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Major League BasedBall - OOTP 20

Discussion in 'Codex Playground' started by Drew, May 6, 2021.

  1. Drew Savant

    Feb 7, 2014
    Syracuse, New York
    Welcome to Major League BasedBall!
    America's greatest pastime, now with memes and shitposts.

    This is going to be a log of my customized fictional league. It's fairly similar to the current MLB with a few notable exceptions. I have hand-placed teams into specific cities. There are two leagues, with interleague play, but they are the Eastern and Western leagues. Each league has four divisions, and each division has five teams. Neither league uses a DH, because I fucking hate that. The playoffs are composed of four rounds. The division winners plus four wildcards per league make the playoffs. The rounds are best of three, best of five, best of seven, and best of seven.

    So, let's meet the teams.

    I will be managing the NYC Metropolitans, and initially, all of my players are handmade caricatures of people I know.
    OOTP itself awards several basic awards, but these are the ones I am going to be tracking.
    Awards (open)

    Full Squad
    All Star - The All Star award is a fan-voted award for the best players at the midway point of the season. Popularity is a large factor here: Aging favorites will frequently get voted into this by fans instead of newer, perhaps more productive players.

    All Majors 1st Team - 1x Each Position, 5 Starting Pitchers, 3 Relief Pitchers - The best all-around player at each position (including defense and baserunning), along with the best five starters and best three relievers, as decided by me. MLB recently started awarding something like this but it's not referenced anywhere, by anyone. All Star selections have much more value IRL, but because popularity is so integral to that award, it didn't seem right. So this is the alternative. Compare it to All NBA selections vs. NBA all star selections.

    All Majors 2nd Team - 1x Each Position, 5 Starting Pitchers, 3 Relief Pitchers - The second best player at each position, and the sixth through the tenth starter, and the fourth through the sixth reliever. These players are still elite, they just aren't quite the best.

    Silver Slugger - 1x Each Position - The best hitter at each position. Largely looking at OPS+.

    Gold Glove - 1x Each Position - The best defender at each position. Largely looking at zonal rating, OOTP's equivalent to Total Zone.

    Single Player Per League
    Mike Trout Most Valuable Player -
    The player who had the most added value to their team over the year. WAR is the primary stat evaluated. Pitchers are unlikely to win.

    Hank Aaron Slugger of the Year - The player with the most HRs hit per year.

    Ozzie Smith Platinum Glove Award - The single best defender of the year. Unless there is an insane outlier, this will probably be the gold glove shortstop, catcher, or center fielder.

    Barry Bonds Combo Player of the Year - The player who has the most home runs + stolen bases. A minimum of 20 and 20 are required to qualify. If no player meets the 20/20 threshold, I will check 19/19, and then 18/18, 17/17, etc.

    Todd Helton Extra Hitter of the Year - The player with the most extra-base hits.

    Bob Hamelin Rookie of the Year - The best rookie. Primarily looking at WAR.

    Old Hoss Pitcher of the Year - The best pitcher. Relievers are unlikely to win.

    Mariano Rivera Reliever of the Year - The best reliever.

    The league was founded before the 2019 season, and everyone received a baseline $50m media contract to start off (in addition to whatever media contract they could negotiate). Every player was placed in a serpentine draft before spring training.

    I want to play (open)
    If you would like to be added to the database as an amateur draft prospect, please fill out the following and when the draftees are announced I will edit one of them into you.

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Month and Day of Birth:
    Second Nationality: Not required
    Facial Type: Select one African/Asian/East Indian/Caucasian/Hispanic
    City of Birth: Must be from Nationality
    Height in Centimetres:
    Weight in pounds:
    Bats: Right/Left/Switch
    Throws: Right/Left
    Position: (If you are left handed, you must select pitcher, first baseman, or outfielder. No left handed catchers or other infielders are accepted by the game engine)

    Personality Scores (All 1-200) (Higher number means having a lot of it, high greed and controversy are negative traits)
    Desire for Winner:
    Work Ethic:
    Handle Success:
    Handle Failure:
    Handle Critics:

    Injury Proneness (All 1-200) (High is more likely to be injured)

    Groundball Tendency: Normal/Spray/Pull/Extreme Pull
    Flyball Tendency: Normal/Spray/Pull
    Running Speed (1-250):
    Stealing Ability (1-250):
    Baserunning Skills (1-250):
    Sacrifice Bunting (1-250):
    Bunting for a hit (1-250):

    If you are a batter, take 20 points and assign them 0-6 in the following categories
    Avoid Strikeout:
    Gap Power:
    Raw Power:

    If you are a pitcher
    Pick two to four of the following, and place them in your prioritized order
    Circle Change
    Knuckle Curve

    Now, take 16 points and assign them 0-6 in the following categories
    Last edited: May 6, 2021
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  2. Drew Savant

    Feb 7, 2014
    Syracuse, New York
    This post will be used to hold the Hall of Fame and yearly awards and statistics leaders.
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  3. Drew Savant

    Feb 7, 2014
    Syracuse, New York
    So, the draft is finished, and the work begins. Let's meet the team.


    We have a very young squad and a couple of excellent players. Because of how young they all are, our salary costs are very low. With that said, they expand very quickly going forward.


    Let's take a look at our batters.


    Oof, lots of red. Ok, well we have two batters who start off above average. Kem is clearly elite, plus plus contact, plus plus power, and an ungodly understanding of the strike zone. Cuddles has average or slightly better contact, and plus power. Everyone else is going to struggle to make contact and won't be extremely effective as offensive players, at least for a few years.

    Alright, time for pitching.

    This is much better. Two absolute aces, a third solid starter, and a reliable closer. Quality all around.

    Alright, let's look at the stadium and see how it fits.

    Fairly neutral ballpark stats. Fewer than average extra-base hits, but some of that is because right-handed pull hitters will hit more home runs.
    This fits us really well, actually. Our two best bats are right-handed; they will get some benefit. Our lineup is very fast and is steal happy, so a reduction in extra-base hits won't hurt us as much because we can just steal second fairly reliably. Our elite pitching staff will do well, even with the neutral expected hitting factors.


    In terms of power rankings, we look good. Koni and Rex are currently weak, and we don't have a good non-closer reliever, but the rest of the line looks solid.

    For the games that I simulate, this will be the strategy setup.

    And these are the team control settings I intend to use.
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  4. Zanzoken Arcane

    Dec 16, 2014
    Interesting. I used to have a baseball sim on the Xbox called "MVP Baseball 2005" that had a franchise mode like this. You managed an entire organization, including the minors (AAA, AA, and A), and had to manage the team's finances in addition to personnel.

    Looks like this one is quite a bit more in depth though.
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  5. Drew Savant

    Feb 7, 2014
    Syracuse, New York
    Preseason has finished. It went just fine.

    It went about as well as I expected it to. Our starting pitching is very solid, our lineup is ok, and our bullpen is underwhelming. This is about where I would anticipate our season going, playing .500 ball and both allowing and scoring few runs.


    The preseason predictions have us playing well, and I mean well, beyond that. It predicts us to allow incredibly few runs, which makes sense: we have good starting pitching and elite defense at most positions. It has us stealing an absolutely insane number of bases, which is also understandable given the speed on our roster.

    I'm not sure how the engine is predicting us to have a competitive number of runs scored, batting average, and home runs. We have two decent contact bats, a third guy who has some power without being totally useless. I just don't see us having the offensive production predicted here. If everything goes right, I could see 750 runs scored. In two years, we could have what's predicted here.


    A couple of surprises here. I expected Kem and Cuddles to do well, but the predicted slash lines seem to be some of the worst on the list. Perhaps the stolen base numbers are adding a significant amount. It's the only thing I can think that would put them both into top 5 contention with the weak (for the list) slugging numbers.

    I am also surprised to see our pitchers taking all three top spots. I knew they were quality (even though they didn't quite perform to that level in spring training), but I didn't expect #1 and #2. I also didn't expect Atnes to even be in the top 10. I do wonder if they are being aided by the quality defense behind them in this prediction. Although, the strikeout predictions certainly suggest that the defense might not be that important. 300+ ks? Holy hell, it doesn't even matter that they're leading the league in innings, those numbers are insane. A player half as good as that would probably make a few all-star games in his career.

    Just for the record, here are the western league predictions.

    Looking at all of the preseason information, and combining it with our rather pedestrian spring training, it feels to me like the predictions are being made as if everyone on the team played to their full potential. I don't see a world where we allow 150 fewer runs than any other team while still scoring at an elite level. Our starting rotation is good, our front-end guys are amazing. But, the bullpen isn't and I fully expect that to cost us games. Outside of two, maybe two and a half guys, our bats are weaker than average on paper. Maybe we play .550 ball with our defense and starters. I just can't believe that our roster will end up with more than 90 wins at season's end.

    Show Spoiler
    I finished managing the spring training games only like a week after the initial posts, but I dragged my feet in writing all of this up. I was additionally hampered by an incredibly unfortunate event in my personal life. My cat spent that weekend of May 22/23 acting a bit odd, he wasn't eating much and had spent a lot of time hiding, so I brought him to the vet on Monday morning. I was informed on Wednesday that he had entered kidney failure and that it was time to put him down. I brought him home Wednesday night and stayed with him throughout the night, trying to give him all the love that I could in that time. He was an absolute mess. On Thursday, we let him go.

    This is somewhat relevant to the playthrough, because he is our starting second baseman.
    Show Spoiler

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  6. Sergiu64 Arcane Sad Loser

    Jun 8, 2010
    Sic semper tyrannis.

    I'm Ridin' with Biden I'm Ridin' with Biden
    I want to play:

    Show Spoiler

    First Name: Sergiu
    Last Name: Romannis
    Month and Day of Birth: August 9th
    Age(17-22): 18
    Nationality: Romanian
    Second Nationality: American
    Facial Type: Caucasian
    City of Birth: Dorohoi
    Height in Centimetres: 6' 0''
    Weight in pounds: 185 lbs
    Bats: Left
    Throws: Right
    Position: 2nd Baseman

    Personality Scores (All 1-200) (Higher number means having a lot of it, high greed and controversy are negative traits)
    Leadership: 40
    Desire for Winner: 150
    Loyalty: 160
    Greed: 80
    Work Ethic: 190
    Intelligence: 175
    Adaptability: 80
    Controversy: 20
    Handle Success: 100
    Handle Failure: 70
    Handle Critics: 160

    Injury Proneness (All 1-200) (High is more likely to be injured)
    Back: 80
    Legs: 20
    Arm: 60

    Groundball Tendency: Spray
    Flyball Tendency: Normal
    Running Speed (1-250): 160
    Stealing Ability (1-250): 180
    Baserunning Skills (1-250): 190
    Sacrifice Bunting (1-250): 140
    Bunting for a hit (1-250): 80

    If you are a batter, take 20 points and assign them 0-6 in the following categories
    BABIP: 2
    Avoid Strikeout: 4
    Gap Power: 3
    Raw Power: 2
    Eye: 5
    Defense: 4

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