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Vapourware The Forest (PC and Oculus Rift)


Jul 25, 2011
South Africa, Cape Town
I completed this game after about 105 hours and it easily scores a 70/100 on the globally respected " BruceVC game rating system "

In the interests of full disclosure I did " cheat " and use console commands at the end but only right at the end. Once I used the hang glider to fly into the sinkhole I found that their were not any trees to get branches from so I couldn't save my game strategically in the final cave system accessed through the pool in the sinkhole

So I used the console to spawn branches and some food in the final mission

But its a great survival game and I definitely recommend it


sunset tequila
Mar 27, 2016
Disco Elysium
I tried this game and i hate it. Subnautica was awesome, so i thought it would be nice too. I. Hate. Cutting. Trees.

You need to cut trees in this game, lots of them. Cutting a single tree and stashing them in a sled takes too much time, tediuos tedious.

Maybe i don't give this a fair chance, but it’s just meh. excellent atmosphere and i like the mutants design but no.


An iron rock in the river of blood and evil
Jan 12, 2004
Black Goat Woods !@#*%&^
Make the Codex Great Again! RPG Wokedex Strap Yourselves In
It's much better playing with friends, particularly friends who are too lazy to make big decisions. I love the feature where you can set blueprints right in the world. Then your friends go cut down all the trees and actually build the stuff for you. Glorious.

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