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In Progress This shit makes me want to throw up - LP Fallout2

Pope Amole II

Nerd Commando Game Studios
Mar 1, 2012
This LP will proceed under the following rules:

1. This is a feminist LP. We will combat male patriarchy, misoginy, chauvinism and rape culture all across the wasteland, because those are the issues most important for rebuilding the world clean & healthy. We will promote female dominance (as it is clear that males are incapable of any kind peaceful coexistence - it was the males who started the nuclear apocalypse, after all) and sisterhood.

2. Throwing weapons are undoubtedly best weapons in Fallout 2. After all, the most powerful weapon in the game belongs to this skill, how can they be anything else? Therefore, because feminists, unlike those dumbfuck overprivileged straight white male gamers, are actually smart, that's what we're going to use throughout the whole game. Throw up, sisters!!! Oh, and explosives are kinda cute too.

3. This is a semi-hardcore LP. We're playing on hard and will reload only under the most gravest circumstances. We also won't do any game-breaking shit (like straight out navarro), although we will try to squeeze the game as hard as possible.

4. No male hirelings - all they're capable is sexual harassment anyways.

5. Chem abuse - woman's right to own her body (and do whatever she pleases with it) is a cornerstone for any kind of civilized world and we will exercise it in this particular matter.

Let us proceed. Part I:


Lesi considers herself an exemplar feminist, possessing smarts far beyond the realm of common men (any men, for that matters - not like they could ever show any signs of intelligence), being as physically capable as any chauvinist pig (no doubt!), showing uncanny reflexes and grace and, most importantly, it is as though some kind of higher power blessed her with an extraordinary luck. Not that she believes in such bullshit, obviously, she's absolutely rational and secular girl, but it is as though. She wouldn't pass the scrutiny of male objectification, but why do we even talk about that filth?

She is skilled in the throwing weapons (fuck those bozars, vindicators, YKs, power fists and rocket launchers - throwing weapons is a true feminist's choice), her trained fingers will break any lock, and she has enough inner authority to subjugate any chauvinist pig unto her bidding.


Lesi lived in the great matriarchal community of Arroyo, founded by the legendary Vault Dweller (surely you heard of the famous heroine!) and prospering under the guidance of wise Elder. Unfortunately, because of incompetence of male hunters & cattle herders, Arroyo is now facing great hunger, and only a feminine intervention may save it from starvation.


But first, Lesi needs to prove to Elder that she is a real feminist and not some second-rate pretender. To do this, she must pass the temple of trials.


But, considered she's armed with a great throwing weapon, that's barely a challenge.


You can throw a spear, you can pick it up then throw it again - can you do the same with the bullet? Of course you can't, silly! And bullets don't grow on trees, this is a wasteland, there's far too few healthy trees here for the bullets to grow on them.


So the scheme is simple - you throw a spear at the ant, if it survives, you pick up the spear, equip it and throw it again, all until the mark is dead. Unfortunately, Lesi managed to suffer a couple of painful bites in the process. No worry!


She's smart enough to get herself back into shape even when she has access to nothing but dirt and her own urine! Who needs those expensive medicaments when you can use these?


In one of the side rooms she finds a male skeletons - stupid male, daring to become the chosen one... But maybe it was the only kind of purpose that could've entered into his pointless existence - to die here while holding onto his spear, thus leaving it for Lesi to acquire.


Yes, with two spears, those pesky scorpions fall that much faster.


Next is a trapped room - Lesi knew they were shooting sharpened poles and, at first, wanted to milk traps for those. However, she remembered that, as a true feminist, she preferred to stay away from any kind of activity involving the poles (especially waxing), so she chose to simply disarm the traps. It took her a while, but she obviously succeeded.


Then, after sniping another scorpion, she felt a sudden rush of strength and confidence, her grip becoming steadier and her aim more precise.


No scorpion were match for her (especially not the male ones).


Finishing the annoying insects, she patched herself up once again while passing another of temple's trials - blowing the door.


Crushing more pests...


She found herself in front of the final guardian of the temple. Ah, males, is there anything you can do besides fighting and raping? Unfortunately, no. As a harbinger of new era, Lesi doesn't have time for your moronic habits.


Ah, the vault suit, the symbol of the Chosen One, the hope to every oppressed and subjugated woman around the globe! Obviously, Lesi's happiness is quickly spoiled by another incompetent male, incapable of doing even the simplest of menial tasks. "No wonder our village is facing ruin", she thought.


Then she moved around the village a bit, gathering supplies for her long journey. She even borrowed some money and flint from her aunt Morlis - aunt never liked Lesi because she was one of those poor patriarchy supporters, so Lesi barely felt any guilt about it. Bitch deserved it.


You're a male, thought Lesi, what else can you know? Ah, but sometimes it can be useful to exploit the addictions of weaker gender, so Lesi took a couple of brawling lessons from him.


Lesi saw a carnivorous plant in the shaman's garden. She cared not about his retarded superstitions (don't you find that "his" and "retarded" look splendidly when placed in the same sentence?), but what if one of the village's girls will be harmed?


Not on Lesi's watch.


Then she decided to save one of her tribesmen's pet dog from the geckos. Hot that she cared about tribesman, but she cared about the dog.


She chose to let those geckos live, thus saving them for Arroyo's best huntresses, and just sneaked past them, grabbed the dog, then sneaked out.


Giving her farewells to the Elder, she rushed to her first destination point - Klamath, a rather primitive village.


First things first, she tried to buy off a male servant from the local businesslady (no wonder that it's the female who is the biggest cattle owner in town). She had quite a bit luggage and dragging it on her own was becoming tiresome. However, Lesi was swindled harshly - despite paying the full price for the creature, it refused to accompany her! And no amount of complaints would force the supposedly previous owner to return the money! The scam!


Thus dawned on Lesi that rape culture has many supporters across the wastelands, and not all of them male.


Realisation brought a new level of insight to Lesi, showing her how to better remove the shackles of patriarchy.


She decides to get her revenge for this insult - first and foremost, by cleaning this place. She also practices her skills on every door and lock she can find, getting more and more experienced in the process.


She also stocks up on beer - somehow, she feels that it's gonna be important later.


And not even the well-hidden sledgehammer escapes her eye - destruction of patriarchy must get funded at any cost!


She notices something peculiar about those brahmins, though.


In one of the buildings, she found a couple of throwing knives. At first, she was rejoiced...


But then she looked at her spears and understood that she'd rather throw them.


Lesi locked and unlocked doors, pondering the burden of rape culture and the ways to subvert it in the process.


Many bright ideas have entered her head.


In the process, she stumbled across a large rats' nest.


And she needed not a flute to drive them away - her spears were quite adequate for the task.


Speaking of rats's nests... Finishing her business in Klamath hastily, she traveled to the nearby town of Den.


Den lived up to its name. Still, there were locks to pick so Lesi kept herself busy.


In search of more locks, she stumbled across an abused & neglected kid. She wasn't surprised to learn that it was a doing of a single father - a single father, who would allow such a travesty in a civilized place! It's better for kid to live in an orphanage than with a single father. In fact, Lesi made up her mind about organizing an orphanage here.


Before leaving the house, she locked the abusive father in this room - who knows, maybe the bastard will die out of starvation there. Serves him right.


She was hurrying across the streets when a horrible vision fell upon here.


It was one of the local junkies, rushing towards her and beating her savagely, moving with such a horrible speed that no matter how Lesi tried, she couldn't escape him.


She saw her broken, but still conscious body lay on the cold ground of dirty alley, three crazed junkies surrounding it, piercing it with the rape-thirsty gazes...


Then the vision has ended. So horrified she was that she immediately rushed back to Klamath, grudginlgly engaging in barter with swindler woman to get herself some protection. Truly, no woman can feel safe while the rape culture prevails.


On her way back, some stupid bandits tried to rob her (in best case scenario), but she evaded them easily.


Back into Den. At the local graveyard, she looked at the tombstones and saw mostly male names. Without much hesitation, she dug those graves open. When there are so many poor, needing women (like Lesi) in this world, how dare those oppressors to get their valuable things buried with them? Can't those overprivileged scums share at least a little? They can, if you nudge them a bit, thought Lesi.

Among her findings, was a couple of funny looking pills. So tasty they looked that she devoured them immediately.


A burst of wild strength filled her body, so powerful that even after the end of drug's effect some of it will remain.


Somewhat stupefied by the drug, she went to the local dinery. After listening to some sob stories, Lesi had a good, long discussion with Mom - the smartest and kindest person in this town. Obviously, a woman. Ah, if only stupid males would stop their pathetic struggles for power and threw themselves under caressing feminine rule, how soon the world would be transformed into utopia...


Mom also asked Lesi to deliver a meal to one of her clients. Lesi wasn't exactly keen on doing a favor for male, but since it was Mom who asked her... Ok. As if to compensate for this, she felt another rush of insight, this time her rhetoric skills has improved tenfold.


Wandering the city, Lesi find a fitting house for the orphanage. Sadly, it was occupied with some vermin, but that was easy to solve.


Squatters surrounded Lesi, but their drunked punches barely felt through her leather armor.


Her spears, on the other hand, brought the bastards down with relative ease.


Especially when she managed to score a good aimed shot.


Feeling their death nearby, the squatters have tried to escape, but Lesi was relentless...


And merciless.


Each one of the squatters got a spear...


In their back.


On her trip to Mom, Lesi has found that those drugs that she took also had a hallucinogenic effect.


In the morning, an aftereffect of the drug hit her, making Lesi feel weak and extremely nauseous. Guess everything has its price...


That wasn't enough to prevent her from establishing orphanage, though, now that the building was free. And yeah, Mom, no one was hurt. No one of value, anyways.


Afterwards Lesi met with the head of a local slave guild - a vile & despicable scum, an avatar of rape culture, basically. However, Lesi could do nothing about him at the moment - despite having superior throwing weapons, the guard was too numerous for her. So she decided to feign some civility and bought some spears from the criminal, of clearly tribal origin - his lackeys must have taken them from bodies of poor proud huntresses, slain by them. Well, if she can't liberate the slaves, at least she'll liberate the spears - and on one of those very spears she'll soon stick his head.


She informed the kid of his bright future (well, as bright as a male can have, but she hoped that Mom will reform him with feminist touch), then rushed back to Klamath.


She tried hunting some geckos there, but it was not to her taste - her enemy is patriarchy, not some dumb critters.


In local bar, she proved once again that woman is as physically capable as man.


Which is an obvious fact, but the twisted propaganda of patriarchy often makes people think differently. And nothing is more disgusting than thinking differently. I mean, we're right and just and tolerating and whatnot - why the hell would you think differently from scum if you're not an oppressor?


Then she decided to take revenge on the swindler woman. A local guy (which everyone treated as an idiot, although he seemed like an average male to Lesi) offered her a guarding job.


And those ugly twins came with a counter-proposition. Usually, Lesi would've rejected it, but since it's a herd of that swindler woman... Sure.


It's not like she was OK with their crimes, however - she gathered some evidence so those males will be punished. In time.


Now it was time so send Torr on some foolish errand...


And rustle some cattle. Serves the bitch right.


Lesi also found a bunch of scorpions nearby...


And used them for target practice. Never can have enough practice - throwing weapons are strong, but demanding.


Then, seeing how swindler woman was concerned about her brother, she felt a tint of regret in her heart - yeah, she's a total cunt, but she is a cunt, a sister. She was punished enough, thought Lesi.


She came to the canyon where Torr was supposed to be, but found only an angry robot there.


Angry, but broken, so it wasn't hard to break him even further.


Took a bit of running, but Lesi always has cared for her health and, as you know, jogging is a healthy activity.

Torr wasn't there, though.


But then Lesi spoke with the mother of swindler woman, who has suggested to look in the canyon once again...


And this time, Torr really was there.


Gosh, what a troublesome family.


Despite her regrets, Lesi hasn't missed an opportunity to milk these womans out of some cash. Nowhere near the sum she paid for the servant, but at least something.


Den once again. All of the thieving kids from the streets were put into orphanage, so Lesi could visit local establishments without a fear of her possessions being stolen.


She spent some time in the bar, listening to the patrons' stories.


Then she learned about existence of "New Reno" city from one of the local drug pushers - sounded like a place in dire need of feminist attention.


She also bought a locket that supposedly belonged to some dead local girl, living in the same house where hallucination has visited Lesi - she still refused believe in such nonsense, it's just that this chauvinist pig didn't deserve to possess such a thing.


Out of morbid curiosity, Lesi has visited that house once again and, to her total surprise, hallucination resurfaced. Stupefied, she gave hallucination the locket it demanded, and suddenly, her vision was clear once again. She has noticed one detail that she skipped before- probably was too drugged to notice. Some skeletal remains of a woman lied on the floor.


Lesi sighed. So this story has a sound and reasonable explanation - that drug pushing pig dug out girl's body and brought her here to loot. Taking all of the valuables, he left the body here to rot. Stumbling onto this grizzly picture in drugged state, it was only logical for Lesi to imagine something like that. And second hallucination is, well, who knows how those drugs work? The only downside is that she somehow lost that pretty locket in all the commotion... But at least Lesi managed to rebury girl's remains - no sister deserved to have her rest disturbed in such way.


This whole experience gave her a lot of things to think about.


Comparing the prices between two local bars, Lesi has invented the scheme to promote feminine dominance in the Den, but it'll have to come later.

Also, she felt a need for some relaxation after all the ordeals. A very specific sort of relaxation. As every self-respecting feminist, Lesi was lesbian.


Lesi was a strong opponent of slut shaming - there's nothing disgusting in a prostitute's job, on the contrary, it allows the woman to exert control over her own body, it's a totally liberating task. In this case, however, she was facing a dirty, filthy, ugly whore, and Lesi really hoped that she'll die in some alley, raped to death by some crazy client. Homophobic trash.


She decided to vent her anger off by walking around the city. Out of curiosity, she lied her way into the church of some kind.

She hoped for some sort of hot debates with religious morons, but all she found inside was just rows of boring crates.


Then in her walk she found the same man who killed her in her vision - she offed him without any kind of doubt. Even if he did nothing, he was sure to do something - Lesi knew it, she saw it in his eyes.


It was a time for long trip to New Reno. First thing she stumbled across was a gang attempting to rob a caravan - attempt failed, and Lesi was able to snatch a couple of weapons from robbers still warm corpses.


Second thing was a pair of angry molerats.


They gave Lesi a number of bruises...


But, in the end, were no match for her elegant maneuvers and deadly throws.


Before reaching New Reno, Lesi discovered another city - Redding.


And with plenty of locks to practice on!


She decided not to stay for long and, for her own safety, to get a caravan trip. However, she missed New Reno caravan by one day, what a pity. Instead of waiting a full month, she chose to embark on another one, headed to Vault city.


Even so, she had to spend a couple of days here. She didn't felt like interacting with locals, so she spent her time in an abandoned building here, exercising to heighten her pain threshold and practice her medical skills.


And the training paid off, although in an unpredictable way - somehow, Lesi has started to move much, much faster.


But not entirely unpredictable - becoming better at tending wounds was a given, considering the amount of times Lesi had to treat herself.


Finally, the day of the caravan came.


The trip was relatively safe - they have been ambushed only once, by a pack of hungry geckos.


Lesi felt little need to involve herself, however, the guards managed to waste most of their ammo somehow...


And it all came down to melee, and teeth and claws of geckos were more dangerous there than bare knuckles of guards. Lesi was forced to throw some spears at the critters...


But then those bloody guards began to pick those spears for their own use! The nerve they have!!!


In retaliation, Lesi has snatched a pistol that was dropped by the caravan master - she felt herself cheated a bit, considering it was an inferior weapon, but it was nothing she could've changed.


Vault City greeted her coldly.


Of course Lesi was a lucky charm - it's just a feminist touch, you see, that's how it works.


She spent some of those money to buy herself a fake citizenship papers - a person of great importance like her couldn't be bothered with day passes and constant searches by the guard.


Seeing a sister in dire need, Lesi resolved her problems easily.


Then she talked to some male who, despite his rotten nature, has spoken some words of wisdom. Lesi agreed to help him by delivering some kind of a package, considering she was headed to Reno anyways, but put no priority to this task.


There also was a functional library here, so Lesi has borrowed a number of feminist literature books with little intention of returning them. They'll see a better use in her hands.


She also agreed to do some scouting work for the local police officer - not out of respect to this male, but out of adoration of local leader which she has heard many wonderful things about. Unfortunately, Lesi wasn't quite able to secure a meeting with her.


She was able to secure herself a hefty advance on that scouting job, however - without asking the sergeant, but she was sure he'd agree.


Her fate met her as she was scouting Gecko. Three figures in bulky, masculine shaped armor, wielding huge, phallic weapons. If they were not the avatars of rape culture, then what was? As bursts of fire ejaculated from thick barrels of their guns, turning an innocent woman and her child into bloody rags, Lesi fully understood her destiny. She couldn't do anything at the moment, but she knew that one day this male patriarch will fall by her hand.


Returning to vault city to report her success, she gained a gift of gratitude from the mechanic girl she has helped. Sister helps sister, isn't that beautiful?


Then she took a trip to Gecko, home to the radiation burned ghouls. Their bodies were burnt to extent that it was not very clear whether they were male or female in their past lives, and this fact disturbed Lesi greatly - I mean, how do you combat oppression when you can't distinguish a victim from the oppressor?


She exchanged her newly acquired repair kit for a car part - she saw one back in the Den, and the thought of owning a car cheered her up greatly. Why walk when you can ride?


While picking the locks here, she got into small talk with one of the ghouls and this has resulted in her promising him to deliver some sort of a disk to Vault City. Later Lesi noted to herself that she became too kind to the plights of the males - they're all potential rapists, let's not forget that.


Walking to Den, she encountered a Vault City patrol shooting some wild dogs down. One female soldier got bitten, so Lesi stopped and offered to treat her wounds.


Then she picked some nice loot in another robbers versus caravan shootout.


Slightly before Den, she was ambushed by Kaga - stupid male from Arroyo, who hoped to become the Chosen One. Pathetic fool, you must be female to become the Chosen One, don't you know? He wasn't alone - he had a number of brigands with him, so Lesi was forced to inhale some jet....


And run for her life. One bullet has grazed her cheek, one inch to the right and she'd be dead....


The stupid mechanic barely knew his job, yet somehow he managed to install the detail into car...


So Lesi could engage in further travels...

end of part I.
In My Safe Space
Dec 11, 2009
Codex 2012
Awesome. It would be nice, if there was much less pictures per page, though.


Codexia Lord Sodom
Dec 5, 2002
Jersey for now
Yeah, less pics more summary, but reallyl it's good.


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
If this is the Restoration Project in its fullest glory, don't forget to visit:

The M2F/F2M Trannyficator in EPA.



Oct 22, 2009
The RP in its final form is coming in a few weeks - is this a beta of that, or an old one?

Pope Amole II

Nerd Commando Game Studios
Mar 1, 2012
Old one. Never heard that the new one is coming. Well, it's not like there's any crucial changes there.

For whether the throwing is good... You'll see.

As for Cassidy's spoiler - nah, she's of the feminist breed that hates this.

As for less pics - I dunno guys, this LP is already as concise as it gets. Besides, it's really an LP for people who know and remember the game well. I'll try, but I won't promise much.

Now for a short part II: caravan mambo - let's rock!


Lesi decided to celebrate her grand purchase by taking a quick joint to Klamath and spending some quality time with the working girls there, tasting no less than three in the process.



As they all were cuddling on the sheets, another horrible image visited her - being chased, surrounded and ripped apart by the pack of hungry wild dogs.


After the fun was over, she took a couple of lessons from one of the local trappers to avoid such happenings in the future. He was, of course, an utterly incompetent moron (but as we are all, I believe, of similar worldview here, I don't even think I need to explain this to you - just saying "He was" should be enough), but at least in his stupidity he showed Lesi what needs not to be done.


Now that she had a car, she could embark on a journey to New Reno easily. On the road there she met a rather big slaver band, fending off the attack of some hungry geckos.


Bursting the geckos down as if there was no tomorrow, the slavers soon found themselves low on ammo. Feeling it was their last chance, the slaves decided to fight for their freedom.


Being a liberal minded woman, Lesi joined their struggle against oppression almost immediately - just after the slavers have spent their last bullets.


Never keen on attacking a woman, not even a vile one, she decided to begin from one of the male slavers. She threw her favorite spear at him, but, to her horror, the slaver picked it up and began to wound slaves with it. You bloody rapist! Don't you dare to use tools of good for your oppressive purposes!


And then the slaves themselves picked up the rest of the spears that Lesi threw. You foolish peasants, she tries to help you, why do you rob her? You what, want to die as the enablers of rape culture?


Somehow, the now armed slaves have managed to bring down that slaver, and the remaining two were eaten by geckos. Well fed, they walked around lazily, not even thinking about touching the already ex-slaves. Lesi picked up what she could to compensate for the loss of her spears, and drove into sunset.


As she arrived at New Reno, the strong atmosphere of rape culture have almost blown her off her feet. A great deal of job needs to be done here. But all in due time - first she needs to investigate this city calmly and inconspicuously.


She even threw some of her hard earned cash to get all local info from some brain fried drug pusher. Lesi knew she couldn't trust a man to relate anything right, but, if he lied about anything, she could always come back and kill him to get her money back.


Lesi decided to start by delivering that vault city suitcase. Oh, and lockpicking and looting the entire place in the process - by the rumors, Bishop was a wife abuser so it was necessary to force him to make amends for it.


And some pretty good amends those were. Of course, they won't save him from his ultimate fate, but they will delay Lesi's wrath for a while.


Unsurprisingly, after receiving his package, Bishop has offered Lesi to kill another man. How typical. Still, Lesi had little qualms about disposing male garbage, so she either agreed or pretended to agree - she didn't know for sure.


Then she proceeded to pick locks of the entire city. All that training made improved her control of her hands significantly so now she could aim her throws with greater precision.


Returning to her car to put the loot into the trunk, Lesi have discovered a case of grand theft auto in the process.


But, seeing how the robbers were pathetic males, they couldn't manage to cover their tracks well enough.


They even believed her blatant lies about being a Bishops lieutenant.


So not only they have returned her car for free, they made up for their offense with some free fueling batteries.


Dumping her loot into car, Lesi continued to redistribute the city's illicit wealth into the hands of the needy. In the basement of the weapon store she found another ordinary male walking in midst of what seemed for her to be treasure room.


She dragged lots of batteries and other goodies out of here, but more important was this - an electronic lockpick and two high-tec emp grenades. You can never know when a killer AI from the future will send a termination cyborg after you, so emps are always handy to have one or two on you.


Squeezing New Reno dry, she decided to visit the relatively nearby NCR - after all, that boring sergeant from the Vault City have offered her some money for investigating it.


However, her investigation wasn't for long - right at the entrance she saw a caravan master, ready to depart at the very same moment. Remembering how smooth her first caravan trip went, Lesi couldn't resist his offer.


At first, everything went smoothly - caravan has encountered a band of child murdering psychopats...


And soon their mutilated corpses were kissing the ground.


Next disaster was a nightmare. A heavily armed caravan tried to survive an assault of the huge deathclaw pack.


At first, Lesi's caravan tried to stay away from the struggle so they would not get into the friendly fire.


But soon it became obvious that other caravan won't survive without assistance, and so Lesi was forced to throw a spear at the biggest beast, signaling an attack's beginning.


And, while combined forces of caravans have managed to slaughter the lesser beasts, the huge one remained standing. What's worse, the caravaneers have almost completely ran out of ammo, so it was bare hands versus the power of deathclaw.




Heavily cussing, Lesi began to throw some frag grenades she managed to find at Reno. She really wanted to save them for a greater occasion, but if nothing is done here there would be no greater occasion. But the beast stood almost unfazed - what's worse, it made a couple of swipes at Lesi, almost gutting her out. Thankfully, after that it turned its attention to the rest of caravaneers.


Finally, the last of the caravaneers who had some ammo remaining had managed to brought the creature down, but not before it took the life of another guard. Unfortunately, the last of the other caravan survivors went insane from all this madness.


So they had to put him down.

At least Lesi was able to scrounge a whole fortune in weapons from this carnage. But the caravan master was dead and her pay was lost.


And things didn't bode well for the survivors - shortly after that they fell into another deathclaw ambush, and now their diminished forces were incapable of putting any kind of resistance.


Lesi understood that it was time to save her life or feminism will remain without its mightiest warrior, so she inhaled a double dose of jet and ran, trying to mute down the sounds of crunching bones and ripping muscles, floating from the background. The whole experience was eery - euphoria made the world to look rainbowy and move slowly, and the grim feast and dire threat, coming from behind, hardly connected with that cheerful, sparkling sight.


She ran until she collapsed out of exhaustion. For a couple of moments, she lay on the ground, waiting for the beasts to come and deliver the finishing blow. Then she discovered that it's not what really worried her - her biggest concern was when she'll have another dose of jet. Lesi had quite a stash on her, but she understood that even that wouldn't last so, with great suffering, she decided to conserve it as she got out from the middle of nowhere back into NCR, back to her car.




The whole trip was a drug-infused nightmare - she suffered from a drug withdrawal on a constant basis, she was ambushed constantly and only barely escaped each time, and visions of her own grizzly deaths haven't ceased to haunt her. It was a journey through hell.


When she finally arrived back into NCR, she wasn't so sure if it wasn't just another hallucination. She wasn't so sure about reality of anything anymore, so she just decided to play along it.


In the trashheap near the city, she found some sort of a creature, offering to upgrade her car. The only thing that Lesi loved more than her car was feminism (and jet) so she promptly agreed.


Inside the city, she found a church of some kind. As a true skepchick, she eagerly entered inside, always prepared to mock another bunch of archaic morons into submission. However, the church lady was so idiotic that she though that she's being praised instead of mocked, and even offered Lesi a delivery job. Lol at the religtards.

Another thing that she offered was a mystical procedure of some sorts. Lesi also agreed, if only to show that it will do nothing.


And yeah, she felt absolutely nothing after the procedure has ended. No change in her strength or smarts or looks or perception or anything. And people pay money to this scammers? What a bunch of idiots. The only thing that is worth worshipping in this world is a bright feministic idea - remember that.


Then she resolved a situation at the local power station - some male savage has threatened to blow himself up along with the station. Good riddance, Lesi would've said, but the sister mechanic from there has asked for her help in stopping that idiot, and so Lesi was forced into actually talking him out of it.


Still, having to save this man's worthless life left a lot of anger in her, and she knew that next time she'll throw a spear at a male of any sorts, her throw will be much more furious.


She even took a ride to the Den to vent that anger immediately - and yeah, local rapists fell much quicker under her precisely targeted throws.


Don't worry, that's what Lesi intends to do with you.


Selling some info she knew to another sister...


Lesi desides to test her throwing skills for some more. Taking a healthy (well, probably unhealthy) dose of jet, she begins to hunt geckos in Klamath.


It was a rather beautiful experience - spears slowly floating through glittering air, distorted, echoing shrieks of the lizards and the iridescent splurts of blood torpidly moving down to the ground.


The murderous, trippy joy brought a sensation of undescribable enlightenment to her mind. She couldn't quite grasp exactly what, especially in the euphoric state, but she knew for sure that, as of this moment, she could wreak havoc and terror with her throws.


She also decided that she was too blunt in her approach previously, and that much more caution and intricacy are needed to defeat her many foes.


At the peak of her euphoria, another demented concept blasted through her overloaded neurons - throwing one of the seemingly useless flares at the gecko. And, gigglingly, she did so. To much surprise, flare went directly into gecko's eye and straight into its small brain, killing it instantly. That was... Majestic, thought Lesi.


This whole concept demanded additional testing, so she rushed into the nearby gecko-infested cavern. She dispatched another one, this times with four flares. Unfortunately, she found one strange disadvantage to her strategy - flares were truly lethal, but, probably due to some nanotechology, they got lit when you've thrown them in the dark places. Ah, those funky technologies of the old ones...


Lit flares proved to be even more faster than average ones, but hot - she couldn't throw them in succession easily...


So she had to pick up the ones she just thrown and throw them again. Even so, the flares proved to be much more effective than spears at killing enemies.


She descended down into caverns, slaying geckos left and right...


As the aftereffects of drug abuse hit her in a sudden rush of pain, dizzyness and extreme nausea. Almost puking her innards out, she was forced to retreat & recuperate. it seems like every enlightment has its own price.


While resting, another idea came to her mind - rocks. Throwing & picking up those lit flares was somewhat of a bother, and spending unlit flares wasn't wise as she had no stable source of them, so she decided to test rocks. The weapon of the proletariat.


And sure, they were extremely effective at crushing small, but sturdy skulls of the geckos. She also found the lost trapper, but she paid little attention to the dumb male.


She fixed the generator instead - who knows where that elevator could lead?


Using her electronic lockpick, she decided to answer this question.


A huge, armed and definitely misogynistic killbot waited for her below, but Lesi was always prepared - eat EMP grenade, you metal fucker.


Plenty of riches waited for her inside this small army warehouse, but, unfortunately, drug induced weakness forced her to leave them for later.


She took but one thing, and what a thing that was! A full set of improved combat armor - any rapist trying to penetrate that would better equip himself with dick of depleted uranium, and even that is more likely to fry his balls than to help him.


Then she ran away from the cavern. Pathetic male followed her and even mewled someting about its rescue, but she payed little heed to the sounds it made.


Back in town, another male have tried to force her to do his bidding - that's the patriarchy for you, always expecting the woman to do everything and more.


She taught a good lesson to the drunken bastard, selling his guts to his main competitor. Rape the rape culture!!!


Then she took a trip to the Den to slaughter some more potential rapists. Slaughtering potential rapists, you can never get enough of that.

End of part II.


Jan 5, 2011
She took but one thing, and what a thing that was! A full set of improved combat armor - any rapist trying to penetrate that would better equip himself with dick of depleted uranium, and even that is more likely to fry his balls than to help him.

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Dec 11, 2009
Codex 2012
Fucking awesome in so many ways :D . And I didn't know that throwing was so powerful :D .

Pope Amole II

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Mar 1, 2012
Part III: a girl with some stones & tentacle rape.


Killing enough potential rapists, Lesi decided to promote the equal job opportunity. It has came to her attention that the local security jobs were available only to the male oriented gangs - sexual discrimination at its grossest. To resolve the issue, she has decided with the local unspoken authority - the head of the slavers guild. And, while she managed to get the terms that she needed out of him, the whole conversation left her with nothing but disgust, considering the awful, mysoginic and oppressive lexicon used by this bastard. It was obvious that this slaver guild needs to be brought down in the cruelest manner possible.


Of course, same went for other mostly male criminal organizations (with some traitorous rape culture enablers in the mix). Seeing a familiar one still hanging round the block, no doubt shamelessly promoting the patriarchy's agenda, Lesi couldn't resist from knocking them one by one...


And then killing them in a slow and painful manner. Last one got conscious and even tried to throw Lesi on the ground (as you can see, even in life or death questions, all they can think is rape), but one precisely thrown rock stopped both his despicable intentions and his heartbeat.


Then Lesi did some minor work for a local casino owning lady - beating the debt out of some male scum (it pleaded to borrow it some money, but why would Lesi waste her money on luckless, incompetent male meat?) and finding the book that another dumb man have managed to lose. It must be said that, wherever her wasteland journey brought her, Lesi saw nothing but proofs of the feministic idea. The wisest tribal leader of them all? Elder of Arroyo, female. The most successful cattle owner in Klamath? Female. The kindest person in Den? Female. The most successful bar owner in Den? Female. On the other hand, the leader of the vile slaver guild- male, obviously. The leader of glorious, feminist minded Vault City - female! Oh, how Lesi wished to meet that wise and intelligent woman... And, from what she heard, the president of the prosperous, progressive NCR - woman. What other proof do you require to understand which gender must lead humanity to its future?


And Lesi had a plan to promote female agenda even further. First, she waited in the casino for one of the guards to engage in his usual sexual harassment routine - oh, it was hard to repress the desire to slaughter the fucker on the spot, but it was a necessary sacrifice.


Getting down in the basement, she saw what she expected to see - a still. With heavy heart - she hated to harm another sister, but it was all for the greater good - Lesi dismantled it.


Then she went to competing bar owner, Frankie. She milked him for as much money as possible...


And then she forced him to buy his whiskey from Becky, practically submitting another man to female control. That's how it should be.


But equality promotion wasn't exactly finished. Finding that evil male-dominated gang was going to get completely wasted that evening...


Lesi swiftly informed the good, feministic gang of this weakness, and even insisted on joining their surprise attack.


First stage of it went smoothly - Lesi knocked out the bandits with one or two precise stones to their temples...


After which ending their worthless existences was hardly a challenge.


It was in the gang's house party where the troubles began.


Somehow, the amount of alcohol and drugs taken has given opposing band a great resistance to pain and knockouts, so no matter how hard Lesi tried, they just refused to go down, at the same time shooting and hitting Lara, the good, feministic gang leader, to death. What a loss to the female community it was...


Enrage and infuriated, she began to throw the stones with twise the power, and quickly managed to bring bad gang leader and his best cronie down, however, at the same time an evil negro with huge sledgehammer (and, Lesi presumed, everything else and he wasn't going to use that everything else kindly - one glance at his skin color told Lesi she was seeing an experienced rapist) was finishing the remains of Lara's gang.


It was a nightmare.


Yes, she has blown the negro's brains out of his head quickly, but the cause was lost that day.


Still, even in bitterness of defeat Lesi has managed to learn something. Perhaps the approach was too obvious, perhaps if she set up that ambush in a more clever way...


To relief her pain, she decided to make a couple of strikes against patriarchy. She crushed the scam of small-time swindler in the Den, trying to peddle a toilet paper-wrapped ghoul as an authentic mummy. It wasn't a great victory, though - after all, she was sure that only males fell as his victims. What self-respecting woman would fall for a crap like that?


Then she exposed ugly twins' cattle rustling scheme in Klamath.


Since she was acting as a part of it once, she knew exactly how they were operating so it was easy.


Feeling somewhat relieved, she decided to explore Klamath's underground. She found it to be an incredibly lucrative place - lots and lots of rocks were laying on the ground, yes, the powerful weapons scattered across and ripe for picking!


There were also small rats, but what are rats before the crushing power of the rocks?


Nothing can stop the rock, not even big, fat, disgusting, albino (and definitely patriarchal) molerat.


And so, squashing her ways through the rodent hordes, she came to her prize...


A Chrysalis Highwayman! Not in a working condition, obviously, besides, she already had one, but she managed to scavenged quite an important part out of it.


She traveled to Den to install it as soon as possible.


Then Lesi decided to visit Redding once again. On the road to it, she squashed a breed of huge scorpions...


And managed to involve herself into some local prospector squablle.


Well, her involvement was rather moderate - she waited until their big, bursty guns will run out of ammo (heh, losers - if they used thrown weapons, they'd never run out of ammo)...


And, once their guns became mute and one of competing parties was thoroughly eliminated, it was a time to show them the power of truly great weapons.


This whole encounter made her pretty reach - of course, this junk was worthless to her, bah, inferior armaments, but some daft idjit might pay a great deal of money for them.


She also bothered to explore the nearby cavern, finding it to be choke full of geckos.


It was a careful and somewhat arduous process, but let's say that the cavern wasn't as full anymore when she was done with it.


And, while punching the gecko's brains out of their tiny heads, she thought and thought and thought about benefits of careful tactical approach and cold consideration.


In Redding, she was offered a job of sheriff's deputy. She was never willing to work for a male, but the offer contained an opportunity to instill some good, progressive feminism into this backwater city so she agreed.


In fact, her very first task allowed her to support the sisterhood quite directly - the vile, chauvinistic mayor of this town was going to evict a weak, helpless widow out of her house for not paying a laughable rent. Men, always trying to exploit women to fix their financial problems. Of course, Lesi has helped her sister to settle the debt, but that wasn't quite the solution of the problem - something must be done about this in future.


Lesi's second task was resolving a bar brawl (about to be initiated by some oppressive sexist, obviously). She talked words of reason with fellow sister and threw male oppressor to get some educational jail time - but she wasn't so sure if that would help. Ah, killing him would be so much easier...


Third task was dealing with another chauvinistic scum - this town was full of them, thought Lesi. He cut up a working, liberated girl and was proud of it. The bastard. The temptation to off him then and there was immense, but Lesi was full in withdrawal mode, her whole body was shaking slightly so she preferred not to risk combat. After all, hanging also isn't that bad - it's a dog's death and a lesson to each other misogynist here.


Lesi rested until she got a bit better (as good as she could feel nowadays - the brief seconds of jet euphoria were brilliant and worth living for, but the time in-between was a slow, inflamed, caustic crawl, and it's only her dedication to the cause that made them relatively bearable), then headed to local underground tunnels. She hoped that they'll be as rich in rocks as the Klamath ones, but she found something different there instead.


Those were the strange, slimy creatures with long tentacles that, as soon as Lesi approached, rushed to her groin, following their inner rapistic instinct. Thank goodness she was in the mark II combat armor!

But, as it goes with rapists, even the seemingly alien ones, they weren't as tough once confronted - with a precise rock throw she snapped one of the creatures lower limbs and it ended it molestation attempts instantly and tried to crawl away on its one working limb.


Lesi pursued and ceased pathetic fucker's existence.


His buddy met a similar fate shortly. It wasn't as easy because, once crippled, the beasts sure took a lot of stones to go down, but as they weren't resisting anyways, who cared about amount of time it took to kill them? For all the counts, Lesi was just extending her pleasure.


Deeper in caverns, she found another couple of aliens. Her tactic worked like a miracle.


The only problem was that couple of her rocks got stuck in some sort of organic goo in the process. Thankfully, she had some to spare, but losing her precious weapons made Lesi quite angry and determined in extermination of these beasts. I won't leave these caverns until each one of them is dead, she thought, only that will avenge her precious stones.


There were also some mutated rats in this corner of caverns. Lesi crushed them without giving it much though as she was thirsting for a larger prey.


Next cavern section featured a whole pack of the tentacled rape beasts. Well, two, six, ten or even a hundred - it made no difference for Lesi and her sneaky, careful tactics. Divide them into smaller groups, circle around them until you break their legs, then bombard their vulnerable places until you hit the right one to collapse them.


Still, combat required some effort so she decided to make her task simpler by getting a flare or two lit.


Also, all that running & dodging the tentacles required a lot of efforts so she had to stim herself up to keep the fight on.


Extermination if this large pack made Lesi realize the scale of her vitality and toughness - she was much sturdier than she imagined.


Catching a little sleep...


Making a couple of warm-up throws and getting better at tending bruises (armor protected her, but the force of impact still went through)...


She descended at lowest level only to find it horribly swarmed by the creatures.


Here she exploited another weakness of theirs - their thin, slimy legs and tentacles didn't bode well with ladders, and there was quite a number of them in this place. So she just ran between them, throwing rocks in the process...


and if there was a risk of getting swarmed, she just climbed up and descended via another one, getting a better attack angle over and over again.


She also used the safety of upper level to recuperate and regain strength - it was a long struggle, stretching over several days, but Lesi stayed true to her promise. No retreat while they live. Who knows when a less prepared girl will wander here and what they'll do to her - it was too much of a risk.


And so, slowly but surely the creatures fell one by one.


The only strange moment was when she killed an alien queen - so these beasts are matriarchal... But why do they support rape culture then? What sort of matriarchy permits it? Why didn't she educate her males into respectful and tolerant beings? No, decided Lesi, even as a matriarchal queen, the bitch was still a traitorous enabler and deserved death. No point to feel guilty about her death.


As the last creature ceased breathing, she thought that she raped those tentacled beasts good. What a pleasing thought it was.


So pleasing that her understanding of world progressed once more.


Grabbing some hidden and not so hidden goodies from caverns...


She returned back into city to sell the greatest prize she found them - the mining chip. To a sister, of course - whom else?


She also made some small, insignificant commerce with mayor of this town - just a temporary measure to gain some of his trust.


Then a trip to Vault City, interrupted by a late arrival to trappers versus gecko bloodshed.


In VC's courtyard, Lesi's freshly acquired medical skills were enough to determine that one very sick man was suffering from radiation poisoning. She had some anti-rad medication on her, but it cost a ton and why would she waste it on a man? She got it from drinking that damn irradiated beer, she thought, so it's his own damn fault.


She also repaired local autodoc - better not risk a sister getting mistreated by broken apparature.


One woman at courtyard had asked Lesi to return her husband back, but Lesi has met this demand with a harsh lecture - was that woman a moron or what? A progressive, liberal minded Vault City has finally freed her from her source of oppression, and she wants it back? Is that woman light in her head or what?



Also, as she had scouted the path to NCR (albeit rather long & windy one), she got her pay from the sarge and another task - to kill some male rats, oppressing the nearby village. Male rats, that's a fine target for Lesi's rocks.


Surprisingly, the villagers were so terrorized that they developed some sort of Stockholm syndrome and tried to defend their own oppressors. Or maybe male villagers were also parts of conspiracy - don't forget that patriarchy is everywhere and anyone can be its pawn, even women and seemingly harmless children.


She tried to run past villagers, killing no one but male rats...


But as the crowd surrounded her, she was forced to take drastic measures.


But, being a progressively minded woman (that's a redundant phrase, of course - a woman is progressively minded by definition, unless she's an enabler), she chose a tender course - instead of killing everybody, she just broke the legs of local men, forcing them to flee awkwardly.


At last, the village was free from tyrannical reign of patriarchy!!!



Returning to city, Lesi discussed Vault City with one of the local councilors. It was a pity he was a male, but, as Linette's sturdy supporter, he was as good as they get. She decided to help her (and the city in whole) by repairing the gecko's atomic plant and making it an asset to the city - surely the citadel of progress could use some spare energy! Still, she wasn't brave enough to approach her yet. Oh, Lynette...


And, when she reported her male rat killing job, even better news were waiting for her - so all of those villagers will be made part of this wonderful city! They will serve and promote its goals, what a wonderful honor for them! Lesi was so overjoyed that she inhaled a double dose of jet immediately and drowned in the clutches of rainbowy numbness...

End of part III.


Apr 21, 2013
Boo, why had you broken poor repressed woman's still? Also, do you make sure to always target groins?


Codexia Lord Sodom
Dec 5, 2002
Jersey for now
The restoration project really does well with this game.
May 6, 2009
Glass Fields, Ruins of Old Iran
I've been laughing for a full minute at Lesi's being beat up to death at the hands of some random addicts she was mocking in the Den. It's just so fitting.

If this is the Restoration Project in its fullest glory, don't forget to visit:

The M2F/F2M Trannyficator in EPA.


What the fuck? :lol:

*googles "fallout 2 epa"*


The EPA is 4 maps large. These maps are small, and these levels often share the same map.
  • Parking Lot
  • Entrance Level (Office Building)
  • Level Red (Security, Public Relations, Museum)
  • Level Orange (Blood-Curdling Cafeterias and Sinister Conference Rooms)
  • Level Yellow (Power Core)
  • Level Green (Animal and Biological Testing; Arboretums and Cages of Creatures)
  • Level Blue (Hibernation)
  • Level Indigo (Top Secret Research into Gender Modification)
  • Level Violet (Memory Core)
Oh god.

edit: Also, it took a while to meet Horrigan. I usually run into him around the Den, even before entering it if I did the Toxic Caves quest.


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Mar 14, 2011
Man, this perspective on FO2 is quite a new angle I never noticed before... And it all even seems to make sense. :eek:

No wonder Tim Cain left when he saw what they were doing to his baby :P


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Nov 1, 2009
Grab the Codex by the pussy Insert Title Here RPG Wokedex Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Wasteland 2 Codex USB, 2014 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Question: I've always played F2 as a male, if you're playing as a female, does the statue of the Chosen One in NCR change to the female model?

Pope Amole II

Nerd Commando Game Studios
Mar 1, 2012
I've been laughing for a full minute at Lesi's being beat up to death at the hands of some random addicts she was mocking in the Den. It's just so fitting.

Just 1 addict - bastard had, like, 16 ap. Thing is, whenever an NPC takes a drug, it's applied to every npc of this type on this map, so five or six of those junkies inhale jet...

Man, this perspective on FO2 is quite a new angle I never noticed before... And it all even seems to make sense. :eek:

I guess it boils down to the game having lots of binary choices (or just oppositions) where female character is good and male is bad. Let's see:

Good Buckners - Bad Duntons.
Good Becky & Mom - Bad Francky, Metzger and Flick.
Good Lara - Bad Tyler.
Good Marge Le Barge - Bad Dangerous Dan.
Good Widow Rooney - Bad mayor Ascorti.
Good Bishop's wife - Bad Bishop
Good Tandi & squatter mother & daughter - Bad Darion & his raiders.

The only case where it's different is Good Jack - Bad Mira in NCR, and that's obscure as hell.

Besides that, there's hardly any evil female characters in the game. You have, like, what? Stingy Aunt Morlis? Bitchy Lynnette? Erm, hubbologist in NCR and Vicky Goldman? Like, yeah. Sure, most of the enemy gangs have generic female fighters, but that's not quite it.

Not that I mind or try to force some kind of agenda here, it just makes larping this easier.

I can't found a single complete Fallout 1/2 LP around here. Just bunch of "iron corpses"

Then your search skills are lacking. There was at least one complete fallout 1 LP by guy whos char was called... Tormeson, iirc?

Question: I've always played F2 as a male, if you're playing as a female, does the statue of the Chosen One in NCR change to the female model?

No, and believe me, someone won't take that kindly...


Apr 21, 2013
I guess it boils down to the game having lots of binary choices (or just oppositions) where female character is good and male is bad. Let's see:

Good Buckners - Bad Duntons.
Good Becky & Mom - Bad Francky, Metzger and Flick.
Good Lara - Bad Tyler.
Good Marge Le Barge - Bad Dangerous Dan.
Good Widow Rooney - Bad mayor Ascorti.
Good Bishop's wife - Bad Bishop
Good Tandi & squatter mother & daughter - Bad Darion & his raiders.

The only case where it's different is Good Jack - Bad Mira in NCR, and that's obscure as hell.

Besides that, there's hardly any evil female characters in the game. You have, like, what? Stingy Aunt Morlis? Bitchy Lynnette? Erm, hubbologist in NCR and Vicky Goldman? Like, yeah. Sure, most of the enemy gangs have generic female fighters, but that's not quite it.

I think it's pretty realistic. Vast majority of violent criminals in RL are males. Vast majority of people in power (which usually implies exerting that power to someone's disadvantage) are also males.

And at least half of (four) women in power in F2 are also quite evil. Lara is a gangster, and Lynette is genocidal and uses her position to settle personal grudges.
May 6, 2009
Glass Fields, Ruins of Old Iran
Question: I've always played F2 as a male, if you're playing as a female, does the statue of the Chosen One in NCR change to the female model?

No, and believe me, someone won't take that kindly...

Oh shit! :lol:

Also, that would be Vault Dweller's statue. Funny, after they go through the trouble to make VD as gender-neutral as possible in the manual...


Dec 9, 2011
You killed wanamingos with rocks


Pope Amole II

Nerd Commando Game Studios
Mar 1, 2012

Please, don't drag this overrationalization bullshit here. I understand you love the game, but that doesn't mean you have to prove to anyone how flawless and well-thought it is. Yourself included. You're not doing yourself any favors by twisting the facts.

Realism has nothing to do with Fallout - it's a fucking game. And from the point of male/female stuff & realism Fallout is automatically unrealistic because it features tons of female thugs, trappers & other fighters armed with either melee or heavy weapons and dressed in either metal or combat armor (I'm not even touching heavy weapon bitches in Reno gangs). However tolerant you are, it's a historically proven fact that women don't qualify as melee fighters (and few widely remembered exceptions only prove the rule) so it's pointless to discuss this matter further.

Lara is not evil - the game fucking explicitly tells us so. If you help Tyler to kill her - you lose karma. If you help her to kill Tyler - you gain karma. These are the facts. I've seen an explanation of "but you betray Lara if you help Tyler!" so that's why karma loss, but it's fucking weak - you betray Tyler if you help Lara, where's the difference?

Lynette is not fucking genocidal. You tell her you've blown the station - she exiles you. You offer to kill Moore for her (using her position to settle personal grudges, yes) - she exiles you if you go too far. And she does everything to prevent war with NCR. She's an ignorant bitch who doesn't know what she wants, yes, but nowhere near "genocidal".

Finally, I wasn't even stating that this made the game worse - I was just talking about peculiar pattern. And here you are, always ready to defend it. What's the point?

Also, that would be Vault Dweller's statue. Funny, after they go through the trouble to make VD as gender-neutral as possible in the manual...

From what I understand, it's not the Vault Dweller statue, it's a Vault Dweller statue. Like, Tandi made a cult/legend out of VD to scare the enemies of the community into leaving them alone (else he'll release AoD), and statue was just a symbol, not a straight direciton (she says something like that to you). However, you'd have to have subtlety to grasp this fact...

You killed wanamingos with rocks

Why so prejudiced to rocks, pal? Don't you understand that you hurt the feelings of all rockabillies round the globe? I hope you're ashamed of yourself.

Yeah, and I'll update this tomorrow.


Dec 9, 2011
I dunno, I always felt Lynette was worth ten evil female characters

I'll update this tomorrow.

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