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Codex Interview Paradise Cracked Interview


Oct 22, 2002
Tags: Buka Entertainment; Paradise Cracked

Our interview with MiST land regarding their tactical RPG, Paradise Cracked.

3. Can you give us some information on the concept and setting of Paradise Cracked? What inspirations and influences lie behind them? What do you feel sets the game apart from the crowd? What elements of the setting really stand out?

?Paradise Cracked? is basically a tactical game. Some of its elements will remind you of X-COM. Most of the gameplay is turn-based tactical combats. But apart from this, there are NPCs, who give you information and quests; there are playable characters, each with a set of parameters ( strength, intellect, dexterity, etc.), which can be improved in the flow of the game by gaining experience and getting new levels; there is a huge game-world to wander about. And that is why we call it ?tactical RPG?.

One of the strongest points of Paradise Cracked is its soundtrack. In Russia the game was awarded a medal for ?the best soundtrack of the year? As for the music, it is dynamic, that is, as the situation around the player?s party changes, a new theme starts playing. Each level of the city has a different set of themes. Thus in Low Town we have dark guitar passages and industrial, and in Sky Town we have smooth and soft ambient, which turns into electronic break beat, when the player?s party starts a combat. Totally, there is over an hour of music, and over two hours of sound. And, of course, sound adds a lot to the whole atmosphere, which the game creates.​

Thanks to Vitaly Shutov ? President of MiST land and Game Designer for Paradise Cracked, and Olesia Tokarenko - PR manager of MiST land.

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