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Review Quandary Looks At Sacred

Sol Invictus

Oct 19, 2002
Pax Romana
Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred

Not too much to say here except that Sacred has been <a href="http://www.quandaryland.com/jsp/dispArticle.jsp?index=632">reviewed</a> by Quandary, awarding it 3 1/2 stars out of 5 (Above average). The review basically goes to explain the reviewer's experience with the game, with not so much criticism as commentary on how the game works. Here's a snippet:
<blockquote>All in all Sacred is certainly a game for fighting fanatics. I thought the combat was too constant but it is an action RPG. I also found occasionally that it didn't go as smoothly as planned. Sometimes it took some extra clicking to get my character to start fighting, in the meantime she took some damage. But this wasn't constant and she certainly shaped up to be a consummate champion. If you're not looking for an intricate story and lots of character interaction then there's quite a fun and hectic journey to be had through the troubled land of Ancaria.</blockquote>
<i>Hectic</i> is a good word for the combat interface, which I found to be troublesome at best, painfully annoying at worst, especially on the horse.


Jan 27, 2004
well the gui sucks, considering that i liked the seraphim in the demo just because she had that combo spell that target monsters automaticly and i didnt have to waste my finger on a clicking madness.
its really anoying when you click over an enemy and your guy does nothing, holding the button to keep attacking sucks as well, diablo2's system worked fine allready, wth did they have to change it ? and im not going to get started with the hotkeys, there is nothing i hate more than a game that makes playing "more difficult" (read "anoying") artificially by not providing hotkeys and autorecast options.
i've also read about the vampiress's "timed vampire mode", horrible, just horrible.

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