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Review Sacred gets love from GamersInfo


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Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Sacred

There's a <a href="http://www.gamersinfo.net/index.php?art/id:606">review</a> of <A href="http://www.sacred-game.com">Sacred</a> over at <A href="http://www.gamersinfo.net/">GamersInfo</a>. Here's a part of the review I thought was fairly interesting:
<blockquote>One thing I look for in a RPG is a dynamic and well developed quest system. I like to feel as though I am playing my way through a "Choose your own adventure" style story, and Sacred lets me feel that. There is a single storyline quest to follow that you really don't have much option whether to do or not if you are going to be involved in the story of the game. But there are also hundreds of side quests that you can complete. These side quests seem to change how the NPC's in town will respond to you, thus changing the game even as you play it.</blockquote>
While I thought the randomized sidequest generator in Sacred was a little on the light side compared to this review's take on it, but it is kind of interesting the author's reaction to them.
Thanks, <b>Killzig</b>!


Apr 29, 2004
Most of them, yes.

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