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Review Sacred reviewed at DeadAlfs


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Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Sacred

<A href="http://www.deadalfs.co.uk/">DeadAlfs</a> has posted <A href="http://www.deadalfs.co.uk/reviews/1482/">a review</a> of <A href="http://www.sacred-game.com">Sacred</a> giving it a <b>7/10</b>, saying it's not his cup of tea in terms of RPGs. Of course, he also says <A href="http://www.blizzard.com/diablo/">Diablo</a> isn't a CRPG, even though he's never played it. So, he's one of those. Anyway, here's a clip:
<blockquote>I can’t punish Sacred for not being everything I want in an RPG. It was written for a very specific audience within a fairly tight budget (If the narration and NPC interaction is anything to go by). Aside from a few balancing issues it’s a solid and engaging action adventure with an admirable feature list. It’s no KotOR, but if the Diablo fans are lapping Sacred up, it surely MUST be worth a look…</blockquote>
I'm not entirely sure they are lapping it up right now.

Spotted at: <A HREF="http://www.bluesnews.com">Blue's News</A>

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