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Game News Pillars of Eternity II Fig Update #29: Factions of the Deadfire, Part II

Discussion in 'News & Content Feedback' started by Infinitron, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Infinitron I post news Patron

    Jan 28, 2011
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    Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

    For this week's Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Fig update, Obsidian have published the second part of their primer on the game's four factions. This part introduces Rauatai's Royal Deadfire Company and the mercantile Vailian Trading Company, the two colonial forces vying for power and influence in the Deadfire Archipelago. As one of our users pointed out, it's a setup that seems broadly analogous to real life Chinese and Dutch expansion in Southeast Asia.

    Royal Deadfire Company

    (Abbreviated as RDC in some text locations)

    The Royal Deadfire Company is based in the aumaua nation of Rauatai but have expanded their empire's reach to their ancestral homeland in the Deadfire Archipelago. While they are interested in the harvest of precious resources from the region, the RDC have a long-term goal of conquering the archipelago and making it an extension of their empire. The Rauataians believe that the native Huana culture is inferior to their own and treat the Huana people accordingly. In contrast to the Vailian Trading Company, the RDC is organized like a naval force. Their titles and behavior reflect that view of the world.

    Philosophy and Goals - Rauataians as a cultural group have a long history of trade and conquest. The more hawkish personalities in their government have made steady progress towards a more aggressive "best defense is a good offense" stance in the world, and the leadership of the RDC comes from that mindset. They have flourished through a mixture of intrepid exploration, aggressive conquest, and relentless engineering of their hardscrabble homeland. They believe that through organization and engineering, they can bring civilization to Deadfire.

    Relationship with Other Factions -
    • Vailians/VTC - They are deceitful, flamboyant, and frivolous, emphasizing form over function. Their pretty words cannot be trusted. Their preference for polymaths over specialists suggests impatience, which can never lead to true mastery.
    • Huana - They are super disorganized and (seemingly) passive - it's why they haven't flourished like the Rauataians. They were fractured by the disaster that drove the Rauataians away, and rather than establish a strong nation, most of them drift from island to island chasing seasonal resources. They don't solve problems, so they're beholden to them. What they need is some good ol' Rauataian civilization to set them straight.
    • What looks like adaptability to the Príncipi looks like haphazardness to the Rauataians. Like the Rauataians, the Príncipi had to leave their homeland. But rather than establishing a stable country (like their cousins in the Republics), they remained shiftless and aimless, living on ships and in driftwood towns that are one squall away from destruction. They are like children who refuse to grow up.
    Resources - Rauatai is known worldwide for its cannons. Gunpowder likely originated there, and they still trade in it as well as raw saltpeter. Those latter two items are the primary staples of their trade economy.

    Vailian Trading Company

    (Abbreviated as VTC in some text locations)

    The Vailian Trading Company is the largest with a ducal charter and the only trading company with a canc suolias (five suns) charter, meaning it has the full backing of all five Grand Ducs of the Vailian Republics. The VTC was first featured in Pillars of Eternity during the quest 'At All Costs' in Ondra's Gift.

    Philosophy and Goals - The Vailian Trading Company exists, according to its charter, for the sole purpose of enriching its investors, and, by proxy, the Vailian Republics themselves. Beneath that, however, runs a strong undercurrent of cultural pride. The directors of the company are motivated by the belief that the Vailians are the best traders in the world, and must always continue to be. While the Vailian Trading Company is generally considered reputable among the major foreign powers it trades with, on the frontier, far from the prying eyes of overseers, those standards quickly degrade.

    Relationship with Other Factions -
    • The VTC is at peace with the Huana, but see the Huana as little more than a means to get what they want from Deadfire. They do not think anything of the Huana's claims to the land there, and believe it is only a matter of time before they are able to wrest it away with their charms and wiles.
    • Hostilities with the Royal Deadfire Company are ongoing. A bargain struck with the Kahanga prohibits conflict between the two in Deadfire, and within the borders of Neketaka, there exists an uneasy truce. (Though the two make every effort at espionage, sabotage, spite, and one-upmanship.) Elsewhere in Deadfire, the agreement is all but impossible to regulate, and fighting occurs readily when the two companies have the opportunity.
    • The Príncipi are a perpetual thorn in the side of the Vailians. They have a personal grudge of sorts against the Republics, and relish targeting VTC ships, seeking not only personal enrichment, but to do great damage to VTC operations.
    Resources - The Vailian Trading Company is known for its versatility, having made a name for itself by securing deals on a broad range of goods. The Vailians feel that if there is money to be made on anything, large or small, they want to be the ones to be making it. The Republics themselves are sources of iron, copper, silver, glassworks, ships, spices, clocks, and astronomical equipment.​

    As for the weekly funding update, Deadfire currently has $4.65M with two weeks left until the extended crowdfunding period ends. That's only $10,000 more than last week. They're probably not going to make it.
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  2. Chris Avelltwo Scholar

    Chris Avelltwo
    Mar 3, 2017
    I severely overestimated how well the slacker backer crowdfunding would do. I had thought with as much time as it had that it would reach $5 million, but now I know that definitely isn't going to happen, and even the $4.75 million milestone is doubtful.
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  3. Morality Games Arcane Patron

    Morality Games
    Sep 7, 2013
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    No one pledges huge sums of money anymore.
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  4. Space Satan Arcane

    Space Satan
    May 13, 2013
    Space Hell
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  5. santino27 Arcane Patron

    Oct 1, 2008
    *coughcoughtoldyousocoughcough* :D

    (Although I did think it would make 4.75M even if I felt it didn't have much of a chance at 5)
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