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The Codex’s Best Computer RPGs (pre-Diablo)

Nifft Batuff

Nov 14, 2018
3 Chaos Strikes Back
2 Pool of Radiance
2 Eye of Beholdrer 2
2 Dark Sun 1
1 Perihelion



Mar 16, 2007
Tampere, Finland
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3: Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall
2: Dark Sun: Shattered Lands
2: Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen
2: Realms of Arkania: Star Trail
1: Anvil of Dawn


Jan 17, 2017
Shrine of Compassion

Gosh I wasn't even tagged in the list but okay= because it is hard to get a mouseys age but it is the mouse from Ultima so where those points go should be no surprise to anyone right so thank-you for puttinbv this together Duece it so going to be hard and I will show my work for those extra marks just like the last time somneone else did something like this about the games to see which ones were the faovrite of the community just it was nots in this specific like Felipepe so nice to recognize them they are really hard working so here we go okay? okay!



Ultima VI - The False Prophet. (10-4 = 6)


Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny. (6-3 = 3)


Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar. (3-2 = 1)


Ultima VII: The Black Gate (1-1 = 0)

Holy they are all Ultima games but of course they are you little mouse hehee *squeak* because started all with Ultima 4 watching my brother play it I was too little still but how could anyone not fall in love with the world and the people and you would meet thema gain when you went back years later when the next installment came out and how they moved around the cloud shadows and how they would go home or sleep and work but that did not come until a lot after in the series but Ultima 4 yeah of course because it was the very first I ever saw so why is it not nigher? Ultima 6 was the first Ultima game I was able to play on my own and it was my adventure not trying to live off what my brother was doing in the world in Ultima 4 so it got the most points for me although both have a special place in my heart but there was that freedom of playing my first ever video game myself and doing whatever I wanted and taking as long as I wanted right? Ultima 5 I was two years older when it came out and I remember the cool books and the adventure log from Lord British in the box of their venture in the Underdark and actually finding the location in game and following the description as you went into the Underdark was great to try and find where Lord British and his men ended up I think that is a great way to get the imagination flowing and it made a strong connection with me so that is why it gets three points okay? Okay! I had to get Ultima 7 in too I remember playing in summer during University so it was nice to go back to Britannia after all those years and how the engine changed from Ultima 6 but it just lost that quirky colour that Ultima 6 brought it is too bad the window for the world wasn't bigger oh well so there you go and Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year all the best okay? Okay!



Oct 10, 2011
4: Wizardry 7
3: Albion
2: Dungeon Master 2
1: Arena

Also, no Jagged Alliance? I remember how happy I was when I managed to bypass 8MB RAM requirements (only had 4MB) by installing Windows 3.11 and using virtual memory. Slow as hell, but worth it.


Jul 12, 2008
3 : Dark Queen of Krynn
2 : Champions of Krynn
2 : Betrayal at Krondor
2 : Dark Sun : Shattered Lands
1 : Might and Magic 5 : Darkside of Xeen


Jan 8, 2015
Lower Bavaria
Shadorwun: Hong Kong
Might & Magic 2
Realms of Arkania Startrail


Jun 10, 2007
4 points: Quest for Glory 4
3 points: Quest for Glory 1 (Hero's Quest)
2 points: Quest for Glory 2
1 point: Dark Sun 1

I've briefly tried a bunch of the old classics and usually found them a bit hard to approach and also I have often had little patience to deal with the cumbersome UIs at the time and hence I've saved them for a later time when I can muster up the effort. Some others I've found quite easy to approach but ultimately on the boring side (for instance Arena, Daggerfall). In general I'm not a huge gamer compared to most people here but I'll still throw in my 5 cents.

I found Quest for Glory (starting with the EGA text parser version of QfG 1) and Dark Sun quite easy to get into and intuitive, even though I'm barely older than QfG 1. So even though I haven't played many games in the list at length, I think the easy approachability of QfG and Dark Sun (which lead me to play through them, rather than file them away for later after briefly trying them) is a strong point in their favor. I think Dark Sun should be quite easily approachable to people who've played the IE games, TOEE and/or Knights of the Chalice. As for QfG, I was surprised how easy I found to get into an EGA text parser adventure-rpg hybrid.

It's hard to pick a favorite between Quest for Glory 1 and 4 but ultimately I liked 4 a bit more. Cooler setting, great soundtrack, more spells to play with, also I think it has the most soul of all the games in the series (basically if it sang the blues, I would listen). QfG 1 comes next, as the game that established the basics of the series and has quite a bit of charm (athough the setting is vanilla but this kind of standard European fairy tale feeling also has its appeal). I liked QfG 2 a bit less but it's still really cool and I liked how you could get lost in the desert and die of dehydration there. Also I think the QfG games lost something when they got rid of the text parser, interacting with a text parser is more engaging and fun than just clicking on stuff. The ability to take your character all the way through 5 games is another really cool thing about QfG that is quite unique compared to most game series (I know some Gold Box games for example also let you do that but in general it's not a feature that shows up often). I'd like to see more QfG clones, something about this kind of rpg and adventure game hybrid really appeals to me (I've played Heroine's Quest and Quest for Infamy is on my to play list).

Regarding Dark Sun, the setting is cool, the combat system is fun and the start of the game and the last battle are very cool but a lot of the midgame suffers from trivial difficulty (if you make a party with mostly or all three class hybrids, but then again so few D&D games let me play Druid/Fighter/Psionicist or similar multiclass chars with no equipment restrictions, so why wouldn't I take the chance when I get it?), which lessens the combatfag appeal, so I'll give it one point. Also the soundtrack is great (if you have a decent MIDI setup to appreciate it at least).

Major Seven

Mar 1, 2017
Very tough choice, so many good games!

2 - Wizardry I
2 - Darklands
2 - Wizardry VII
2 - Rogue
2 - Pool of Radiance


Feb 8, 2020
down under
Betrayal at Krondor (RPGs generally don't do "story" right, but this game does, and does it on a phenomenally shitty flight simulation engine)

Yes, and imagine my disappointment when I realised I just don't care about the story much (it just didn't grab me, very cookie-cutter cliched high fantasy stuff, plus there's too much random silliness). That leaves you with an okayish adventure with a really shitty interface plus some quite alright combat.

I can see it could be good if you're really into the story though. Although, I still can't get over that whole chapter business and taking away your characters without warning. Hate that shit.
Sep 23, 2009
3 - Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (objectively the best of the three)

3 - Darklands (the most ambitious and crazy of the three)

3 - Eye of the Beholder (the one I had the most fun of the three)

1 - Betrayal at Krondor (because it's really cool)

Special mention: Dark Sun: Shattered Lands, Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession


Dec 20, 2005
My favourite two are Alter Ego (1986) and ADOM (1994, if it counts). But they are not on the list.

4 - Ultima VII: The Black Gate
3 - Darklands
2 - Dark Sun: Shattered Lands
1 - Princess Maker 2

Frankly, I think strategies and adventures were more fun at the time. Master of Magic, Master of Orion I and II, Civilization I and II, Sim City 2000, X-Coms, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Woodruff, Day of the Tentacle, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, etc. are more memorable or more enticing to me.

(Admittedly, there is the fact that the pirated versions of older RPGs kept crashing more than other interesting genres. Ravenloft had fun character generation but then kept crashing, and crashing, and crashing.)
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Sep 23, 2009
Special mention: Dark Sun: Shattered Lands, Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession

I always found the Ravenloft games to be fucking hard. I don't know if it was the real time combat attached to a non-grid movement scheme but man it was just pure chaos.
I'll be honest I never managed to finish it. But I do think it had some great ideas and it's always nice to see good adaptation of actual D&D books/campaign/mechanics into video games.


Aug 27, 2008
I can only vote on games I've actually played

5 points
Betrayal at krondor
3 points
dungeon master
2 points
world of aden thunderscape

Dr Skeleton

Nov 9, 2014
Dark Sun: Shattered Lands - 3 points
Albion - 3 points
Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager - 2 points
Lands of Lore - 2 points

There’s a couple more I’ve played, but I don’t remember much about them.


Jan 4, 2015
5 points each:
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant


Packs laden with loot are often low on supplies.
Sep 10, 2010
Darkest Dungeon
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(edited to add more commentary and spoiler tag)

I can appreciate those older RPGs for their accomplishments at the time, but the truth is I have not played that many of them. One of the reasons is that we were poor and I only got my first PC in 1998.
While over the years I tried many of the classics, I did bounce off quite a few of them, including some of the most revered ones (Wasteland, Gold Box games, early Ultimas and Might and Magics, Darklands, Daggerfall). Others, which look up my alley, I still have not had the time and will to try (Arkania, Dark Sun, Lands of Lore, Ultima 7, Xeen, Wizardry 6 & 7).

So here are those which I actually did like enough to play many hours of them:

Albion: 4 points
Betrayal at Krondor: 4 points
Yendorian Tales Book 1 Chapter 2: 2 points
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