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Temple+ Changelog

Sitra Achara

Sep 1, 2003
Codex 2012 Codex 2013 Codex 2014 PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015
  1. HD resolution support
  2. Pathfinding Improvements
    Better long range navigation, reduced "zig-zag" phenomenon
  3. Bug fixes
    Many crash issues and hangs fixed, such as the infamous Elemental Node lag and Scather hang
    Dozens of spell & ability fixes, UI glitches, and many other bugs
  4. UI Improvements
    QoL improvements: Alt-click to sell items when bartering, ctrl-click to quickly increase skill points when leveling up, right-click to assign stats in character creation, Enter key to confirm various dialogs, "Next" button for looting
    Inventory UI - more info regarding scrolls and wands (charges, spell school, level)
  5. New Races & Classes
    8 Prestige Classes such as Arcane Trickster, Dwarven Defender, Mystic Theurge
    6 new Base Classes such as Favored Soul, Swashbuckler, Warmage
  6. New Feats and combat actions
    Over 60 new feats including Battlecaster, Divine Might, Practised Spellcaster, Sudden Metamagic
    Disarm Attack, make Trip Attack of Opportunity & use Trips attack as part of Full Attacks
  7. House Rules options
    Including: number of point buy points, HP on levelup, fog of war settings, townsfolk tolerating monstrous companions, fast sneak animation
  8. AI enhancements & fixes
    Including usage of 5' step + Full attack, waking up sleeping friends, breaking free from Web/Entangle, better awareness of warding spells & threat level
  9. Dungeon Master
    Allows to spawn & edit creatures on the fly
  10. Vastly improved modability & Python API
    Create new classes, races, actions and status effects all via python

Note: new classes/races/feats are optional. Use the configuration utility to activate.

Full changelog moved to Github page:

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Sep 4, 2016
Feel free to clear this away or whatever, but I just have to say, I am embarrassed to say how excited I was when I saw the .24 changelog. I keep Esc and Enter hotkeyed to one of my mouse keys (gaming mouse), and it's been a very low-key frustration that they weren't fully integrated into the UI. Lurf.

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