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Preview Sacred gets a look from Just RPG


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Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Sacred

<A href="http://www.just-rpg.com/">Just RPG</a> has posted <A href="http://www.just-rpg.com/default.asp?pid=954">a preview</a> of <a href="http://www.ascaron.com/gb/gb_sacred/index.html">Sacred</a>. Less than a month away from being in stores, I can't wait. So, yay! But anyway, here's a clip:
<blockquote>What is so interesting is how each character has their own special abilities and unique features instead of each of them being virtually the same with only a few minor changes between them. This should provide an incredible amount of replayability in the game. You can also use horses in the game which help you traverse the great expanses of terrain. If you have certain weapons you will also be able to attack while on the horses. Horses can attack enemies and there will be many different types that you can use in the game. I enjoyed the fact that you can travel vast distances in the game without encountering many of the dreaded loading section screens that you see very often in many other RPGs. It is remarkable to have a game in which you do not encounter a loading section screen at every corner that takes you out of playing the game. Sacred has them of course but in limited areas such as going into the underground. It is also worth mentioning that about 70% percent of the world is open for exploration at the beginning of the game with the remaining 30% opened up to you as you complete the main quests. </blockquote>
Loading screens would be problematic in multiplayer if they were all over the place. Imagine chasing a fleeing monster back and forth across one. Fun!
Spotted at: <A HREF="http://www.gengamers.com">GenGamers</A>

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