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[LP CYOA] Epic

Discussion in 'Choose Your Own Adventure Land' started by treave, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012

    Brief summary of the LP's premise: Play an immortal and (possibly) enslave nations with necromancy!


    Chapter List:

    Book One: The Epic of Ean

    Chapter One: Humble Beginnings
    Chapter 1.1: To The Beginning
    Chapter 1.2: A Small Step
    Chapter 1.3: The First Power
    Chapter 1.4: Sargon's Ambition
    Chapter 1.5: The Battle for Memphis
    Chapter 1.6: Tendrils in the Desert
    Chapter 1.7: Memphis Falls
    Chapter 1.8: Return to Sumeria
    Chapter 1.9: A Hand for Trust
    Chapter 1.10: At the Walls of Akkad
    Chapter 1.11: Prince's Folly
    Chapter 1.12: Dam If You Do
    Chapter 1.13: The Flood of Akkad

    Interlude: Ean of the Akkadian Empire (circa 2300 B.C.)

    Chapter Two: Lord of Sumeria
    Chapter 2.1: King

    Chapter 2.2: Ten Years Later
    Chapter 2.3: The Empty City
    Chapter 2.4: Tuwanu of the Dead
    Chapter 2.5: Battle Plans
    Chapter 2.6: Cautious Commander
    Chapter 2.7: Misstep
    Chapter 2.8: Sumeria Again

    Interlude: Ean, Sumerian Wanderer (circa 2000 B.C.)

    Chapter Three: The Sands of Egypt
    Chapter 3.1: End of the Old Kingdom
    Intermission: The Gieloth Cult

    Chapter 3.2: Before Heliopolis
    Chapter 3.3: Heliopolis - The Night Before the Storm
    Chapter 3.4: Beneath the Temple
    Chapter 3.5: Fight in the Dark
    Chapter 3.6: Incubator

    Chapter 3.7: Smothered Flames
    Chapter 3.8: Deadly Herbivores
    Chapter 3.9: The Sceptre of Ra
    Chapter 3.10: Sekhenun's End
    Chapter 3.11: Learning

    Chapter 3.12: The World is Your Oyster
    Chapter 3.13: Egypt Aflame
    Chapter 3.14: A Dark Proposal
    Chapter 3.15: Astarth's Game
    Chapter 3.16: Babylon Strikes
    Chapter 3.17: Fortress Tjaru

    Chapter 3.18: The Night Before Battle
    Chapter 3.19: Solitary Scout
    Chapter 3.20: Deadly Desert Deathmatch
    Chapter 3.21: Battle for Tjaru
    Chapter 3.22: Hold the Wall
    Chapter 3.23: Dawn of the Middle Kingdom

    Chapter Four: Search for Power
    Chapter 4.1: Setting Sail
    Chapter 4.2: Aphrodite
    Chapter 4.3: Vagaries of the Love Priestess

    Chapter 4.4: The Palace of Knossos
    Chapter 4.5: The Love Potion
    Chapter 4.6: A Tangled Web
    Chapter 4.7: The Labyrinth of the Minotaur
    Chapter 4.8: Power
    Chapter 4.9: Daedalus's Tower

    Chapter 4.10: Escape from Knossos
    Chapter 4.11: Greece at War
    Chapter 4.12: Mehrune's Whereabouts

    Interlude: Ean, Reawakened Immortal (circa 1900 B.C.)

    Chapter Five: The God-King's Ambitions
    Chapter 5.1: A Tiny Little Hunger
    Chapter 5.2: Curse and Blessing
    Chapter 5.3: The Marks
    Chapter 5.4: Mehlu
    Chapter 5.5: Gudersu and the Gutians
    Chapter 5.6: Gamilsin
    Chapter 5.7: East of Babylon

    Chapter 5.8: Contingency Plan
    Chapter 5.9: Nusku
    Chapter 5.10: The Next Step
    Chapter 5.11: Revolution

    Chapter 5.12: Anbar-Shi
    Chapter 5.13: The Besieged Border Fort
    Chapter 5.14: Terror in Tjaru
    Chapter 5.15: Invade the Delta
    Chapter 5.16: Lying in Wait
    Chapter 5.17: In the Shadow of Olympus
    Chapter 5.18: Peak
    Chapter 5.19: Thunderstruck
    Chapter 5.20a: Tea-Time With Zeus

    Chapter 5.20b: Ruin of Olympus
    Chapter 5.21: Cataclysm

    Interlude: After the Cataclysm

    Chapter Six: The Changing World
    Chapter 6.1: What Happens Next
    Chapter 6.2: Foundation of Empire
    Chapter 6.3: Rendezvous in Athens
    Intermission: Terasphagos (~1890 B.C. / 5 A.C.)
    Chapter 6.4: The Gutian Dilemma
    Chapter 6.5: The Hidden Hand

    Chapter 6.6: Ten Years to the Founding
    Chapter 6.7: Hattusa Kneels
    Chapter 6.8: The Rift Incursion
    Intermission: The Empire (30 A.C.)
    Chapter 6.9: Miasma Maze
    Chapter 6.10: Lodestone and the Rift
    Chapter 6.11: The Second Terasphagos Incursion

    Chapter 6.12: Son of a Breach
    Chapter 6.13: The Great Wall of Korinthos
    Chapter 6.14: Purple Rift
    Chapter 6.15: A Void Full of Balls
    Chapter 6.16: Sphere Diplomacy

    Chapter 6.17: Playtime
    Chapter 6.18: Home is Where the Heart is

    Interlude: Escape

    Chapter Seven: Pretenders to the Empire
    Chapter 7.1: Prelude to a Storm
    Intermission: State of the Empire (~3rd Millennium)
    Chapter 7.2: Diogenes Camna
    Chapter 7.3: Death, Banquets and the Idea of Love
    Chapter 7.4: Surfacing Memories
    Chapter 7.5: Murderous Rat, Cunning Snake

    Chapter 7.6: House Arrest
    Chapter 7.7: Spinning a Web
    Chapter 7.8: Travel Plans

    Chapter 7.9: Scheming in Crete
    Chapter 7.10: Guns and Glory
    Chapter 7.11: Cold Winds of Change
    Chapter 7.12: Initiation Rites

    Chapter 7.13: Into the Darkness
    Chapter 7.14: The Wolf's Question
    Chapter 7.15: The Wolf's Answer
    Chapter 7.16: Shadow on the Steppe
    Chapter 7.17: Fort Euphraxes
    Chapter 7.18: Silent Fort
    Chapter 7.19: Ambush, Campfire and the Young Soldier

    Chapter 7.20: Massacre at Fort Euphraxes
    Chapter 7.21: Ban's Butchery
    Chapter 7.22: The Cursed Sword

    Chapter 7.23: Diogenes the Hero

    Interlude: Awakening

    Chapter Eight: The Divine Throne
    Chapter 8.1: The More Things Change
    Chapter 8.2: The Lady of the Martyrs
    Chapter 8.3: Meeting the Band
    Chapter 8.4: First Aid
    Chapter 8.5: The Sacred Tree
    Chapter 8.6: The Tree of Life
    Chapter 8.7: Winds of Omen
    Chapter 8.8: The Clear Blue Sky

    Epilogue: Flowers of Inanna

    Another Epilogue: Somewhere in the multiverse...


    Book Two: Inheritor of the Stars

    Prologue: Registration

    Interlude: A Brief History (4000 A.C.)

    Chapter One: School Days
    Part 1 - Arrival in Olympia
    Part 2 - The First Night; The First Day
    Part 3 - Home Invasion
    Part 4 - Inheritor
    Part 5 - Home Invasion: Aftermath
    Part 6 - Relius Engura
    Part 7 - The Grand Olympus Hotel
    Part 8 - Relius's Room
    Part 9 - Fleeing the Grand Olympus
    Intermission: The Apostles of Hiranyagarbha
    Part 10 - The Old Leaves Bookstore
    Part 11 - Questions for a Bookstore Manager
    Part 12 - Julius Gallardo
    Part 13 - Capture
    Part 14 - Escape from the Laboratory
    Part 15 - In the Meantime
    Part 16 - In the Meantime (II)
    Part 17
    - The Dunamis Coup
    Part 18 - Battle on the Stage
    Chapter End - Farewell Olympia

    Interlude: Space Colonies (4025 A.C.)

    Chapter Two: The Beginnings of Conflict
    Part 1 - Late Again
    Part 2 - CF Anhur
    Part 3 - First Kill
    Part 4 - Mission Briefing
    Part 5 - Flight of the Kaguya-hime
    Part 6 - Crossroads
    Part 7 - Base 43
    Part 8 - Mother Crab
    Part 9 - The Scarlet Lightning
    Intermission: Major Armed Forces of the World (4025 A.C.)
    Part 10 - Escorting The Spirit of Adventure
    Part 11 - Meeting Major
    Part 12 - Setting the Battlefield
    Part 13 - Colony Drop
    Part 14 - The Empress Strikes Back
    Part 15 - Lost
    Part 16 - State Funeral
    Part 17 - Conversation in a Funeral Hall
    Part 18 - Changing Conflict
    Chapter End - Return to the East

    Interlude: War Timeline

    Chapter Three: Higashi Cases
    Part 1 - Working Life
    Part 2 - Case of the Missing Lawmaker, Act I
    Part 3 - Case of the Missing Lawmaker, Act II
    Part 4 - Case of the Missing Lawmaker, Act III
    Part 5 - Case of the Missing Lawmaker, Act IV
    Part 6 - Case of the Missing Lawmaker, Conclusion
    Part 7 - Case of the Cursed Songstress, Act I
    Part 8 - Case of the Cursed Songstress, Act II
    Part 9 - Case of the Cursed Songstress, Act III
    Part 10 - So You Messed Up and You're Now a Cyborg Ninja. Now What?
    Intermission: State of Technology (4026 A.C.)
    Part 11 - Reload: Case of the Cursed Songstress, Act IV
    Part 12 - Case of the Cursed Songstress, Act V
    Part 13 - Case of the Cursed Songstress, Act VI
    Part 14 - Case of the Cursed Songstress, Conclusion
    Part 15 - Vacation in the North
    Part 16 - Breakthrough
    Part 17 - Immortal
    Chapter End - Dive

    Chapter Four: World Zero
    Part 1 - START
    Part 2 - Gate
    Part 3 - Field
    Part 4 - Countdown
    Part 5 - Connection
    Chapter End - END

    Interlude: All That Has Passed

    Chapter Five: Terra Reborn
    Part 1 - To The City of Broken Dreams
    Part 2 - Reunion in the Old Quarter
    Part 3 - New Seeds
    Part 4 - House of Knowledge
    Part 5 - Planting the Seeds of Hope
    Part 6 - A Winning Proposition
    Part 7 - The Order of Pithos
    Part 8 - A Familiar Face
    Part 9 - One More Month
    Part 10 -
    Unseen Threat
    Part 11 - Ambush
    Part 12 - The Promise of Entertainment
    Part 13 - Misjudgement
    Part 14 - Ultimatum
    Chapter End - Joining the Fleet

    Interlude: The League and the Empire

    Chapter Six: To The Stars and Beyond
    Part 1 - The Gate of Ean
    Part 2 - Framejack
    Part 3 - Into the Fray
    Part 4 - Turmoil in Space
    Part 5 - Interlude in the Cracks of Reality
    Part 6 - Rendezvous Point
    Part 7 - The Belesis
    Part 8 - Boarding Party
    Part 9 - The Tactician
    Part 10 - Fight or Flight
    Part 11 - Imperial Crusade
    Part 12 - Bring on a War
    Part 13 - Backstory
    Intermission: The Goddess and the Youth
    Part 14 - Meeting at Kamabharata
    Part 15 - Break
    Part 16 - Tinkering
    Part 17 - T-Minus Thirty Days
    Part 18 - Battle at Uranus
    Part 19 - Man vs Crusade
    Part 20 - The Real Crusade
    Part 21 - The Mission
    Chapter End - The God and the Youth

    Interlude: Preparations

    Chapter Seven: Destiny's End
    Part 1 - Opening: War Council
    Part 2 - Departure and Arrival: Gelmark
    Part 3 - Delta Hunt
    Part 4 - Defector
    Part 5 - The Belly of the Beast
    Part 6 - Database Break and Entry
    Part 7 - Information Medium
    Part 8 - Central Brain
    Part 9 - Control, Alternate, Delete
    Part 10 - Garden of the Gods
    Part 11 - Tribulations of the Grand Marshal
    Part 12 - Stalker Encounter
    Part 13 - Advent of Space Whaling
    Part 14 - Crossroads of Life and Death
    Part 15 - Stardust to Stardust
    Part 16 - The Will That Prevails
    Part 17 - Embodiment of the Devourer
    Part 18 - Code Masters
    Part 19 - The All-Seeing Eye
    Part 20 - Those Who Challenge the Divine Will
    Chapter End - Man · God · Machine

    Epilogue: The Continuing World

    Another Epilogue: Somewhere in the multiverse...


    A blood-red moon looming in the sky, so massive that the stars can barely be seen under its crimson glow.

    Bodies scattered all around you. The rocky plains are full of the newly deceased. Many of them are human. Many others... indescribable. All of them dead - by your hand.

    You know it is a dream. You have never seen this place before. You have never seen the strange and terrible creatures that, even in death, could bring about nightmares to the sturdiest warrior. It is a dream, and you know you must awaken.


    You open your eyes. The sun glares brightly directly above you, and you shade your eyes with your hand. It must be noon, which is strange - your last memory seemed to be of the evening. You try to sit up and almost immediately a sharp pain travels up your spine and spears into your brain. Groaning, you clutch your head and collapse back onto the soft, inviting grass.

    What was the last thing you remembered? You rack your aching head and think. The last thing you remember was cresting a hill and seeing a crater, but before that...


    A. You were marching with a troop of the royal guard, under orders from the king to investigate rumours of a star that had fallen in some rural village. You were chosen because of your skill at arms and cunning in battle, which have earned you respect despite your age.

    B. As an assistant to one of the most eminent royal astrologers in the court, it was only natural that your master took you along on the expedition to find the fallen star. Your analytical mind and intelligence has been of great help in his calculations all throughout your tutelage.

    C. Your sheep are all you have in this world. Naturally, when one went missing, you went everywhere you could to find it. Your travels with your flock have granted you a healthy body, a charming disposition and the knowledge of survival.
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  2. Urist McLurker Learned

    Urist McLurker
    May 1, 2012
    This seems like a bad idea to me to have yet another one of these things. On the other hand, it's treave, so I'll bite.

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  3. oscar Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    Aug 30, 2008
    ^ Top  
  4. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    I'd already planned out and considered starting this sometime back, and when root posted his I was conflicted whether to go ahead with it or not. In the end, since I have a bit of free time on my hands, decided to just go ahead with it for now.

    It's like Kickstarter, if you wait to space it out there'll still be new stuff popping up every day.
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  5. oscar Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    Aug 30, 2008
    Hmm I'd prefer to be more of an aristocratic figure with some charm and education -as- well as skill with the sword.
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  6. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    It's not that free-form, unfortunately. But you'll get plenty of chances to mold the character's personality and skills as the story goes along via choices you make, which may lock out other paths in the future. So if you want the character to be a noble aristocrat, there is a way.
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  7. oscar Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    Aug 30, 2008
    Ah yes, but I guess some brute could be fun to play as well :)
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  8. Cassidy Arcane

    Sep 9, 2007
    Vault City

    Also, it's getting crowded. Hopefully enough people will have time to put enough votes on all of these threads and not neglect anyone's LP.
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  9. Urist McLurker Learned

    Urist McLurker
    May 1, 2012
    Now is better than never I suppose. Besides if anyone goes The Barbarian on us, we won't be dry of this kind of good content.

    Well it said the royal guard and that we're cunning in battle right? I wouldn't be so worried about being just a brute, by no means monocle of course, but surely not just a mindless brute.
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  10. Lindblum Augur

    May 3, 2011
    going to try and make the protagonist into a KKKcodexian masterpiece
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  11. Esquilax Arcane

    Dec 7, 2010
    But have our sheep improved our skill at lovemaking? That's the real question.

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  12. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    I don't forsee too many votes coming in. Probably I shouldn't half-arse it and actually describe the premise of this LP in the first post. >_>

    Very well, A it is; lengthy plot exposition and update incoming. Let's see if the premise will be interesting enough for the Playground readers.
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  13. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    Chapter I: To The Beginning

    The pain recedes, and you begin to gather your thoughts.

    You are a member of the royal guard serving King Sargon of Akkad. Your earliest memories are of the dusty streets of Kish. As a street urchin, you cultivated a talent for fighting in brawls. You may not have been the strongest, but you certainly were the quickest, and sometimes the dirtiest. You never thought that you would ever join the army, but you did.

    King Sargon had a lust for war, and conscription for his army was constant. Short as life may be in the army, at least life there kept you fully fed. However, your elevation to the king’s personal troops barely a year later was not due to your skill and bravery in combat, though you demonstrated no shortage of those. Instead, you rescued him from the attentions of a massive boar on one of his hunts near the Tigris. A daring bait, a cunning trap, and many lucky spear jabs later, you had become – temporarily - one of the king’s favored. It was fortunate that your promotion was not begrudged by that of your fellow soldiers; the boar fed them well for a week.

    It was soon after the hunt that reports of a fallen star came in from a village north of Uruk. Apparently, the star had been predicted by some dusty ancestral royal stone carving to fall during the time of King Sargon’s reign. Whosoever was found worthy of the star would be bestowed eternal glory by Enlil himself, who had sent the star to earth to honour the great mortal kings. The king, ever so eager to claim divine favour, sent a retinue of his royal guard along with his chief astrologer. Twenty of you departed from Akkad. The astrologer and his apprentice kept to themselves, poring and muttering over strange numbers that you did not understand.

    And so off you went.

    The village proved hospitable enough, and the maidens willing. On the next day, you set forth with five of your brothers-in-arms, the astrologer, and his apprentice to investigate the fallen star. As you crested the grassy hill, you beheld the smouldering crater before you…

    You shake your head. You saw something in that crater, but are unable to recall it. The images flit around the edges of your mind, refusing to be drawn into focus. You can only remember a darkness that moved as if it were alive, and screams…

    Well, they certainly screamed well enough.
    Too bad their bodies were a bit too fragile for our size, eh?
    You’re a bad joker, mate.

    You can’t help but laugh. It seems as if you’re hearing things.

    Well of course you are, you violent monkey.

    You close your eyes. You count to three, three being the only number you can count to, and you open them, and you stare at the crater. There is nothing there now.

    There wouldn’t be.
    Yeah, we moved into you, didn’t we?
    We’re going to try and make you into a… kkk kkzzh masterpiece.

    Your mouth is dry. For the first time since you’ve woken up, you open your mouth to speak.

    Don’t bother understanding. It’s clear you are no mindless brute but you won’t understand what we are… yet.
    I’d really have preferred that you were a more aristocratic figure – you know, charming, good with a sword.

    “Well, I am good with a sword.” There was more than one voice. Are they demons? Or are you going mad?

    A bit lacking on the charm, and don’t talk back. I bet we could train and pretty you up. Demons wouldn’t do that to you now, would they?
    Anyway, it’s a bit tiring to be exhausting our speech so soon, so we’re just going to take a little break.
    But don’t feel lonely, we’ll be back. After all, we are going to be spending the rest of eternity together…

    The voices subside, and you sigh. It seems like this is going to become a pretty bad week.

    You are an immortal now. That much is not in dispute. You will never age; you will never die. You will regenerate from the worst of wounds. Even utter and total cremation will not stop your ashes from reforming… eventually.

    In addition, you are slowly discovering new abilities you can do with your undying body. Your senses are sharpened - you can hear a pin-drop a metre away. You can rattle tiny objects with your mind. You can will your skin to become a shade darker. You can give your nose an extra pointiness to it. You can create tiny little sparks with which to singe your enemies, or cool them down with a gentle breeze. All of these powers, and more, are yours to command and develop.

    The only drawback? Living with a host of voices in your head. Sometimes they give good advice, sometimes bad. And you are not able to act without their consensus. Does that make you a puppet? Maybe. Probably. But the voices do not appear to force you to decide except at critical junctures, so you might think of it as kindly counsel from a gathering of priests at council.

    Still, you are immortal now. And as one, you will find your adventures spanning from the fertile plains of Mesopotamia to the far flung reaches of the stars themselves… should you develop your powers correctly. You have the potential to shape cultures and empires, and advance the state of humanity; or to bring it all down and enslave nations with necromancy. Of course, you aren't the only immortal around, and even mortals can be more ingenious than you give them credit for at times...

    And who knows? At the end of the universe, you might even find the answers as to why you have been saddled with all this weirdness…


    Proper choice-making update incoming, so basically you guys are going to be the voices, and this is going to be a pretty high-powered campaign. Think God-Emperor of Mankind, and you have an idea of what the guy can rise to become. You can't die, but make the wrong choices, and you can miss entire centuries at a go, missing out on the chance to influence humanity's development.
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  14. oscar Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    Aug 30, 2008

    This is going to be awesome
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  15. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    Chapter 1.2: A Small Step

    The voices have really gone silent.

    Taking a deep breath, you get off your back and stand up. There is no more pain – you feel more alive than you have ever felt before. Everything seems clearer and sharper. Your physical condition seems to be better than it ever was. Still, you can’t afford to waste any more time on wondering about yourself. You look around the area, trying to see what has happened to the others that came with you. It does not take you long to find them. Your brothers-in-arms are dead. You are pretty sure of that, seeing as their limbs and heads are now located quite far apart. The astrologer appears to have met the same fate.

    “Where is the apprentice?” you wonder.

    A second later, your question is answered. A slight shriek is heard from behind you. Wasting no time, you turn around swiftly, drawing your sword and preparing for combat in one fluid move. The apprentice lies sprawled before you, his skin even paler than usual. Even though he was about your age, you had not spoken to him before this throughout the trip, as he had seemed more inclined to keep to his numbers and charts together with his master.

    He looks up at you, his eyes dark and wet. Trembling, he asks a question.

    “Do you hear them too?”

    At that moment, a figure climbs up over the hill and waves at you. Both you and the apprentice turn to look.

    “Hey. Hey!”

    A tanned youth who does not look much older than yourself sprints down to meet you.

    “There’s someone alive after all! I was looking for my sheep and then I came upon this crater and then you guys came banging up the hill in your armor and shields and then something happened… and you were all dead.” without pausing to catch his breath, he rattled off his summary of events. “Not all of us, it seems,” you reply. “Does anyone know what happened, exactly?”

    As the sole military figure left, you decide to take a more commanding tone. The apprentice scrambles to his knees and shakes his head, before starting to mutter to himself. The shepherd just grins at you, seemingly relieved just to see someone that wasn’t scattered all over the field.

    “No, not really. It seems like I’m getting someone speaking to me in my head, though. I’m sure I’m just unsettled after seeing all… that.” He gestures around at the corpses.

    You narrow your eyes. It seems like you are not the only one to hear the voices. As if on cue, you hear the muttering start up again.It looks like the voices are waking… along with the darkness, again flitting along the edges of your mind’s eye.

    “So, what are you going to do?” you ask the shepherd.

    “I still haven’t found my sheep, for one. I’ll probably be on my way in a while. Do you need me to guide you back to the village?”

    What an optimistic and cheerful guy. You turn to the apprentice.
    “I’ll be fine… just let me rest for a while. I’ll go back to the village.” he murmurs.

    You close your eyes. The muttering is getting louder. You decide on your next course of action…


    A. You attack without any warning. You can take them. The shepherd looks strong but he is unarmed, and you are confident of dispatching him in one blow. The apprentice can be dealt with easily. No one must know of what happened here. You can blame the failure of the mission on them later.

    B. You try to persuade them to not tell anyone the full truth of what they’ve heard and seen here, particularly about the voices. Having had the pleasure of being in the king’s presence before this, you know he will not take kindly to any survivors returning empty-handed. You request the apprentice to concoct a suitable, astrologically-flavored tale for the king as an excuse. Hopefully your lie is not exposed.

    C. You ask the shepherd to accompany you and the apprentice to testify to the king about the truth of the events that happened, including the voices that now chatter in your head. King Sargon may be cruel and unyielding, but he is also known to be just. Surely he will understand the situation and allow you a reprieve.

    D. You flee into the wilderness. You do not fancy returning to the king at all, and something about the fallen star has changed you. You do not know what, but you feel as if the answers lie elsewhere. Where your path leads you after this is up to the gods.

    (I will try to execute any of the choices made to maximum efficiency. You can also suggest alternate choices to be considered, if you want, and if any information is unclear there's the option of asking me to describe it in further detail. Trying not to pack too much detail into the update itself, though I've fleshed out large amounts of the events.)
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  16. newcomer Learned

    May 23, 2012

    I think A is quite useless; after all, the voices means we are immortal, and I suspect the apprentice also obtained the gift of immortality. Better recruit him as a friend before he turns against us
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  17. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    I originally planned not to write out the premise and let the readers discover the immortality along with the character at the end of the Mesopotamian chapter. In such a situation A would seem quite viable. Of course now it's kinda spoiled... But I promise I'll try to make the choices harder as we proceed further into the story.

    But anyway, a bit of further information:
    As a newly-minted immortal your powers are still weak. This also includes your regeneration. Any new immortals might take weeks to regrow their spine and rejoin their head, for example. You can certainly buy enough time to get back to the king so that your story alone is heard, if you want.
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  18. newcomer Learned

    May 23, 2012
    I want to know more of this immortality, especially the resurrection part:

    -What is the mechanism for recovery from mutilation: is it regrow or rejoining when body parts happen to be close enough
    -Extreme case: the head is thrown into volcano, the upper body cremated & thrown into sea, limbs somehow ended in outer space, a few organs are buried... how, when, and where will resurrection occur?
    ^ Top  
  19. treave Arcane Patron

    Jul 6, 2008
    Codex 2012
    In general, the rough guidelines are:

    1) If there are parts that can rejoin, this takes priority. Wounds and dismemberment heal the quickest if the parts are put together.
    2) If a body part is far away enough that rejoining does not happen within a certain period of time, regeneration will occur. Regenerating entire parts take a longer time. Regeneration usually takes priority on the object with greater mass, or the ones currently able to regenerate. How this is known will remain unexplained for now.
    3) All of this improves with age/experience/practice, which will accrue at a greater rate during some lengthier timeskips where you settle down and nothing really exciting is going on. Of course, experiencing certain events can trigger a greater advance in your abilities.
    4) If I detail this any further we will get bogged down in rules lawyering in the future. Yes, there are ways to stop regeneration completely and you can probably think of some right now. I assure you those methods will work if we need to employ it. :P

    I haven't actually set down any hard rules, because anything that puts you out of commission for many millennia basically ensures that the universe moves on without you, and when you do reappear, your power will be lacking. The character may be immortal, but he's certainly not unbeatable. Throw him into a black hole and that's the end of it, for example. Anyway, there are certain bridges regarding technological ramifications that we will cross when we get to it.

    *edited for brevity.
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  20. ScubaV Prophet

    Feb 20, 2011
    I like the premise. As for the vote I wanted to be all "There can be only one!". Sadly, I don't think we have any means of stopping their regeneration and it's best not to make enemies for life eternity just yet.

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  21. Smashing Axe Arcane Patron

    Smashing Axe
    Dec 29, 2011
    Divinity: Original Sin
  22. newcomer Learned

    May 23, 2012

    Worry not, a few millennium later we can throw him into the black hole :P
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  23. Cassidy Arcane

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    I think this may end as interesting as Planescape:Torment.
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  24. CappenVarra phase-based phantasmist Patron

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    Mesopotamia :love:

    a vote for B
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    mexico of europe

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