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Anime Throne and Liberty - Amazon paid to publish a Korean AFK grinder


Oct 23, 2017
not Lineage 3 lookin pretty good

NCSoft currently seeking global publishing partner. Q1 2023 release in Asia.
Feb 3, 2022

Not being able to draw a bow and aim and effectively shoot while moving makes sense, but not being able to swing your sword while moving is dumb. If you are pursuing someone, you won't be able to kill them at all unless you have a ranged weapon and stop and manage to get a shot off before they leave the range of your bow.

Auto gameplay? What's the point of playing then?

Your character is automatically playing while you are logged out? So you might see other characters running around the game world, and you message them, but no one answers because there is no player there? What? The point of an MMO is that the characters you see are other players. If they're just bots then why not just make a singleplayer game instead?


Sep 27, 2020

They "promised" to change the combat and progression. But I've been on this ride before with Archeage. Which was at least a good game, which this isn't.

Koreans don't want to fundamentally change their game design for a western audience. This game is going to a pay to win Korean grindfest autobattler because that's what they make for the korean market. They will not fundamentally change the design of their game for the sake of the western world. They will at best make small incremental changes they will say are bigger than they actually are. The end.

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