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Some feedback from Shoutbox

Discussion in 'Iron Tower Studio' started by Gregz, May 23, 2020.

  1. Gregz Arcane

    Jul 31, 2011
    The Desert Wasteland
    1. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Absinthe, what is your problem with AoD?
    2. [​IMG] Sukhāvatī:
    3. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Axes suck, crit is retardedly strong, dodge is unreliable unless you combo it with crafting to put heavy DR behind it. Shields are master-race of defensive skills.
    4. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Hardness mechanic was a mistake imo.
    5. [​IMG] rusty_shackleford:
      making fun of AoD for being a cyoa isn't fun anymore now that retards actually call disco communism an rpg
    6. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Thulsa Doom?
    7. [​IMG] Axe Father:
      Absinthe: Axes suck
    8. [​IMG] Axe Father:
      changing my name to shield father
    9. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Axe special effect in AoD is more crit damage. If you're already critting you don't really need the extra damage.
    10. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      That reminds me, old axe effect was that it would break shields.
    11. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      No longer.
    12. [​IMG] Axe Father:
      asfasdf asfasdf: friends <- where?
    13. [​IMG] Sukhāvatī:
    14. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Well I have played Thieves mostly followed by assassins
    15. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      There are a lot of ways to rock AoD's combat.
    16. [​IMG] Fedora Master:
    17. [​IMG] Fedora Master:
      That thing has spikes
    18. [​IMG] Fedora Master:
      Clearly a Dire Turtle
    19. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Thieves are broken as they can get most endings and terribly good at combat by end game.
    20. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Thieves are pretty good for SP whoring and do-everything super-generalist builds, yes.
    21. [​IMG] rusty_shackleford:
      AoD uses squares instead of hexes and therefore is shit
    22. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
    23. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Square vs hexes is one of the stupid debates.
    24. [​IMG] rusty_shackleford:
    25. [​IMG] Sukhāvatī:
      Uggs are comfy and fluffy tho
    26. [​IMG] rusty_shackleford:
      hexes are superior in every aspect
    27. [​IMG] BBMorti:
    28. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Although I think there's a tactic to get super-trained by going Merchant's Guild, taking Cado's deal, then defecting to Imperial Guards, then going kingmaker, then taking IG training and ultimately defecting to House Aurelian in Maadoran and eventually blowing up Maadoran to enter House Crassus.
    29. [​IMG] Gregz:
      squares aren't too bad as long as you can move and attack diagonally
    30. [​IMG] Gregz:
      hexes are best ofc
    31. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      You can get a lot of trainings that way too.
    32. [​IMG] Sukhāvatī:
      lol BB
    33. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      That will get you a lot of training too. Honestly there's a lot of training just by sticking with MG though, although mostly in Maadoran.
    34. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      I wonder is there a TG defection to MG?
    35. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Hmm absinthe.
    36. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      I don't think there is one in Maadoran.
    37. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Thief specializes by getting all the unique stuff.
    38. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      If you avoid the last TG mission you can get into Maadoran as a free agent, but you miss out on a lot I think.
    39. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Like the mask in the well, lot of money to buy everything and then slowly getting enough SP for total daggers domination + crit / dodge
    40. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Yeah, the last TG mission nets you a lot of SP and gold.
    41. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Ah, but if you enter Maadoran early you can get Gaelius's quest for the Helm of Darius I think, for some SP.
    42. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Also, thieves can steal which also gets you a lot of money
    43. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Helm of darius is not all that important.
    44. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      You can steal without being TG though.
    45. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      It's not, but it's an SP opportunity.
    46. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Sure but that the detriment of quests
    47. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      *at the
    48. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      A consolation prize really.
    49. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Thieves get the quests that need you to steal
    50. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
    51. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Most of the really good shit to steal is in the inns though.
    52. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Vince tried to neutralize Dodge a lot but I think its still OP
    53. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Yeah absinthe.
    54. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      All Inns give you a lot of dough.
    55. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      I think he overdid neutralizing dodge. Dodge is still strong though.
    56. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
    57. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      It's just that you have to do dodge+crafting to try to achieve non-shit vsCrit.
    58. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Especially with the counter attacks.
    59. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Meanwhile block is just so much stronger
    60. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      with crafting a crafted shield plus crafted armor can get you so much higher vsCrit.
    61. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      true while weakening dodge he made block too powerful.
    62. [​IMG] aweigh:
      afternoon gamers
    63. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Once you get the mechanical armour its all down the drain though.
    64. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      And you get +30 block rating just for using shields, not counting the bonus block you get vs projectiles when using bigger shields.
    65. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      the armour is too good.
    66. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      The power armor isn't really needed though, not when you have giant crafting.
    67. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      i think this is where theives shine.
    68. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      They get almost all the tubes
    69. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      You can make meteor armor and some super-shield easily enough.
    70. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      So they can activate everything.
    71. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
    72. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Eh, you can get tons of tubes either way.
    73. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      yeah crafting and alchemy are broken.
    74. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Can you? I thought there are like 8 in the game.
    75. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Especially if you skip activating the smelter in Teron
    76. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      yeah that is a noob trap
    77. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Skip activating smelter, make a deal with the power armor guy for a tube, buy from curio salesman, con one out of the loremaster in Maadoran, get a few from the place where the airship is
    78. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      There are two in the well I think.
    79. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      I forget the rest, but there are more before you even go to Ganezzar
    80. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      I don;t think so Absinthe.
    81. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      I am sure there are none in ganezzar last I played.
    82. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Yeah I think you can lockpick a few out of the well safe.
    83. [​IMG] Absinthe:
      Ganezzar's commercium building can be robbed for a power tube
    84. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Ah right
    85. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Again to the benefit of thieves.
    86. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      I think the Thief is intentionally allowed to be OP.
    87. [​IMG] The Great ThunThun:
      Vince likes Thief: Dark project too much.
    88. [​IMG] Gregz:
      you guys should copy/paste your discussion into his forum here
    89. [​IMG] Gregz:
      he might appreciate the feedback
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  2. Tacgnol Shitlord Patron

    Oct 12, 2010
    Codex 2016 - The Age of Grimoire Grab the Codex by the pussy RPG Wokedex Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    I completely forgot that a bunch of weapon effects got changed when Dungeon Rats got released.

    I think maces/hammers got changed to damage armour after DR was released? I can't remember what they did before.
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  3. Absinthe Arcane

    Jan 6, 2012
    Here's an older forum post of mine where I went into more depth.

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