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Game News The Witcher newsletter archive

Discussion in 'News & Content Feedback' started by Ausir, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Ausir Arcane

    Oct 21, 2002
    Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

    At <a target=_blank href=>The Witcher</a>'s official website, you can find an archived version of the first issue of <a target=_blank href=>The Witcher newsletter</a>, with some preview links, a new screenshots, and some pictures of the Witcher team at work, including Reddy, the company's mascot.
    <ul>Once some of us flew away to the expo, the rest felt a little lonely. To rectify this, we came up with an idea of adopting a pet to be the company's mascot - that's how a nice little doggy called Reddy appeared. Unfortunately, his story was not a long one - someone accidentally stomped him to death. When the rest of the team returned, Reddy was already flat and lifeless; after some deliberation, a decision was made to gather his remains and send them via DHL to a random recipient.</ul>
    You can read more of it <a target=_blank href=>here</a>.
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