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Original Daggerfall mods?


Jan 30, 2007
Daggerfall Unity is amazing but I can't fix or get over the washed out color palette when compared to the original. The effect is profound. Blacks aren't black enough in unity and colors aren't rich enough. I'm not sure why they didn't or couldn't just make the color palette match the original but nobody seems to be talking about this issue, based on my exhaustive searching.

The issue I'm having with the original is the extremely zoomed in town map and the limited dungeon map. It has a huge effect on playability. Surely I'm not the only one that's bothered by this? Surely some intrepid modder out there has worked out some kind of fix for this? Google says nobody has even asked which is baffling. I don't expect the full functionality you get with the Unity maps but I just can't believe nobody has ever at least tried to make this better.

Can anyone help me find something? Or, alternatively, can anyone help me fix the washed out colors in DFU?

Edit: A dude on the DFU forums (the D.R.E.A.M. mod author, actually) suggested using Reshade. It worked.

Edit: Oh and the DFU dev himself rocked up and wrote a massive, in depth explanation of why the game looks like it does now. It's by necessity and the colors will be fixed before 1.0 was all I was able to take from it.
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Farewell young Prince into the night

Wow, the dev really went all-out in that response to your thread - very informative. Kudos to him!

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