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New Kojima Game.

Nov 23, 2017
Probably Sony wants nothing more to do with him after funding/advertising whatever Death Stranding was. So now Microsoft is taking a shot. He hasn't made a really good game in eighteen years. Everything after the MGS trilogy made me miss what this man was once capable of more. He needs someone to reign him in. Another creative person who can tell him when his shit stinks. I think that used to be Tomokazu Fukushima, co-writer before MGS4. The limitations of the PS2 honestly helped too. Not to say we need crappy system specs for developers to think outside the box and be creative within their limitations. An alternative can be a producer or co-director who corrects Kojima whenever he decides to waste money and time on things like Hollywood actors, fancy CG commercials (MGS4 intro) and popular licensed music (David Bowie cover).

From a gameplay perspective, the most important perspective when it comes to video games, his best games are Metal Gear Solid 5 and Death Stranding.
May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
Alright, start the GAME THEORIES
You live a normal life as a worker in the factory in the bureaucratic world. You have a mortgage to pay. But only if you knew that your alien father from Zeta Arcturus who married your earthling mother is gone missing and your alien sister is trying to get in touch. The contact with your alien sister went very aggressive because she didn't know the language and human form. But something insidie of you was awaken and you felt she is your flesh and blood. You go to the mission to find your father who actually happens to be a king on alien world and the alien brood queen got upset her husband cheated on her.

This is just the intro.
Is the alien sister hot?
Sounds like a good premise, can we milk four games from this?

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