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Successor (to Wartile)


Sep 5, 2017
Pathfinder: Wrath
I'm pretty sure there's been a thread for it, but I could not find it. So here's a successor to it.

Patch Update 12
Introducing a new Tactical Pause

Hi Everyone

We are back with quite a significant update, especially in our combat system, which has been reworked to support what we internally call focus moments.

Tactical Pause
This means that you can use your abilities and pickups during the tactical pause, and the ability's effect will fully play out.

Tactical pause has two modes.

  1. Manual pause is when you press the spacebar. The game will stay paused during all your commands and actions until you press the spacebar again to exit the tactical pause.

  2. An auto-pause occurs when you click a new unit or select an ability. The game stays paused while using an ability or choosing a move destination and will exit the tactical pause once the action is fully completed.

If you have already tried Successor, maybe now is a good time to try this new mechanic, and let us know your thoughts.

Available in the playtest are now three campaigns.

  1. Betrayal a prologue introducing key game mechanics
  2. Revenge introducing the region map
  3. Regicide introduces a medium-sized kingdom map.
For any newcomers to the playtest, you should be playing the campaigns from the top down.
New equipment & legendary Items
We have also added lots of new types of equipment and awesome loot for you to try out.
  • Fangripper bow
  • Blightbloom crossbow
  • Yetitoth spear
  • Bone Splinter mace
  • Khaituns Shiv
  • Sagebane wand
  • Rauhxhirs Tome
  • Rams Anvil
and many more...

Doomed regions.
When defeated in a region (getting wiped out in a battle), you will return in “dishonor” to the kingdom map only to realize that several regions now have been doomed. You will lose the region and the full campaign if you are defeated inside a doomed region.

The KingsGuard
In the Regicide campaign, we have added a showdown with the king at the Capitol in the final region. By viewing the king's combat traits, you can prepare and set up your team of promoted heroes and legendary equipment for the final fight.

As an endnote, we want to share a few cool moments from Successor.

YouTube™ Video: Moments caught in Successor
Views: 79
Diorama battle boards in Successor are full of opportunities... and danger. Visit our Steam Page https://store.steampowered.com/app/1284730/Successor/

Remember to wishlist and follow us to stay updated.

Best regards
The Playwood Project Dev Team


I like Thief THIS much
Jan 4, 2007
Steve gets a Kidney but I don't even get a tag.
Wartile was decent but not great. Its best feature was the board game aesthetics.

Cautiously optimistic for this one.

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