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Mare Apertum


Zionist Agent
Jul 18, 2004
I am getting close to a new release. Some final work on the colonization system, a test play, and then it should be ready for the unwashed masses.

I am coding the first colonization projects right now. Originally, I wanted to put those in the next release but I think we can all agree that one needs muscular Negros to pick the cotton, toss the salad, and all that, thus:

  # Colonization: Kongo
  colonization_kongo = {

    potential = {
      NOT = { has_global_flag = colonial_project_kongo }
      has_discovered = 1463 # Gulf of Kongo

      technology_group = western_europe
      total_num_of_ports = 1

    allow = {


    effect = {
      set_global_flag = colonial_project_kongo

      1167 = { discover = yes } # Luanda

      # Kongo
      1166 = { discover = yes } # Loango
      1169 = { discover = yes } # Mayombe
      1170 = { discover = yes } # Kongo
      1171 = { discover = yes } # Ndongo

      treasury = -50

    ai_will_do = {
      factor = 1

      modifier = {
        factor = 0
        NOT = { tag = POR }

      modifier = {
        factor = 0
        NOT = { year = 1575 }

      # Fiscal responsibility (country scope)
      modifier = {
        factor = 0
        OR = {
          NOT = { treasury = 150 } # 100 + cost
          NOT = { stability = 0 }
          is_bankrupt = yes
          war = yes
          inflation = 25
          number_of_loans = 1



Zionist Agent
Jul 18, 2004
Finally! Just coded the last thing on the todo list for the next release. Here is Clinton's workfare program in EU3 script. Putting those lazy blacks to work:

  # Establish Slave Market
  slave_market = {

    potential = {
      is_colony = yes
      continent = africa
      NOT = { trade_goods = slaves }
      owner = {
        technology_group = western_europe
        NOT = { has_country_modifier = the_abolish_slavery_act }

    allow = {
      owner = {
        trade_tech = 6
        ADM = 5

    effect = {
      trade_goods = slaves
      owner = { treasury = -15 }

    ai_will_do = {
      factor = 1

      modifier = {
        factor = 0
        region = cape

      # Fiscal responsibility (province scope)
      modifier = {
        factor = 0
        owner = {
          OR = {
            NOT = { treasury = 115 } # 100 + cost
            NOT = { stability = 0 }
            is_bankrupt = yes
            war = yes
            inflation = 25
            number_of_loans = 1



Zionist Agent
Jul 18, 2004
What's left todo:
- writing a cleaned up changelog for the general audience
- test play

I will move to the Paradox forums with the upcoming release BTW. I don't feel like keeping track of two threads and I think the project is now ready for the unwashed masses.


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City

Without the modifier the Ottoman Empire would collapse too often leaving Europe without an Islamic threat. IMO that would be the bigger evil. It's true, you need a lot of skill and a bit of luck if you are a neighbor of the Ottomans. However it's possible to survive and restore the Byzantine Empire as a Greek minor, multiple hardcore MM players have somehow managed to do that.

For the average player the Ottoman Empire offers a nice challenge if you play an important historic actor. E.g. playing Austria and defending Christian Europe against the Turk is great fun. It would be too easy without all the secret help the Ottomans get. The Ottoman Empire was an existential threat to Christian Europe and MM simulates that. I want to keep it that way, sorry.

I really don't think the bonuses to Discipline and morale are necessary to ensure Ottoman supremacy and they make war with OE a matter of scorched earth and siege hopping only save absurd numerical superiority. The Ottoman units are already naturally superior to Eastern European Tech ones except for late game. Making combat more frustrating due to those bonuses is not an improvement for a game where combat is not really much fun at all. But whatever, if you want to defend kebab, do it.

However, MMU is massively broken in the war and diplomacy department. It is not that hard to survive as Serbia in MMP2 for example. Surviving as Hungary is easy. Poland can crush anyone.

I guess that explains why even after 20 positive warscore and failure to seize any territory for them the OE still had no interest in white peace, or even in gaining prestige from a conceded defeat. If MMU didn't have events where a country naturally can seize territory after years of occupation, colonial independence wars would last until the game end.


Zionist Agent
Jul 18, 2004
I really don't think the bonuses to Discipline and morale are necessary to ensure Ottoman supremacy

I won't remove the modifier but you can do it yourself. Just delete it. It's a triggered modifier never referenced anywhere i.e. simply removing it won't cause any problems.


Zionist Agent
Jul 18, 2004
Everything was stable and worked as intended during my first test play, but that game made me remember how much using MTTHs for colonial routes sucks. I became stuck on the spice route as Portugal.. again.. which kinda ruined my entire plan for the game. I will switch to timers for the colonial routes.


Zionist Agent
Jul 18, 2004
I am play testing and hot fixing at the moment - thank the bearded genocidal racist in the sky for text-based save files!


Zionist Agent
Jul 18, 2004
Almost done. I am going to bed now but tomorrow there is only one little thing left to fix and then it's release time. This should be the final changelog:

== Infamous bugs fixed!

* FIXED: 'Razing Our Cultural Heritage' event fired again right after you
  got rid of the 'Reneging the Past' modifier

* FIXED: 'Razing Our Cultural Heritage' event fired right at the beginning
  of the game for certain countries

* FIXED: Jesuits and Sikhs should now work as intended. dharper's 2012 fixes
  were merged

* FIXED: Multiple mission related CTDs

* FIXED: 'Islamic Merchants' event no longer happens to Muslim countries.

* FIXED: 'Sufi Missionaries' event gave the wrong modifier
  (religious_tolerance) when you chose to persecute them
  (should have been religious_intolerance).
  The event text was also slightly off

* FIXED: Barbarossa events ignored the extended national defense plan

* FIXED: Malay expansion event (810001)

* FIXED: Iron / copper monopoly / true monopoly gap bug

* FIXED: The 'Commission Gold Fleet' decision did not work

  And more!

== Bugs you didn't know existed fixed!

* FIXED: 'Build Royal Palace' decision had a broken trigger and thus never
  became available

* FIXED: 'Reparations of the Great Wall' decision required the wrong provinces
  and thus wasn't available to Ming like it should have been

* FIXED: Forming Arabia by embracing of Wahhabism didn't work

* FIXED: European diseases did not spread to South America like they were
  supposed to

* FIXED: 'Imperial Chamber Court' event never fired, it was meant to
  require ownership of Frankfurt (among other things) but instead
  required ownership of the Western Baltic sea

* FIXED: AI merchant management in South America was buggy

* FIXED: Prussian culture countries were meant to be able to join the
  Hanseatic League. They weren't

* FIXED: House of Trade decision had a broken trigger and thus
  never appeared

  And many more!

== Colonial System Changes

* Renamed 'Middle Point' exploration route to 'Land of the Brave' and gave
  it an actual description

* AI countries which pick exploration routes get less free colonies
  and which colonies they get is no longer random.

  Land of the Brave: Powhatan, Conoy
  Columbus: Barahonas, Tortuga
  Spice Route: Cape Verde, Fernando Po
  Northwest Passage: Kespek, Canada
  Golden Empires: Rio de la Plata, Serranos
  Land of Vera Cruz: Pernambuco, Itamaraca

  These free colonies are a workaround for the AI's problems with colonial
  range. I gave the AI two free colonies to speed up core gaining and to
  vastly reduce the risk of destruction through bad colony events

* Colonies handed out by events such as the above are now correct culture
  and religion and actual colonies. The old method could lead to situations
  where the newly acquired province was not recognized as a colony by the

* Exploration routes are now exclusive. This was done to avoid a patchwork
  colonial landscape where it doesn't make sense e.g. Brazil shouldn't be a
  patchwork of Spanish and Portugese provinces. Patchworks like in the
  historic Caribbean should be created in a historic way: through conquest
  and later colonization projects.

* The following routes are mutally exclusive balance and plausibility reasons:

  Northwest Passage and Land of the Brave
  Land of Vera Cruz and Golden Empires
  Spice Route and Columbus

  This restriction does not apply to the AI

* Alternative colonizers: if the historic colonizer chooses not to colonize
  (can only happen if player controlled) a plausible alternative colonizer
  will assume its role

* The requirements of the exploration routes were changed.
  The tooltip is now actually readable.
  The new requirements are slightly less restrictive and give the
  player a few additional options. For example pursuing the Spice Route
  as Genoa.
  However, historic plausibility requirements were maintained.

* The exploration routes no longer use MTTHs but timers and combined with
  the new requirements this leads to discoveries happening closer to their
  historic dates.

* Base colonial range was increasd by 100 and exploration route winners
  now get a level 6 navigator. This addresses the colonial range issues
  the player often faced

* The player now always gets Columbus' offer first if he leads an
  appropriate country i.e. Castile, Aragon, Genoa, Venice, England,
  or Portugal.

  Columbus' proposed the plan to all of them starting in 1485 but they all
  rejected. Only in 1492 Castile finally changed its mind. Thus the
  opportunity to accept Columbus' offer early should be there.

  Previously Columbus' was basically restricted to Castile players, everyone
  else only had a 2% chance. I think it's better to give the player more
  options as long as they are historically plausible

* Completely new system to spread knowledge about discovered provinces.

  Sea provinces discovered through exploration routes are revealed to all
  countries in the Western European technology group once the exploration
  route is completed.

  Land provinces are not revealed until they are colonized or conquered.

  This new system is based on the "World Map of $YEAR$" event.

  Justification: the other Western European powers were perfectly
  aware of the Spanish Main and knew how to get there.. and plunder..
  .. and conquer.

  Earlier colonial wars a now possible, as they should be. They happened
  too late in the old system. Conquering instead of settling colonies is
  now a much more viable strategy.

  Also this new system is the foundation for colonization projects
  (see below)

* Colonization projects are basically decisions which reveal land provinces
  once the sea route to them is known. Thus far the following colonization
  projects have been implemented:

  Sierra Leone
  Cape of Good Hope

  Much more too come. The ultimate goal is to make all historically plausible
  colonization possible without conquistators or explorers.

* Land province auto-discovery through exploration routes is no longer
  limited to the AI. Making the player do it himself with conquistators was
  pointless micromanagement.

  I also wanted to eliminate the often involuntary slaughter of natives which
  resulted from this. The fact that the natives often attacked the Europeans
  without provocations is already simulated by the advanced natives system,
  and there the player can actually choose how to react to it.

  In the worst cases the old way lead to the player involuntarily
  exterminating all displayed natives in a province. This triggers a bad
  event (Empty Lands) which is only supposed to fire if the player
  deliberately attempts to slaughter all natives

  Colonization projects also use auto-discovery.

* Which provinces are revealed to the player and the AI was carefully
  tweaked to A.) make conquistators and explorers unnecessary B.)
  control AI colonization to avoid issues like Portugal painting
  South Africa green before the Netherlands even appear on the world map

* A new province decision allows you to turn every African colony into one
  producing slaves, because that was the primary purpose of most of
  these colonies within the portrayed time-frame.

* The Aztec event chain was fixed. It is now actually possible to stop
  Cortez and to establish peaceful coexistance and trade wtih the Aztecs.

  The 'Exploration of the Yucatán Coast' event no longer forces a colony on
  the player now triggers reliably in 1508 (or later) as long as one owns at
  least one province in the Caribbean.

* Removed the old Land and Naval expedition events

== Piracy System Changes

* Provincial piracy level changes now happen less often once you have
  a large number of ports. This was done to keep the provincial piracy
  popups at a bearable level even if you have a large colonial empire

* There were three different, conflicting ways to commission privateers.
  That mess was replaced by a new decision whose requirements and effects
  are closer to historic reality. The new decision is called
  'Grant Letters of Marque' and allows major European powers with serious
  naval muscle to profit from piracy like the did historically.
  The new system also makes the Privateer adviser and the Sea Hawks idea
  more useful

* The new legalized piracy system now distinguishes correctly between
  the Knights and countries which grant letters of marque.
  That means the Knights no longer get events which only make sense
  for countries which grant letters of marque.
  Event texts were modified to fit all users of the system

== Country Forming Changes

* Forming countries no longer automatically ruins the relations with
  your culture group / related culture groups. That was to non-specific
  and made no sense in this generalized way.

* Forming countries no longer upgrades your government rank by one level
  but to an approrpiate level for the nation formed i.e. if you form
  Russia your rank will always be upgraded all the way to 'Greater'

* Forming countries now usually grants +50 prestige instead of +5. I think
  somebody forgot the update the prestige values to the new format there

== Mission System Changes

* Completely turned off missions for the player. Almost all missions were
  already turned off in MMP2 and what remained was a silly broken mess.
  Remember "Build an army for our nation"? You did it hoping that the next
  mission would be interesting and then you got "Royal Marriage with..".
  Or the case where the player just cancels one mission after the other
  (or even reloads) in an attempt to get the one mission in the files
  which was actually useful. It was just silly and immersion breaking

== User Interface Changes

* FIXED: 'One of the following must be true:' display issue

* FIXED: 'Razing Our Cultural Heritage' display issue

* Started changing endless lists of provinces to regions in effects/
  requirements. Also more use of the invisible effect technique.
  The ultimate goal is to elimate all unreadable tooltips!

* Started fine tuning 'potential' vs. 'allow' in the decision files e.g.:

  The all-important colonial staple port decisions are no longer hidden
  behind massive treasury requirements
  I am working on eliminating all treasury requirements from decisions, I
  think they are horrible UI design.

  Innovative countries will no longer see the (far out of reach) option
  to burn witches, neither will traditionalist ones see decisions
  which require an innovative mindset etc.
  Same thing with mercantilism vs. free trade, serfdom vs. free subjects,

  'Form the nation of Italy' decision won't appear before government
  tech level 25.

  'Claim the title of king of Sardinia-Piedmonte' decision won't appear
  before one owns either Piedmonte or Sardinia or both

  'Hiring fair' decision is now always visible

  Etc. etc.

* A less popup heavy start veteran players will appreciate
  The following popups are already eliminated:
    'Magna Mundi'
    'Advanced Naval System'
    'Advanced Natives System'
    'Faction Politics!'
    'Pirates of the Barbary Coast'
    'Center of Trade'
  Initialization is now based on a predictable and silent central
  dispatch system (events\setup.txt)

== Italy Changes

* [From the Firenze modmod]
  The Knights of Saint John now only respawn on Mediterranean islands
  (except Sicily).
  The are much more likely to pick Rhodes, Malta, or Corfu
  Medium likeliness: other Greek islands
  Least likely: Sardinia, Corsica, or Baleares
  AI will not give Crete if it owns other islands

* Ancona now belongs to the Papal State and the Urbino core has been
  removed. Even in 1453 most of that land belonged to the Papal State and
  the Papal State historically owned the region throughout most of the
  time frame of the game.
  The old setup lead to utterly historically implausible outcomes,
  namely the Papal State being completely wiped off the map by other
  Catholic states.. long before the Reformation

* Moved the capital of Sicily to Palermo.
  This allows Aragon to release Sicily. This makes the development
  of Southern Italy more interesting

* Because the spice route will now be discovered close to the historic date
  Genoa and Venice no longer lose their trade advantage too early.
  Plus they have new options, namely pursuing the spice route themselves
  or accepting Columbus' offer

* The Iron Crown is now a Lombard Italy as opposed to modern Italy. As a
  pro-HRE decision it does no longer grant a core on Rome or anything like

== Denmark Changes

* 'Adopt Vornedskab' decision now requires serfdom 2 instead of 3

* Added a new event (1000035) which removes the 'Vornedskab' modifier
  if the country ends feudalism (freesubjects at least 0)

* Denmark now starts with serfdom 1 instead of freesubjects 1.
  This is historically correct as far as I know. In fact around the time
  when the game starts Denmark intensified feudalism further by adopting
  Vornedskab. Something the player can now do too at about the same time

* Denmark's 'Strenghtening our Borders' event no longer considers
  Oldenburg a valid target

== Many Minor Changes

* The 'Establish British Merchant Navy' decision is now unlocked
  by overseas provinces percentage instead of trade income percentage.
  This makes more sense from both a historic and a gameplay point of
  view (the decision gives a bonus to tariffs not trade income)

* Removed the vanilla 'Navigation Act' decision (superseded by SRI version)

* Forming Scandinavia now centralizes one step instead of two

* 'Claim the title of king of Sardinia-Piedmonte' decision now moves
  the capital to Piedmonte

* The piracy event options which build local defenses now build permanent
  defenses just like the related province decisions. The prices were adjusted
  to match the prices of the province decisions.

* Animists are now annexable
  This fixes the issue of the overpowered Animists in the Inca region

* Grand Admiral advisor was renamed to Admiral because being able to employ
  more than one grand admiral made no sense. Historically the title was only
  ever held by one person at a time

* The ideas "Ecumenism" and "Unam Sanctum" are now mutally exclusive

* Countries with the 'Religious Order' government form can no longer culture

  Etc. etc.

== Code Changes

* Countless code clean ups e.g. the new 'Razing Our Cultural Heritage' code
  (events\idea_swaps.txt) powered by a newly developed central dispatch timer
  system (events\global_timers.txt). Compare it to the MM version

* Vanilla and mod files were merged and the mod now uses 'replace' instead
  of 'extend' wherever possible. This method is less bug prone and makes
  porting to other versions of the base game easier

* Beginnings of a thorough clean up of the messy file structure

* Many files now pass the EU3 validator without warnings


Lost in Space
Jul 11, 2008
Downloading this puppy right now. I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow. Thanks copx.

By the way, have you been contacted by ubik about this project? And by contacted I mean if he has made threats of copyright infringement and related butthurt.


Zionist Agent
Jul 18, 2004
Downloading this puppy right now. I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow. Thanks copx.

By the way, have you been contacted by ubik about this project? And by contacted I mean if he has made threats of copyright infringement and related butthurt.

No, he seems to have changed his mind about these issues. ubik's last statements on that matter (post-MMtG cancellation) were pro-modmods.

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