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So why aren't Elder Scrolls or any rpgs made using the procedural tech that FUEL used?


Nov 21, 2015
Beyond the Grave
If you remember FUEL, that barren apocalyptic racing game with nothing to do... .It has quite a detailed and varied world. If we can use that tech wouldn't it be much easier, rather than wasting time on making wilderness they can devote the time to build detailed cities and complex interactions. The tech is quite amazing, it would make it possible for us to have another Dagerfall but more alive.

ok ... .forget bethesda. Why the fuck isn't anyone else using it? I want my more worthless rpgs with endless abyss to explore while having complex mechanics.


Put the speed to 2x and watch it atleast till the 15min mark before you spout some rubbish on how everything will look like shit.

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