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Game News Ludus Mortis is a grid-based dungeon crawler set in an undead-infested ancient Rome


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Jan 28, 2011
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In their search for new titles to play, blobber fans may recall coming across a horror-themed single character dungeon crawler by the name of The 7th Circle or perhaps its sequel Inferno - Beyond the 7th Circle. These are the work of 68k Studios, an Italian indie developer headed by one Federico Fanelli. 68k have actually been active for over a decade, having started out making mobile games and gradually improving their craft. The studio's next game, Ludus Mortis, will be their first party-based dungeon crawler, so it's time to finally give them a shoutout. Ludus Mortis retains the horror element of their previous titles but sets the action in ancient Rome, which is suffering from an unfortunate undead infestation problem. It's up to the school of gladiators to put together a team and clean the place up. Here's the game's announcement trailer and description:

Over the centuries the Roman Senate has become corrupt and has progressively lost power and influence, while the Emperor Diocletian and his army ruled unchallenged outside the eternal city.
Seeking to return to a dominant position, the members of the Roman Senate decide to use necromancy to increase their power, creating an army of undead and demons to fight against imperial soldiers.

By waging war on its own emperor, the Senate has caused a rift in the Roman population, that slowly began to live in fear.
Year after year, the armies of undead summoned by the Senate have taken over, imposing themselves on the senators and enslaving the Roman population.

In this climate of chaos, an ancient gladiatorial school continued to train soldiers for the games. But the purpose of these gladiators is now different: to rid the city of the undead and invaders...to allow Rome to return to its former glory.

Ludus Mortis
is a Grid-Based First Person Dungeon Crawler inspired by classic cRPG from the 80s and 90s.
It's a party-based RPG ("blobber") with turn-based combat.

  • Create your characters choosing from 14 classes
  • Manage and develop you Ludus (Gladiator School) by improving facilities, acquiring gladiators, crafting new equipment.
  • Explore dozens of catacombs and dungeons.
  • Manage your party changing formation, equipment and skills: you can try different combination for every different dungeon.
  • Turn-based combat: think carefully and use your Action Points wisely.

Ludus Mortis doesn't have a release date yet, but in the meantime you can wishlist it on Steam.

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