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Polish gaming mag CD-Action reviews Dungeon Rats


No pain, no gain.
Sep 10, 2010
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CD Action said:
Success of IceWind Dale and the like proved a long time ago that multi-threaded story is not always what RPG lovers desire. Sometimes a good brawl is enough.

Their conclusion is: 'Decent, but gets boring in the long run.'


Get some other local Potato to translate the whole text, but here is the score and the pros and cons:

Score: 7 (out of 10)
Gameplay: 7
Video: 5
Audio: 5

+complex combat encounters
+crafting that makes sense
+reasonable price

-no story
-poor interface
-gets boring in the long run
-pretty it aint't


Dec 16, 2014
Game "journalists" should really learn to evaluate games against their stated goals, not against whatever the reviewer thinks the game should be.

DR was not advertised to have a story or to be visually stunning. So to critique the game for not having those features is amateurish.

It would be like docking points from a Call of Duty review because you wanted there to be puzzles to solve.


Aug 24, 2008
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How is CD-Action still in business? Even the name is heavily outdated...

Jason Liang

Oct 26, 2014
fabuly = story = fabula (hurrah film studies!)


Oct 26, 2008
So, I see they're keeping up the good work. Tryhard humor is still in
(I swear, a standard Polish politician joke and a cringeworthy jab at American elections on one page?),
and if it ain't AAA, best they can do is 7/10. 8/10 if it has purdy graffix or is artsy.

I have to ask, Is this Cursian guy someone of note?
Cause he reads like a fucking tool, or like a young edgelord eager to prove he's like all the cool editor guys.
"I usually ignore crafting because it's too much of a bother for my tastes; however it's pretty much impossible to ignore in this game ."
[It is totally impossible to avoid crafting in AoD!]

"Five years a ago, I would make a burnt offering to the devs, cause the fights are really well done. However, the problem is that turn based games are pretty abundant these days,
so it's very easy to find an equally involving game that also brings an interesting story to the table, which is missing from this title."
[Ok whippersnapper, name five.]

The review can be summed up as - baaaah, all this fighting, so vulgar, so tiresome, such a bother. B-but muh story? I cannot RPG if it doesn't story.

The guy clearly cannot appreciate demanding turn based combat. I wonder what's the logic of him reviewing such a game?
[and to answer my own question, they probably drew straws and given him a memo that Icewind Dale used to be a thing]
They should get their resident strategy guy do it, might have been a better read.


The Real Fanboy
May 4, 2008
They should get their resident strategy guy do it, might have been a better read.
He also reviewed Shadow Tactics and gave it 9/10 which I find surprising. I would rate both games 7/10 with a slight advantage of DR. Shadow Tactics is more enjoyable at the start but tends to get a bit tiring later, DR on the other hand becomes great once you escape the rock bottom and is more replayable IMO.

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