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Game News Lost Eidolons Released


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Lost Eidolons; Ocean Drive Studio

As promised, Lost Eidolons, the turn-based tactical RPG from Korean developer Ocean Drive Studio, was released today. The game didn't get very much attention during its development, but judging by early impressions it seems like a solid if somewhat unremarkable product. Apparently it's very much a Fire Emblem clone disguised as a western RPG, which isn't really a bad thing.
According to their launch announcement, Ocean Drive intend to continue adding features and content to the game, with a focus on replayability and quality-of-life improvements. They also have plans to create a short campaign DLC revolving around one of the secondary characters from the base game. Here's the game's launch trailer, which serves as an introduction to mercenary captain protagonist Eden and the bloody civil war he finds himself taking a leading role in.

Hello everyone!

It’s launch day! We have been working on the game for the past 3 years, patiently waiting for today to come! We want to share our sincere gratitude for supporting the game and being part of the community! (If you are reading this, you are a part of our lovely community!)

Not sure if we have said this before, but we are a team of passionate turn-based RPG fans. We tried to create something we wanted to play and we think we achieved our mission 99%. No, it’s not 100% yet, and starting today we are going to work on a few more things we couldn’t implement prior to the release on top of fixing issues we find post-release.

So, let us discuss our plans going forward. We hope to break down the plan into three different categories: Game Content, Communication and QoL Improvement, and Platform Expansion.

[Game Content]

We want this game to be something you can play over and over again. If you play the current game, you might play the game for 50-60 hours and probably be able to say, “I am done!” So our goal for the next major update (yes, we are calling it a “major” update) is going to be focused on making you stick with the game for a longer period of time.

We are currently planning a “New Game Plus” mode and hoping to have this update in a few months (cannot guarantee the timing yet but we are going to try!). A detailed design review is underway for this, and we believe we can share more details of this very soon.

Another thing we are looking to do is the development of “Debug” mode AKA “Challenge” mode. And if we secure big enough of a player base, “Online Multiplayer” mode! But these are just rough ideas at the moment so please don’t take this as confirmed future plan!

The above updates will be free if we execute them!

We also have plans for paid DLC – creating a 5-7 hours story campaign focused on other characters around Eden, our protagonist of Lost Eidolons. We don’t have a detailed schedule on this yet but let us know if you’d like to see the story DLCs happen! We will get to work!​

Lost Eidolons is available on Steam for a cool $35 (no GOG yet, sorry). I'm not sure it will do very well, but I'd say these guys deserve some credit for actually releasing a video game on schedule in the year 2022.
Sep 22, 2022
I must admit I am curious, because back in my RPG Maker experimentation days I had an idea for "Fire Emblem but with realistic/non-anime art style".

Crescent Hawk

Jul 10, 2014
I must admit I am curious, because back in my RPG Maker experimentation days I had an idea for "Fire Emblem but with realistic/non-shitty Japanese pornographic cartoons art style".
Curious you say Japanese pornographic cartoons art, when the characters in this one kinda look like Daz models.

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