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Ready Or Not - edgy tactical SWAT FPS with school shooting level - now available on Early Access


Nov 30, 2003
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Dat music.





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Aug 28, 2013
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sup folks, im back from the dead to be a shill for something I've been working on and figured some folks here might enjoy it.

i cant remember if self advertising was against the rules here or not but whatever



Mar 31, 2019
Alright, since nobody else has mentioned it, I feel obliged to say it given my excitement in the past for this title (as well as for anyone else hoping it's a good SWAT 4/classic R6 experience): the game's probably going to blow or at the very least, VOID Interactive have handled communication so badly that it definitely comes off like it will. As someone who has followed the game as much as possible since paying for Standard edition in hopes of supporting a small dev team since their 2019 singleplayer gameplay pre-order trailer looked promising, it's mostly been downhill since then. VOID essentially started to go radio silent between March 2019 - September 2019 which could be argued as simply wanting to hunker down to develop the game back then. At the very least, by September of 2019, they finally did a new Developer Log, started doing (roughly) monthly newsletters, and uploaded short videos on their channel showing off things like animations, assets, and scenarios of the game (as can be seen from more recent posts here).

Come April 2020 (a couple months before the promised June 2020 demo) and the devs decide to release the PvP portion of the game from NDA temporarily to the public for streaming most likely for more publicity and maybe even take advantage of the Corona situation. The night of the live event started off pretty badly after their online server shit the bed for a couple hours so streamers got frustrated and once the game was finally ready to be played, it was a fucking mess. Tons of technical issues ranging from unstable servers to in-game issues, quite a few features shown off from the older trailers missing even right down to missing doors so no breaching and entering, and absolutely retarded voice acting which doesn't fit at all with the general setting and tone of what we've seen so far (the most joked one being a SWAT officer sometimes over dramatically saying "I CAN FEEL THEM" for no fucking reason (or maybe it's a RoboCop reference, idk)). Afterwards, VOID decided to make the PvP public to all people who owned the Alpha version of the game as well as bug fix multiple issues within a matter of days but the damage was more or less already done. People who funded/watched the game were confused why VOID decided to focus on a component that didn't matter anywhere near as much as the singleplayer/co-op content as well as just looking fucking sloppy. People who never knew of the game before looked at it and wrote it off as a shitty Insurgency clone. Unsurprisingly, the release date of the Beta was pushed back in a newsletter in the middle of June.

A few other noteworthy things to mention:
-This is purely from a friend of mine who opted for the Alpha version of the game which gave him access to the NDA singleplayer so the source of this is basically "dude, trust me," but essentially his theory on why they decided not to open the NDA on the singleplayer content is because of how utterly broken the AI for both enemies and squads are. Enemies awkwardly moving and having their arms flail around while trying to aim while squad mates stacking and entering into a room via conga line style so they all get murdered one by one was commonplace from his experience.
- Eezstreet (the SWAT 4 Elite Force creator the devs picked up as one of the game designers) announced his departure from VOID Interactive on May in frustration as he felt the devs slowly started to throw more and more workloads on him despite simply being a contractor for the game (and compared to other contractors they hired, he was getting a fuckton more work for little to no extra pay). In fact, he finally got to release v7 of Elite Force in June so good on him and check it out since Elite Force is a fucking excellent mod to SWAT 4.
-They're already planning a PS5 version of the game when quite frankly, they should be focusing on getting the game finished first.
-VOID Interactive late June decided to give a coupon for 60% off the $80 upgrade to the Supporter/Alpha edition of the game to people like me who already ordered the Standard Edition. Suffice to say, it just came off looking desperate.
-"faQ" (community manager) left in October of this month. While it is for more generally personal reasons and gives the devs his best wishes, it's now resulted in the dark age of lack of media information for the game as he was essentially the head of community management and probably resulted in the thing that just happened below.
-Most recently (a few days ago in the literal sense), they announced the game's beta has been pushed back to June 2021 with zero fan fare, and even without a fucking newsletter of all things. The only reason people realized it was because someone on the official Discord noticed they changed the date on the "Standard Edition" purchase when it was June 2020 indefinitely until now.

Suffice to say, thank god Xsolla takes goddamn refunds even if its been over a year since a purchase.


At the end of the day, if the devs turn this around by some miracle by final release, I'll gladly eat my own words and pay the full $60 they're proposing once it's out of Early Access/Beta phase. Something tells me this isn't going to be the case though and frankly I am glad to have the opportunity to jump ship at all (especially given the crowdfunding nightmares some of you have had in the past here RPG or not).

tl;dr: The devs have done a fucking atrocious job at keeping up with the community at even a monthly basis at this point, the PvP sections of the game publicly available right now is unpolished, buggy, and not what people want out of this game, next to no new singleplayer footage since 2019, and now the beta has been delayed to June 2021 with the community going out of its way to find out instead of the devs officially telling people.


May 3, 2018
They made the typical indie mistake of completely underestimating how difficult it is to make an interesting single-player game. So they keep showing the PVP cause that's so much cheaper to make while hoping to earn money so they can realise the much more expensive singleplayer stuff. Of course, that leads to another pitfall since they now have effectively several games to make at the same time while lacking the workforce required to do so.
TBH, They can never make the game they want to do since that would require them to hire 40-60 full-time devs probably a lot more. Still, I really want to see them to at least fulfil some of the promises they made though they should start admitting that they will never be able to make the game from the first teaser.


Oct 31, 2016
Most skilled black nation
Holy shit! This is actually happening and is not vapourware after all?

Ready or Not - Team17 Partnership Announcement!
Including a new trailer!

Hey everyone,

Today we're excited to announce that VOID Interactive have partnered with Team17 to launch Ready or Not under their independent games label.

To celebrate today's announcement we've put together a new trailer, so prepare to breach:

For those of you new to Ready or Not, welcome!

Ready or Not is a tactical shooter that drops players into the role of elite operatives working to diffuse a range of hostile situations.

You'll be breaching, clearing and engaging in stealth tactics to successfully complete missions. The strategic use of tactical equipment will have a dramatic impact on your mission, giving rewarding outcomes to the tactically minded.

How you choose to engage with each scenario will be pivotal to the outcome. Do you use deadly force or non-lethal options? What is the best way to maximise your squad's teamwork to ensure all hostages are safely rescued? Split second decisions just like these will be down to you.

Key Features

  • Tactical Teamwork: Command a squad of operatives and plan how to approach each situation before breaching and clearing

  • More than just guns: Riot shields, mirror guns, smoke grenades, and more can be utilised to prevent or assist with a firefight

  • Civilian safety: The lives of civilians are on the line, and each shot will need to be carefully considered to reduce collateral damage

  • Realism at its core: From bullet penetration to team communication, Ready or Not is built around realistic non-military combat situations

  • Customisation and equipment: Each loadout can be tailored by players, and will dramatically influence chances of success, including guns, attachments, shields, and surveillance tools.

The Ready or Not Community - Developer Updates & Social Spaces

Following today's announcement we're going to be sharing regular developer updates on Ready or Not here on Steam. These posts will be giving you a behind the scenes look at what we've been working on, including first looks at upcoming content and changes as well as how we're working on community feedback.

You can also keep up to speed with all things Ready or Not and join the wider community at the following locations:

VOID Interactive Twitter
Ready or Not Facebook
Official Discord

That wraps up today's announcement!


Mar 31, 2019
They actually did it: some public PvE footage.

Still worth concerning about the general AI until uneditied footage is shown but this still looks like a stark improvement from the PvP alpha.


Oct 23, 2017
Completely out of the blue they emailed supporters that they're releasing the first PvE update in years last night and dropping the NDA. Haven't played it yet but people are saying good things about it on the Discord.

Appears there's more than five levels in the alpha but some of them are unfinished and each mission will have five scenario modifiers. This gas station level that's been in since the early 2020 build has all of them. The active shooter one is brutal.

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Feb 22, 2021
In the back of my head I never actually expected the game to be something you could buy and play. I'll be watching this with interest.


Jun 26, 2020
How does it compare against SWAT 4?
I've bought it on a whim. Several levels, with multiple mission types.
Character/squad customization is made in lobby akin to Ground Branch.

Ppl on steam call it Swat 5, and not for nothing - it plays very close to swat 4.


Aug 14, 2008
Has it ever been explained why the devs went radio silent a year ago and why they were pumping out PvP builds? This is my most anticipated game but I'm hesitant to buy it because of their track record. Who's to say they won't pull another stunt like that again?

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