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Anime senki Gundam ( ps3 ) animu weebo whatevs... simplified jrpg

Discussion in 'jRPG Weeaboo Discussion' started by reGZ, Feb 4, 2021.

  1. reGZ Literate

    Feb 1, 2021
    ( kinda of repost ? i guess ? perhaps ?)

    already talked about it and i would like to make a small Playground thing but i lack means at the moment. Yep.
    this is basically the continuation of the Target In sight animu / failure thing game .

    Senki though is kinda good , imho.
    the game gets good at mercenary mode ... i have no idea about the story plot but the manga covers it.
    so the rx81-g-Line and the other suits are covered in that.
    Just EFSF and Zeon at it again. i think the suits of EFSF are faster while Zeon has better weapons.
    Not the GP0 suits though. those EFSF suits are kinda too much... RickDias and Mk2 too. Too much overpowered.

    ガンダム戦記 ジオン軍編 全ムービー集 - YouTube
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