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Game News Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter Update #22: Seelah the Paladin


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Owlcat Games; Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

The next Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous companion to be introduced is a special one. Seelah is Pathfinder's iconic paladin, a canon character from tabletop like Pathfinder: Kingmaker's Amiri. Formerly a street urchin and refugee, she chose to become a holy warrior after a fateful encounter with a group of knights during her youth.

In a world where friends become enemies and the hardships of the crusade turn good people into monsters, it is always reassuring to see the familiar face and shining armor of a true paladin. Meet Seelah, the Paizo iconic character, who has been a friend and ally to many Pathfinders in their tabletop sessions. Seelah isn’t your usual uptight paladin: life has taught her to embrace things as they are, so she laughs when she’s happy, swears when she’s angry, and can be found in a tavern when she’s thirsty. Vigorous, loud, and pure-hearted, she is the person you need when the world is burning and the soil is becoming corrupt beneath your feet.

A long time ago, when Seelah was just a teenager, her family fled the atrocities of Geb and took refuge in Solku, a bustling trade town. Their troubles seemed to be at an end, but for Seelah they had just begun. The gnolls of White Canyon slew her family during their raiding, and Seelah was left alone in the hot and dusty streets of the foreign town. Overcoming adversity with her iron will: she survived, stealing, pickpocketing, and even becoming a mercenary.

The rest of the story is known by all: when Iomedae’s knights came to defend Solku, Seelah was drawn to one paladin’s shining mithril helm... she stole it and immediately experienced something she hadn’t felt for the longest time: guilt. It only grew stronger when she saw Acemi, the robbed paladin, fighting the gnolls bare-headed… and dying from a mortal wound to her skull.

These events changed Seelah’s fate, but not her spirit. Devastated by Acemi’s death, she joined Iomedae’s knights and became a true paladin. Make no mistake: Seelah is no longer driven by grief. Her wounds have healed, and her strong, loving, and faithful nature have bloomed under the aegis of Iomedae. Now redeemed, Seelah believes in redemption for everyone. She can judge, but she is never judgmental.

But Seelah can offer you more than just cheering words and an approving smile. As an iconic character, she is the embodiment of the paladin class: sword and shield expert, master of blessings, and smiter of evil. She is a defender of the wounded and blesser of the fallen, and your shining shield in a seemingly hopeless battle.
I guess each one of Owlcat's games is going to feature one of these guest stars as a companion, and for Wrath of the Righteous it makes sense to use the paladin. Seven companions left to go.

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