's possible to catch some of what they're saying before they switch topics as we approach, it doesn't sound very merchanty.

    [​IMG] I'm sorry, but we're in the middle of an important discussion.

    [​IMG] You're also traveling to Nadoret, aren't you?

    [​IMG] That's none of your business! But ... um ... we don't have anything to hide, so I guess we can tell you. We are ...

    [​IMG] We are ... we're merely traveling merchants ... and we have important matters to discuss.

    [​IMG] That's right, we have a private matter to discuss, so push off!

    [​IMG] Oh my, you are such an elegant and subtle character, Gammlund ... I am impressed.

    [​IMG] What's that supposed to mean? Are you making fun of me, Cano? ... Er ... Foxhill, I mean Foxhill!

    These guys? Totally not dodgy at all.

    [​IMG] It would be better if you left us alone now ... I'm sure that one of the ... boatmen ... would be glad to chat with you.


    [​IMG] Oh, thank you for this reassuring piece of information. I'm sure we've earned a nap.

    [​IMG] I have to agree with him there. I'll sleep like a log after all that cursed rocking and rolling about on the ship.

    [​IMG] Nobody is going to bed yet! Or have either of you slackards come up with a good idea yet?

    [​IMG] ... er ...

    [​IMG] ... hmmm ...

    [​IMG] Please explain to the captain that we have matters to discuss and that it will take as long as it takes ... we wish to remain undisturbed. Understood?

    [​IMG] Why are you being so unfriendly? I just wanted to get to know you!


    Oh shit!!!

    [​IMG] Don't take it to heart. My friend's ax is much sharper than his mind ... and his moods are far worse than his breath!

    [​IMG] Cano, just say the word and I'll introduce you to my ax as well!

    [​IMG] Ah, thank you for your kind offer but I have already had the pleasure ... And by the way, my name is Dabro, not Cano. Dabro Foxhill, remember?

    [​IMG] Stop it, both of you! Now let's get on with our discussion, if we may! Forgive me, kind Sir, but we wish to be alone.

    Right. With that, we can return to the captain.

    [​IMG] They wanted to discuss something before turning in for the night.

    [​IMG] Well, that's their business, isn't it? Thank you for helping to set the camp for the night.

    [​IMG] Piet has laid out your bedroll - it's the one with the yellow blanket over by the fire. Sleep well, comrade!


    To rest.



    Oh crap!




    Oh no!

    I summon a skeleton to aid me as two of the pirates attack.


    Before I take care of them, I help Janah.

    [​IMG] Thank you. I could already hear the beating of Golgari's wings.


    One pirate already fell to the skeleton, and we gang up on the last one. He dies quick.


    [​IMG] Help! Help me!




    Oh sh-


    The last thing Sayyid sees is the merchants run past him to engage more pirates, before he blacks out.
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  15. abnaxus Arcane Patron

    Dec 31, 2010
    It's a wonder the Riverfather didn't send one of his giant (mud)crabs to deal with Sayyid. :smug:
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  16. Cenobyte Prophet

    Feb 13, 2010
    Hach, Drasa 2 :D
    I didn't really liked the first Drakensang game and had really low expectations for the second game, but it really surprised me in a positive way. I'll follow your lp!
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  17. chzr Scholar

    Jun 26, 2010
    i approve :rpgcodex:
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  18. lightbane Arcane

    Dec 27, 2008
    Cool, a new lp!! :love:
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  19. Jaedar Arcane Patron

    Aug 5, 2009
    Project: Eternity Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    Updated my LP's.txt
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  20. Erebus Arcane

    Jul 12, 2008
    The Dark Eye was the first RPG I discovered. Neither the system nor the setting makes it anything more than sub-D&D (at best). That being said, the mechanics used in the game seem more developed.
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  21. Brother None inXile Entertainment Developer

    Brother None
    Jul 11, 2004
    I'd disagree. The setting is more whimsical (pre Borbarad's Return) and thus less standard than Forgotten Realms. It doesn't have the many interesting sidesettings though.

    The rules are easily much, much better. I really dislike AD&D's ruleset though so take that as it is.

    Would've pwned my ass. I can't penetrate RS for shit yet.
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  22. Ogg Prophet Patron

    Jan 14, 2008
    River Seine
    Codex 2012 Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Codex USB, 2014 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 BattleTech
    Those sand niggers don't respect our most sincere religious traditions. Blame multikult!

    That being said, hats off for transcribing all those dialogue lines. Even with the help of dialogue scripts, it must be a very boring work. The community thanks you for your efforts.
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  23. Brother None inXile Entertainment Developer

    Brother None
    Jul 11, 2004
    It is a bit of work mostly because the dialog file isn't sorted by any game-chronological order so you have to ctrl-F each line, and then take out some weird stuff (tends to replace ' with ? for instance), but it's pretty easy with the script in hand.

    I don't think it'll remain interesting to read though. This game is pretty wordy and it gets a bit repetitive or lore-specific at points. I plan to be more detailed in the starting chapters but after a while certain areas (like the hunting grounds) should be just skirted past briefly and some of the more talkative characters (those bloody elves) mostly ignored.
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  24. Brother None inXile Entertainment Developer

    Brother None
    Jul 11, 2004
    Second update of the day. Don't expect this to be a regular two-a-day LP but might as well get on a roll early.


    Oh. Well, good to hear my companions handled the remaining pirates after I was cutscened unconscious, and were good enough to take me to Nadoret.


    Waking up, woozy, dazed...on a pier?

    [​IMG] Whoever survives a blow like this must rank high in Phex's favor.

    Phex, bah! Phex is the God of thieves and travelers. Or, rather, a disciple of the one God Rastullah (obviously) in charge of thieves and travelers.

    [​IMG] Maybe someone like that is just a tough nut to crack ... You with your Phex all the time, bah!



    You two at loggerheads, translator. At least, I think he means to say they're quarrelsome, not that they're dumbasses. But who knows?

    [​IMG] Oh yeah? And how about that time, when you and Forgrimm ...

    [​IMG] ... oh... seems like someone is coming around.

    Thanks for finally noticing me, dunderheads.

    [​IMG] Good to see you alive and in one piece. It seems you are really tough. These two quarrelsome fellows are Cano and Forgrimm.

    [​IMG] Baroshem.

    [​IMG] It is an honor.

    Cano is significantly nicer to the PC if it's a female. Also, behind him is a fismonger, who sells, well, fish, that can be used as low-grade weapons. She also carries one of the more powerful early magical items, which I'll be sure to get off her as soon as opportunity permits.

    [​IMG] And I am... uhhh... oh, well just call me Ardo.

    [​IMG] [Intelligence] I think there's more to him than just plain Ardo.

    [​IMG] My name is Sayyid ibn Nasreddin. Forgive me, but ... I'm a bit confused. Where are we? What happened to our ship? Where are the guys who attacked us?!

    [​IMG] I see, yes. You were... emm... unconscious. Just take your time to ask any questions and you'll get an answer.

    At least he's well mannered. For a heathen and all. Also he saved my life, I guess.

    [​IMG] Where am I? And why was I lying here on the pier?

    [Perception] indeed

    [​IMG] You are in Nadoret. Captain Albass was in a hurry to set sail. He told us that you also wanted to go to Nadoret. So we said we would care for you until you recovered.

    [​IMG] Of course, we would have put you up at an inn. But you beat us to the punch and here you are, on the pier and conscious. You recovered very quickly indeed.

    Tough nut, that's me (Constitution: 11!)

    [​IMG] That explains everything. I really am feeling somewhat better now. Thank you!

    [​IMG] Why were you so stand-offish at the field camp earlier?

    [​IMG] Oh, don't take that so seriously. We just didn't want to be disturbed. And we didn't know who was skulking around our camp. Pardon our... gruff manner...

    [​IMG] Ach, let's forget the whole thing. After all, you did save my life.

    [​IMG] What happened after I was injured?

    [​IMG] It was like this: when I saw what the gutless thugs had done to you, I jumped in the middle of a bunch of the cowards - I must have given about a dozen of them a good whupping ...

    [​IMG] A whole dozen? I really am deeply indebted to you, Forgrimm. It's only thanks to you that I'm still alive.

    I think the concussion is getting to Sayyid. What's with the whole naive act?

    [​IMG] Well, it's not even worth mentioning. I ...

    [​IMG] That's the truth... Forgrimm forgot to mention that his dozen opponents were so demoralized by my fencing skills that they just gave up fighting - at least those who hadn't been already knocked out by the reek of alcohol on his breath.

    [​IMG] Bah! 'Fencing skills' - don't make me laugh! They couldn't stop laughing when they saw you waving that thing in the air like an idiot - and you can't fight when you're laughing! If I were you, I'd...

    [​IMG] That's enough, you two! If you had been able to forget your vanity for a while, these cowards would never have got away from us... and now we're back where we started!

    [​IMG] Excuse me, but what do you mean by 'back where we started'? Did you want to be attacked?

    [​IMG] Ha ha ha, did you hear that? Who likes to be attacked, eh? No, no... it's the merchandise that we lost when we were attacked. Without it, we're back to where we started!

    [​IMG] Whatever. At any rate I'm grateful to you for rescuing me. To all of you.

    Whatever? Also I never really noticed that "merchandise lost" line. Is Cano just pulling the wool before our eyes or what, because I don't think that ever comes back in the story.

    [​IMG] Fine. If you want to know anything else, just ask.

    [​IMG] Now that I come to think about it, I have no time to be standing around chatting. See you soon.

    [​IMG] You are right. Enough talking. It's good to see you on your feet again - we too have to move on.

    [​IMG] Wait! Is there anything I can do for you during my apprenticeship here? After all, I owe you my life.

    [​IMG] Hmm ... I believe you could. Keep your eyes and your ears open. Perhaps you'll hear a snippet or two of information about the river pirates. Come tell me in the 'Leaping Stag' if you hear anything.

    [​IMG] Before I forget: Forgrimm, Cano, you both already know what to do. Let's go, we have no time to lose!

    And thus begins our first side-quest: Gather Information on the Pirates. The remark "during my apprenticeship" might be a bit of a hint, because this quest closes soon after, so it's best to tackle it before you do much else.

    Anyway, Nadoret:


    Pretty as a high-class houri. It's a small but affluent harbor town, close to Ferdok (the main town of the Dark Eye). It was constructed over a channel, which left it with a large-ish undercroft that we'll explore later on (no, it's not a dungeon crawl).


    The harbormaster appears displeased with that odd-looking dwarf. As soon as I approach, the dwarf speaks to me.


    [​IMG] Stop in the name of your heathen idols, is it? Very well, speak your piece.

    [​IMG] If you so wish. May I ask what you want?

    [​IMG] The Riverfather and his Voice observe all things that take place on the river. Use caution in your deeds and plans! We will be observing you!

    [​IMG] Guess he's some kind of pagan prophet of this River Father, and that he's speaking of my little "sacriledge" earlier. Hah! If a troll toad and a crazy dwarf is the furthest the Riverfather's reach goes, he is not even worthy to gaze upon the soles of Rastullah's feet as the mighty one crushes him! Praise be to Rastullah! Still, time to apply some of what the heatens call "diplomacy", even if I can not finish this adventure without any combat.

    [​IMG] I, er ... am not quite sure what you're trying to tell me, but thank you for your advice anyway.

    [​IMG] By the thunderboxes! Emmeran! Stop pestering travelers with your blathering!

    It is fairly impossible not to immediately despise Harbortmaster Orbert, not just because he bullies this distinguished old dwarf, but also because he talks in a snivelling, whiny voice. Good casting.

    [​IMG] Day in and day out, you let your burdens be carried on his back! Therefore you should pay homage to him and honor him. His...

    [​IMG] I've had enough of you! Get out of here now and leave the people in peace!

    [​IMG] Begging your pardon, but your nagging doesn't exactly make his babbling any more bearable.

    Two insults for the price of one.

    [​IMG] And you! Keep your nose out of my business, if you please! That fellow isn't welcome here! He ...

    [​IMG] There is more to lose here than mortals could ever know. So beware of the dark tentacles! Otherwise death and destruction will befall you!

    Dark tentacles? Am I glad I didn't pick a female PC.


    I'm the chosen one? Anyway, he unlocks a location on my map and insists I visit him there.

    [​IMG] Enough, you stinking piece of flotsam! Leave this place right now - and take your raft with you! You have blocked my jetty long enough today!

    [​IMG] You may be the master of the harbor here - but you aren't Lord of the River. Nevertheless, I'll do what you ask. However... only until the next time, Farewell... Orbert.

    With that out of the way, let's remind ourselves why we came here to begin with. Here's the letter of recommendation:


    Harbormaster Orbert can probably help me find this mage who is not mentioned by name in this letter.


    Beilunk riders are one of the biggest courier companies. This one is really only there to provide you with items you got by preordering the game. I do have said codes from the game's files but obviously won't be using them. Notice the inconscpicuous man talking to him.

    Anyway. Orbert!

    [​IMG] Where are you headed for, if I may ask?

    [​IMG] I'm in Nadoret to complete my training. My name is Sayyid ibn Nasreddin.

    [​IMG] How nice for you. Then you can disappear from my harbor - now.

    [​IMG] One of these days I might learn how to disappear before your eyes. But until then, perhaps you can tell me where I can find Master Brookbeard.

    Good comeback.

    [​IMG] Strong words from someone so far away from their homeland, Novadi. However, you are in luck - I know your Master.

    The game doesn't skimp on people reacting to and mentioning your culture and class, which is unusual in a fully voiced game.

    [​IMG] My homeland is wherever I can learn. Tell me where I can find my master.

    [​IMG] Yes... alright. Ask the guard at the town's North Gate. He's not only horribly happy by nature - he can also tell you exactly how you can get to the old tower.

    [​IMG] And give Master Magician a message from me: if any more people here complain about his bizarre hocus pocus, I'll send a couple of bailiffs over to attend to him.

    [​IMG] Of course. I'll let him know.

    [​IMG] I'll let him know about a snivelling little coward who roams around the docks and is to be taught a lesson in respect towards practicioners of magic.

    [​IMG] Was that it then? I have more important things to do.

    [​IMG] Who was that peculiar dwarf?

    [​IMG] Him? That was old Emmeran! He's a crank who believes that the Riverfather sent him to us personally. Just ignore him.

    Hmmm ... I can agree with that.

    [​IMG] Could you tell me anything about the recent pirate attacks, or do you know anyone who could give me a report on them?

    [​IMG] Pirates, bah! The whispering about those horror stories is starting to wear on my nerves. Only ignorant peasants believe nonsense like that.

    [​IMG] Of course there are pirates, there have always been pirates. The minute more than one boat is attacked, you hear that pirates are in control of the entire Great River.

    [​IMG] Begging your pardon, but I was attacked by pirates myself on the way here. We anchored several miles before Nadoret and were surprised in the night.

    [​IMG] That proves nothing! That just means that you didn't select your mooring place very well. Things like that just happen sometimes...

    [​IMG] I'm sure Captain Albass was not careless in selecting our mooring place. Anyway, you must know something, whether you believe the stories or not.

    [​IMG] Enough! I've already wasted too much time with all these fairytales about pirates. Ask the merchants here at the harbor. They're more talkative than a crowd of fishwives! But in the name of the Twelve, leave me in peace!


    The harbor area hosts two fairly worthless stalls, one selling low-grade equipment, the older low-grade healing items. Still, it's worthwhile to talk to Huckster Olbin.


    Maybe it's just me but he seems modelled to be a stereotypical Jew merchant. Not what you'd expect in a German game.

    [​IMG] I'd like to know more about the pirates who've been making the Great River unsafe recently.

    [​IMG] Oho, that really is something, isn't it? Everyone's talking about these pirate robberies. And some of the stories going around are really fantastical, I tell you...

    [​IMG] Just by chance, I overheard two of the river folk saying that the attacks were going on because the pirates had a competition going. They're all looking for a treasure trove that's supposed to have been lost in the river.

    What nonsense is this?

    [​IMG] That really does sound exciting. Perhaps you know someone else who might know something about them?

    Perhaps someone who knows something that isn't obviously nonsense?

    [​IMG] About the pirates? You could ask old Greyhair. That crafty old fox has ears everywhere. You'll probably find him near the market, trying to beg, steal or borrow a farthing or two.

    [​IMG] Oh! I almost forgot about Bailiff Rabig. If anyone knows about that he does. During the day you'll find him at the town's South Gate. Perhaps he can help you.

    [​IMG] Updated my journal.

    [​IMG] Well, I'm new in town. Perhaps you could tell me something about Nadoret.

    [​IMG] Of course! What do you want to know?

    [​IMG] What's interesting here in town? Where can you experience something exciting?

    [​IMG] Try the undercroft ... I've heard that there are lots of Phexian delights there.

    [​IMG] I saw this statue at the harbor... Does the Baron live here in the town too?

    [​IMG] Here in town? No. His castle is outside of town, on the other side of the forest. They say that the walls are made of pure gold! And that the finest Bosparanian wine flows in the fountains...


    [​IMG] What's the word on the street?

    Man, unspecific questions much?

    [​IMG] There is supposed to be a Thieves' Guild here. That's right. The leader is supposed to be a young woman, but she's not from this region. She's a powerful spellcaster, they say. Who knows, maybe it's even Nahema in person?

    I think he's referring to Nahema ai Tamerlein, an eternally young witch/sorceress and one of Aventuria's more powerful spellcasters. Don't think she'd stick around a dump like this to run a Thieves' Guild though. Nahema was kind of infamous in our circles for popping up as a deus ex machine when a lazy GM got his back to the wall. Not a highly thought of character, by most.

    Back on track.

    [​IMG] Do you perhaps have a small task for me?

    It's an RPG, I can instinctively sense when people have tasks for me.

    [​IMG] Oh yes, I am glad you asked... The innkeeper of the Mellow Ox has ordered some merchandise. Please take it to him in the tavern. He will surely reward you for doing this. You will find the tavern to the north of Nadoret.


    Look who we run into next, prancing about town, the very self same Baron Dajin of Nadoret. He basically does a little tour where he brags and scoffs at things throughout town, though I'm not sure who he is actually talking to. Let's try and speak to him.

    [​IMG] Hey, you, take a hike! Baron Dajin doesn?t want to be pestered by riffraff during his visit to the town!

    [​IMG] Uncouth cur! Your blood will boil under a thousand suns!


    Oh, good.

    [​IMG] Do you know that pirates are marauding the lands hereabouts? My ship was attacked!

    [​IMG] Pirates? Around here? How dreadful! You know, you should really hand in a petition to my servants in the castle, then I'll deal with it right away.

    [​IMG] After the preparations for my next party are complete, of course! Now then, away with you, we would like to continue our stroll.

    There is obviously no point in talking to this man.


    Heading north, we bump into this panicked man running away from his enraged wife.

    [​IMG] Shameful behavior. Do these barbarians have no idea how a society should be properly ordered?


    The small market houses a two merchants, specialized in high-quality and expensive armor and weapons. Like many merchants in Nadoret, their stock improves as you advance the plot. They're of no use to us right now.


    Barracks. If you're a warrior class your training begins here. Still worthwhile to talk to some NPCs, like the captain of the guard.

    [​IMG] What can you tell me about the harbormaster?

    [​IMG] Oh, the harbormaster. I hope the gods...grrr... That man is corrupt and a real... But I shouldn't get so upset about it.

    [​IMG] Let it all out, Nimralph.

    [​IMG] 'Old Orbert', they call him. There's no villainy over the last few years that the walls of his quays haven?t borne witness to ... but he has a special relationship with Baron Dajin. For whatever reason...

    [​IMG] ... Corruption and protection! These are the evils by which a town can perish! And Orbert stands for both. Forgive me... I just can't stay calm when I think of that thug!

    Interesting stuff. Nimralph is good people. Make note not to trust Orbert, in case anyone was planning to. (You discover quite a bit more on Orbert in the thief/rogue or warrior class opening missions, I don't think mages learn much about him)

    Moving on, quartermaster Bornhelm is also worth a chat.

    [​IMG] Can I help you? I am Quartermaster Bornhelm.

    [​IMG] Is there anything for me to do?

    [​IMG] We have some wanted posters for a gang made up of the worst Kosh criminals... and they're supposed to be roaming around in this area. The infamous Bickerbold gang... three slippery brothers and their mother.

    [​IMG] Watch yourself with that riffraff... they're all the worst kind of thieves, cutthroats and murderers. Take a good look at these wanted posters. You'll find all the details there.

    [​IMG] Here is the wanted poster for the youngest brother, Odo Bickerbold - a loathsome fellow. Bring me proof that you've caught him and the allotted reward money is yours!

    Money, eh? I'll do it! This is one of the game's handful of unmarked quests. They get you less experience than quests that go into your questlog, but are generally still worthwhile. Most marked quests (though not all) use quest markers. A few let you just figure it out yourself, and unmarked quests always do. In this case, you're supposed to follow the lead given by the reward poster. We'll get to this in the next update, first more tourism.

    Checking in with the north gate guardsman that Orbert sent me to.

    [​IMG] Long live the Baron! What do you wish?

    [​IMG] Harbormaster Orbert sends me. He said that you could tell me the way to the old watchtower.

    [​IMG] Sure, but ... what do you want there?! Don't you know that the tower is inhabited by an eccentric magician?

    What are you, blind?

    [​IMG] I am aware of that. I am being sent there to complete my training.

    [​IMG] I might have guessed that, actually. The way you?re clothed. Very well, I?ll tell you how to get there.

    No shit, Sherlock. Guess they don't hire guardsmen for their brains.

    [​IMG] From here you follow the path going east, until you've passed Boron's Field. From there you follow the curved path going north, up the hill and past Boron's shrine.


    Got all that? Well, it doesn't matter, there's a quest marker.

    [​IMG] Then I shall be on my way. Thank you for your help.

    [​IMG] My pleasure. And good luck with your apprenticeship with that odd fellow. You'll need it.

    No rush. We head to the market.


    Three stalls in the market, housing a tailor, a jeweler and an alchemist. There's also a black market salesman tucked behind the church, and a healer and bowyer nearby. The church is a Temple of Praios, the heathen god.


    It's bigger on the inside!

    Hopefully we can share with the Praios Deont (priest) how we feel about his little heathen cult.

    [​IMG] How can a servant of Praios help you?



    [​IMG] Praios the Sovereign God, Ruler over the Gods. His all-seeing eye is the sun that moves over the firmament, burning the evil-doers, for truth and order are his highest goods.

    [​IMG] Sovereign God? Ruler?! I should cut out your tongue and feed it to the dogs for this heresy!!

    Of course, I can not. Let's talk to his pupil, perhaps we can convert him at his young age to the true faith.

    [​IMG] Y..yes? Can I do anything for you?

    [​IMG] Who are you?

    [​IMG] I am Alric of the Source... a novice in the Order of our Lord Praios!

    [​IMG] Do you perhaps have a small task for me to do?

    [​IMG] Well, now that you mention it, I left my prayer book somewhere in the temple. Could you find it for me?

    Ugh. Well I did ask for it.

    [​IMG] I'll see what I can find...


    Oh's all of 10 yards removed from him.

    [​IMG] Y..yes? Can I do anything for you?

    [​IMG] I've found your prayer book!

    [​IMG] I thank you! Now I can prepare my sermon. May Praios reward you.

    [​IMG] Yegh. My skin crawls to stay in this den of iniquity. I must away!


    Oh, it's our old, unassuming friend talking to the beggar. He politely but firmly declines any attempt to talk with him. As suspicious as I am of him, we have to let him be for now. Let's talk to the beggar instead, one of our leads to discover more on the pirates.


    [​IMG] Burn it with holy fire! Uh, I mean...

    [​IMG] Perhaps. Do you know anything about the pirates that have been preying on the shipping on the Great River?

    [​IMG] Heh heh, very well. There's already some talk going around about why no one has managed to get these fellows. People are saying that the pirates can make their ships invisible by magic!

    Just more gobbledegook.

    [​IMG] Hm, an interesting story. That would explain how they manage to escape so quickly!

    [​IMG] Please, will you give me some alms? One hand washes the other.

    [​IMG] I'm not washing you for all the gold in Hasrabal ben Yakuban's palace.

    [​IMG] Oh, forgive me. I don't have any money on me unfortunately.

    One of the stalls belongs the alchemist Auralia. She is one of your possible followers in Drakensang: The Dark Eye, but quite a bit younger here.


    She's a merchant, but also one of this game's trainers. With enough leveling points and money one can learn any skill, barring race or class restrictions (for spells specifically).

    She also has a little sidequest for us.

    [​IMG] Do you see those scandalmongers over there by the temple? They've been getting on my nerves for days now. Could you please bring them this 'special beer?, to teach them a lesson?

    Should be amusing.

    [​IMG] Well, what do you want?

    [​IMG] I wanted to invite you to enjoy a tankard of beer with me ...

    [​IMG] I can't say no to that.

    [​IMG] Hey, give me some, too!

    [​IMG] Of course! There's enough for both of you! Here, be my guest.




    Hah! Wonderful.

    [​IMG] I gave those scandalmongers some of your beer!



    There's some high levels items being sold around town right from the get-go. Items aren't locked off by level (though some items have stat requirements), but there's no way you can gather the money to purchase these kind of items. I have all of two ducats to rub together and this robe costs 500D. It's one of the most expensive items in the game, casting a permanent Fandango of Fireflies on you. For magicians (and possibly rogues) that regularly go into close combat, it's well worth the price.

    There's two Corbett children, one selling newspapers and the other one standing near a well.

    [​IMG] Step right up, Sir, and fulfill a wish for only one farthing!

    [​IMG] One wish for a farthing?

    Ten farthings make up one thaler, ten thalers make up a ducat. A farthing will buy you a stale loaf of bread, that's about how valuable it is.

    [​IMG] Yes, just throw a farthing in the well and make a wish. Your wish will be granted!

    [​IMG] What a superstitious lot these people are. Might as well play along for now.

    [​IMG] [Throw farthing in the well] Make a wish for a farthing ... well it's worth trying!

    [​IMG] Your wish will soon come true, I'm sure of it! Good day to you!

    I wished for 73 almondeyed houris, but none are forthcoming.


    The smith works near the south gate, but he is of no interest to us. However, Huckster Olbin did tell us of a a guardsman here who might tell us more of the pirates. The guardsman is stationed at the gate. Notice how there's no quest marker, as this is one of those non-guided quests.

    [​IMG] Greetings! Can I help you?

    [​IMG] Perhaps. As a member of the Town Guard I'm sure you are aware of what has been going on around here. Have you heard anything about the recent pirate raids?

    [​IMG] Yes, as a bailiff I hear quite a lot about what's going on. However, I don't have much to say about the pirate attacks. It's rumored that their ringleader has lizard blood in his veins.

    [​IMG] Incredible the superstitions these people sink to. I should cleanse their stupidity from Ethra.

    [​IMG] Hhm, interesting. Thank you for your help.

    [​IMG] You don't really want to pick a fight with them, do you? If there are really any lizard monsters behind it, I would be very cautious if I were you.

    I'd scoff some more, but perhaps, like so many wild rumors, there's a grain of truth in here somewhere?

    [​IMG] I'll be careful. Thank you again.

    That exhausts the leads I got for the pirates for now. Let's head back to meet Ardo in the Leaping Stag.


    Typical den of sin, really.

    Wandering around, I stumble into the kitchen.

    [​IMG] Hey, what are you doing just walking into my kitchen like that?

    [​IMG] I hope that it's something important!

    [​IMG] Well, I guess it's not that important. I had better go.

    [​IMG] Wait, wait! Not so fast. Maybe I was a little snappy. You look as if you get around a lot.

    [​IMG] That's true. Why do you ask?

    [​IMG] Well, I like to try out new ideas for recipes. To do that I look for a wide variety of ingredients that can?t simply be bought from a merchant.

    [​IMG] What sort of ingredients?

    [​IMG] Well, we shouldn't discuss it too loudly. I need rat tails, I've run out of those. And, yes, lice eyes and frog legs are supposed to be delicious.

    We are witnessing the birth of Linnert's own fast food chain. Remind me never to eat here.

    [​IMG] Er, well, that sounds rather exotic.

    Oh man up, you're a Novadi.

    [​IMG] But it tastes delicious! Believe me, some things taste better than they look!!

    [​IMG] That may be. At least I have to respect your daring and experimental approach.

    [​IMG] Nothing ventured, nothing gained! If you happen to come across rat tails, frog legs or lice eyes during your travels, then bring them to me. I pay well. Oh, by the way, I also accept old rolls.

    [​IMG] I'll bear that in mind.

    The bartender might be worth quizzing about the pirates.

    [​IMG] I'm sure you hear many a rumor. What are people saying about the river pirates?

    [​IMG] You know, if I had a piece of gold for every rumor that I hear, I'd be a rich man. I haven't paid attention to rumors around here for a long time - and I'd advise you to do the same.

    Hah, I hear that.

    [​IMG] Is this the only tavern in the city?

    [​IMG] Yes, we are the only tavern inside the town walls... but if you follow the towpath northwards, you'll soon reach the 'Mellow Ox'. It's mostly merchants and travelers who stop off there.

    Time to confess to Ardo that all I've discovered is a bunch of codswallop and nonsense.

    [​IMG] Ah, there you are. Did you find out anything useful?

    [​IMG] As a matter of fact I did, and from a huckster. He said he had happened to overhear two of the river folk talking about the pirates.

    [​IMG] That's not much, but at least something I suppose... what did they say?

    [​IMG] Well, that all these attacks were taking place because the pirates had a competition going. Apparently they're all looking for a treasure that's supposed to have been lost in the river. What kind of a treasure it is remains a mystery.


    Seriously? Well, it's your money...

    [​IMG] Bailiff Rabig has taken me into his confidence regarding a rumor about the pirate leader.

    [​IMG] And? Does it have anything to do with the pirate attacks?

    [​IMG] Not directly. But he did tell me that people are saying that the pirate leader is of lizard blood.

    [​IMG] This should help us somewhat. Please take these farthings as a small token of my support. Did you find out anything else?

    [​IMG] I was able to find out something about the pirates from a local panhandler, Old Greyhair.

    [​IMG] Aha! And what did he tell you?

    [​IMG] If I've understood him correctly, people are saying that the pirates can use magical means to make their ships invisible. That's why it's so difficult to arrest them.

    [​IMG] Thank you for asking around. But now you must turn your attentions to successfully concluding your apprenticeship, otherwise I'll feel guilty.

    [​IMG] Please take this as a small token of my support. I'll pass on the news to Forgrimm and Cano.

    Fairly useless information, but hey, a thaler and some AP for each tidbit I gave him. I'll take it.
    Next update, we explore the undercroft, hunt some outlaws, and experiment with mind-altering drugs, as we continue to procrastinate before we head to Master Brookbeard.
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    Heh, I remember that. A funny moment.
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