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The Great Wall of Crossroads (Problems detected)

Discussion in 'MMO(RP)G / Online Discussion' started by SimpleComplexity, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. SimpleComplexity Arbiter

    Apr 12, 2007
    What we know is that our brickwall requires about 30.000 bricks. What we also know is that right now we have about - let's be optimistc - 5k bricks placed. This means we're still lacking 25.000 bricks.

    Let's do the math (Bricks needed / Bricks per day):

    Cold realitiy:
    25.000 / 300 = 84 days = 3 months

    Optimistically (some days):
    25.000 / 500 = 50 days = 1 month and 20 days

    In Kruger's dreamland:
    25.000 / 900 = 28 days = About 1 Month

    (If anyone has doubts about those numbers, proof it.)
    Mix of realitiy and optimism:
    I'd say 2 months plus a few days

    In those 2 months plus a few days, we'll be extremely vulnerable to attacks. We have to find Solutions now.

    1)The standard solution: The good news is the brickwall at the front gate is already build. The bad news is a chain is only as good as it's weakest spot and our weakest spot is the backdoor with wooden walls. The solution is the build up brick walls near tight spots behind the back of our village, so everything is brickwall proof.

    2) The cheap solution: The front is safe. What about the back? Answer: Wooden walls. We are already surrounded by 1 wooden wall, to secure our back we'll construct wooden walls from a greater distance at tight spots and one more wooden wall (in front of the WIP brickwalls). That means 3 wooden walls in the back, 1 wood/brick mix in the front until we are finished.

    3) The deluxe solution: Solution 1 plus the wooden walls where the brickwall goes along.

    4) Can be combined with 1-3: Economic solution: The whole thing requires too much time. We have to increase our productivity on all fronts (More clay spots. More smelters.) Momoland started their brick wall yesterday while being extremely effective and building up their brickwall at a very fast rate. Their secret? ALL OF THEIR MEMBERS (only 4-5) are devoted COMPLETELY to it, they DO NOTHING ELSE but SHIT THOSE BRICKS OUT. (Oh sorry, Caps lock again hehehe)

    We need lots of bricks, when do people finally understand that?
    50 bricks are peanuts, 100 bricks ok, 300 bricks better, 500 bricks ALRIGHT

    Let's raise our prices so people understand how serious we are and reward those who understand how much we need:
    under 100: 26 per 1 metal
    over 100: 25 per 1 metal
    Over 200: 24 per 1 metal
    Over 300: 23 per 1 metal
    Over 500: 22 per 1 metal

    Other security problems:
    1)Key system right now: Use alts. Not the problem. The problem is the doors we open everyday are still made out of wood while the brickwalls are standing beside them. And for those brickwalls nobody'll have keys except our leaders. We need to learn how to live with keys.

    2)Cliffs: There is a bug i found out that you can jump over cliffs when you make a door of a building pointing out to that cliff. Example: SoK's girlfriend house (which STILL stands there by the way). Solution: Cheap and simple: Woodenwalls in front of cliffs.

    3)Underground tunnels: There are underground tunnels which make our brick walls completely useless. For example Dame Aller's house down the river with a tunnel that leads right into the heart of our village.

    Reply back :M
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  2. Kruger Novice

    Jan 13, 2011
    That is a good point, i didn't think of that. Anyone reported this btw?

    On other points, yes it's gonna take a while. But to be honest we haven't done any real effort yet... for the exeption of last night.. and ik's shipments + some trades. We have alot of clayspots near.. if we drain them. We will get pretty far.
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  3. Uno Educated

    Jan 17, 2011
    Hm, i've checked this house, i entered it, but after exiting i appeared right on top of the cliff and couldn't move.
    Need another experiment to be sure, though.
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  4. SoKvadratish Novice

    Jan 20, 2011
    i'm going to try using those 5 kilns near two clayspots, that were built at the most beginning of the w4. if supervised correctly - should give us some additional amount of bricks for free
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  5. The_Pack Novice

    Mar 12, 2010
    cold reality, 300 bricks...
    what reality might that be exactly? IK and I made over 2k bricks yesterday. Thats just two of us. If everyone grabs two lcs, and fills them with clay, thats about 100 bricks a trip. I don't want to sound condescending, but did you play last world? Your reality is scewed.
    Also, out gate still being wood is irrelevant. Having a brick gate there, but the rest of the area not surrounding by a brickwall means we are vulnerable elsewhere. Gates can come last.
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  6. Archess Novice

    Jan 13, 2011
    Pit of Despair
    I say we stop making double gates...

    I got over the cliff only once by doing this couldn't do it again.
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