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Unofficial patches for Thief and other PC games


Sep 16, 2009
Since most of 'Dexers are much less competent than they think when it comes to making old PC games playable, I decided to share my extensive (lolnotsomuch) database of Unofficial Patches.
What's the deal?

The list below contains files made without an official support from publishers / developers, created to assure compatibility with newer software / hardware or iron out some bugs, still left after official patches.
So: Drog's Arcanum Patch is OK (mostly bugfixes), but 9999 mods for Oblivion (making it "playable") are not OK (who gives a fuck - unistall.exe fixes all problems). These rules are not set in stone, of course - in some cases fan updates contain both clear fixes and some gameplay modifications (for example KeeperFX includes both engine fixes and fan-made missions - enjoy leeching ~500 MB file with each update...) :roll:

If you know any more, lemme know.
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Sep 16, 2009
Multiheaded patches / thingies:

3 Tools (DxWnd, IntegerScaler & InstallShield) for running old games


Advanced options for all types of joysticks / gamepads via x360ce, DosBox & vJoy

H8ters gonna h8

CookiePLMonster's Fixes (Bully, Far Cry, Godfather)



DirectDraw Wrapper

dgVoodoo 2

Glide & old D3D Wrapper

"Doom Engine" (id Tech 1 Engine) games: Doom 1 & 2, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, etc.

Chocolate Doom (Oldshit Source Port)
Crispy Doom (Crispy's Source Port)
Doomsday Engine (Newshit Source Port)
ZDoom (Newshit Source Port)

Unofficial Patches by Luigi Auriemma (mostly multiplayer-related)


Gold Box Companion (Enhancement Tool)


ImageCFG (utility which allows you to permanently modify an .exe to use only one core)


InstallShield Wrapper & stuff (running 16-bit installers on x64 systems)


MIDI playback on new OSes


Mouse Acceleration Fix



Glide Wrapper

Open Source Game Clones (list of open-source ramakes or clones)


PCGamingWiki Check all PC-gaming-compatibility related shit here


Peixoto's patches

Multipatcher for various games
  • American Mcgee's Alice
  • Dark Earth
  • Deus Ex
  • Dino Crisis
  • I am alive
  • Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
  • Onimusha Warlords
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  • Project Eden
  • Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3
  • Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
  • Slave Zero
  • Tomb Raider 2, 2 gold 3, 3 gold 4,and 5
  • Unreal Gold
QindieGL (OpenGL wrapper)


ResidualVM (newshit interpreter for Grim Fandango, Escape from Monkey Island and Myst 3 Exile)


ScummVM (newshit interpreter for various adventure games)


Sierra games

Official and unofficial patches (you can find NewRisingSun's patches for: Gabriel Knight, King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, QfG & Space Quest there)
Script code patches (do not use together with ScummVM)

Unreal's fixes for Half-Life 2 + Episodes & Portal, Sin and TF2 (Steam Versions)


Warhammer Win9x games (fixes for Shadow of the Horned Rat, Dark Omen, Final Liberation & Chaos Gate)


Widescreen Fixes Pack by ThirteenAG (Fixes for various games)


Widescreen Gaming Forum (widescreen / FOV related things)


Singleheaded patches:


Blue Sun Mod

Advent Rising

Unofficial Patch

Age of Decadence

Bugfix Mod

Age of Empires

Revisited Mod

Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome

Unofficial Patch

Age of Empires 2

Running on Win7

Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors

Unofficial Patch

Age of Empires 3

Unofficial Patch


Source Port

Aliens Versus Predator (1999)

Unofficial Patch
Original Briefing FMVs for Gold Version

American McGee's Alice

Changing FOV permanently


Unofficial Patches (1.02 -> 1.02.46) + Doorlord Fix

Anno 1404 / Dawn of Discovery - Venice

Unofficial Patch


Unofficial Patch


Unofficial Arcanum Patch

Archimedean Dynasty

Augmented Mod

Arx Fatalis

Arx Libertatis Mod

Atelier Sophie & Nights of Azure

Unofficial Fixes

Bard's Tale 2 & 3

BT2 & BT3 DOS, working link for BT3 here
BT2 C64 & Apple II


Unofficial Patch

Battlezone 2

Unofficial Patch Removed by the author?

Black & White 2

Redux Mod

Blade of Darkness

Graphical options, fixes, no-fog mod
Running on modern OSes + Fixes

Blade Runner

Patch + Installer for modern OSes


Source Port

Blood Omen - Legacy Of Kain

Unofficial Patch, file mirror
Bink Support Site down, Jam2Bik Converter - working link
Running on new OSes

The game still doesn't work properly for me (unable to continue past the initial dialogue with the inn-keeper) - you have to slow down the CPU with special software (CPU Grabber, Cpukiller3)
Works fine on Win7 x64 with Unofficial Patch. Use F12 to change rendering options (was crashing the game on WinXP x86).

Call Of Cthulhu - Dark Corners Of The Earth

Unofficial Patch


Unofficial Max Pack 95 Restoration Project Pack (Win9x version + fixes)

Chrome & Chrome Specforce

Unofficial Patch

Civilization 2

Unofficial Patch + info

City of Lost Children

Installing and Running


Running on newshit OSes #1
Running on newshit OSes #2

Clive Barker's Undying

Running in Glide mode + Widescreen

The Clue! / Der Clou!

Unofficial Patch + Source Port

Command & Conquer series

Unofficial patches / fixes / installers by Nyerguds
PortableRA (full RA1 game + new installer + fixes)
[url=http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=1918.0]Unofficial RA1 installer by FunkyFr3sh
, additional info by Gragt, working links for extra movies and extra music
Unofficial Patch for Tiberian Sun

Commander Keen

Source Port

Crimson Skies

Unofficial Patch

Dark Reign

Unofficial Patch

Dark Souls - Prepare To Die

DSfix (makes the game actually playable)
Running in borderless fullscreen

Dark Souls 2 - SotFS


Dead Space

Mouse & FOV fixes

Descent 1 & 2

D1/2X - Rebirth (Source Port)
D2X - XL (Source Port)

Descent 3

Modified Executable (Enables 32bpp for Opengl renderer)


Running on newshit OSes

Deus Ex

Enhanced Renderers
DX10 Renderer
Next-gen Launcher

Deus Ex 2

Unofficial Patch

Devil May Cry 3

Style Switcher


Various fixes

Diablo - Hellfire

Unofficial Patches

Die by the Sword

Xtended Mod (fixes, new renderer)

Discworld Noir

Newshit OS Fix

Drakan - Order of the Flame

10th Anniversary Mod
AiO Unofficial Patch 2nd Edition

Duke Nukem 3D

EDuke32 (Source Port)

Dune 2

Unofficial Patch
Dune Dynasty (Source Port)

Dungeon Keeper

KeeperFX Mod

Dungeon Keeper 2

Unofficial Patch
General Improvement Mod
Versions' comparison
Advanced Options & Stuff

Dungeon Master + Chaos Strikes Back

CSBWin (Source Port)

Resources + Old Exe
Newest Executable
Template Config

Elder Scrolls 2 - Daggerfall

Unofficial Patches & things
Graphics Fix
XLEngine (Source Port)

Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind

Morrowind Patch Project
MPP Bug Fixes
Code Patch


Elite - The New Kind (Newshit Conversion)

Evil Genius

Unofficial Patch

Eye of the Beholder 1-2

The All-Seeing Eye (Automapping Tool)

Eye of the Beholder 3

The All-Seeing Eye 3 (Automapping Tool)


Fallout Fixt

Fallout 2

Unofficial Patch + Restoration Project (killap's)
Unofficial Patch + Restoration Project (post-killap's)

Fallout Tactics - BOS

Fixed .exe from the Redux 1.3 Mod (should fix the burst bug and some others)

No Random Encounters Mod
Enhanced Characters Startpack Mod


Source Port


Unofficial Patch

Freespace series

Freespace 2 Source Code Project (Source Port + Newshit Graffix + stuffies)

Frontier - Elite 2

GLFrontier (Source Port)

Frontier - First Encounters

JJFFE (Source Port)

WinJJFFE 2.8 Download

FFE D3D (D3D Enhanced Port)

Info & Download

Galactic Civilizations 2 Ultimate Edition

Community Update

Get Medieval

Running on newshit OSes

Giants - Citizen Kabuto

Unofficial Patch

Gorky 17

Running on Win7


Unofficial Patch (ENG)
Unofficial Patch (GER)
System Pack (Widescreen support, tunable FOV, unlocked FPS, increased draw distance, fixed scaling of the games' videos, X3DAudio/XAudio2 support, faster starting and loading times, support of modern Windows)

Gothic 2

Unofficial Patch (ENG)
Unofficial Patch (GER)
System Pack (Widescreen support, tunable FOV, unlocked FPS, increased draw distance, fixed scaling of the games' videos, X3DAudio/XAudio2 support, faster starting and loading times, support of modern Windows)
DirectX 11 Renderer

Gothic 3

Community Patch 1.75 + Update

Grand Theft Auto + London 1969 + London 1961

Running on Win7 x64


Gold Patch & info


Unofficial Update Site down, working link

Heavy Metal - FAKK2

Proper Widescreen

Heretic 2

Running on newshit OSes

Hereos of Might & Magic 2

Source Port

Hexen 2

Source Port

Homeworld & Cataclysm

Unofficial Patch Site down, working link.

Compatibility and switches

Interstate '76

Running on newshit OSes

Jade Empire

In Style Mod (gameplay enahncer)
Various fixes

Jedi Knight 2

Mod & Improvement

Jagged Alliance 2

Stracciatella Source Port / Bugfix Patch
v1.13 Mod

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Community Patch

King's Bounty - The Legend

English Grammar / Spelling Patch


Widescreen Mod & more

Krush, Kill 'N' Destroy Xtreme

Resolution Changer

Legacy Of Kain - Soul Reaver

Widescreen / Framerate Hack Site down, working link

Machines (Acclaim)

WinXP / Win2000 Fix by Ken
Machines Config Tool 1.11 (enables hidden options)
Running the game on Win7 x64


Widescreen & Shadows Fixes
Restoring music to GoG version

Magic and Mayhem

Running the game on Win7 x64


Widescreen + No Crashes Fix

Marathon series

Aleph One (Source Port + Freeware games)

Master Of Magic

Unofficial Fix by Anthony
Unofficial Patch by kyrub
Caster of Magic mod by Seravy
Unofficial Patch by Seravy
In-Game Help Fix by Psyringe

Master Of Orion

Unofficial Patch

Max Payne

Sound Fix for Win7

Max Payne 1 & 2

Widescreen Fixes

Max Payne 3

FMV skipping mod

MechCommander Gold

Widescreen Support

Medieval - Total War

Higher resolutions fix

MiG Alley

Unofficial Patch Links seem to be down... :(

Might & Magic 6-7-8

GrayFace's Unofficial Patches

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Special Edition

Ultimate Talkie Edition Builder

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Unofficial Patch

Myth - The Fallen Lords

Unofficial Patch

Myth 2 - Soulblighter

Unofficial Patch
Running on newshit OS + other thingies

Myth 3 - The Wolf Age

Unofficial Patch

Need for Speed 3

Unofficial Patch

Need for Speed - Porsche

Running on newshit OSes


Restoration Project

NieR - Automata

FAR (Unofficial Fix) + FAQ
HD Texture Pack (DAT HD ASS!)


Unofficial Patch

Operation Matriarchy

Unofficial Patch

Outcast (Vanilla)

Unofficial Patch by Terence & atomicJo: original page, working link
Hi-Res Patch by Zenger: original page, working link
Music Patch by Zenger: original page, working link

Planescape - Torment

Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack
Qwinn's Tweak Pack


Unofficial Patch
Russian voices

Prey 2017

List of recommended mods

Prince Of Persia 3D

Unofficial 1.01 "Unpacked" Patch, WinXP compatible

Prince of Persia: SoT / WW / TT

Proper Widescreen + Fixes


Quakespasm (Source Port)
DirectQ (Source Port)
Mark V (Source Port)

Quake 2

Unofficial Patch
Newshit Patcher / Steam incliner
Fixes for Steam version

Quake 3

UI Enhanced Mod

Rage of Mages

Fixes for scrolling problems

Rayman 2

Controller Fix for DirectX >8

Rayman 3

Controller Fix for DirectX >8

Realms of the Haunting

Transformation Patch (turns inferior UK version into superior US one)

Resident Evil HD Remaster

Various tips for running the game
FPS Fix (Reduces internal rendering resolution & removes unnecessary calls, increasing performance)
REupsacale Project (AI-upscaled textures) + List of Recomended Mods by mod's author
Real Time Graphics Mod (disabling of noise filter, fog, etc.)

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster

Unofficial Fix
Real Time Graphics Mod (disabling of noise filter, fog, etc.)

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Enlarged Upper Left Corner Fix
Unofficial Patch (Knightmare)
Source Port (iortcw)

Rise of the Triad

WinRott / GlRott (Source Ports)


Unofficial Patch

Risen 2 - Dark Waters

Unofficial Patch


Unofficial Builds

Rollcage 2

Unofficial Builds

Rowan's Battle of Britain

Unofficial Patch


Enhanced Renderers
DX10 Renderer

Sacred 2

Community Patch
Gold Patches 0150


Unofficial Patch


Graphics Corruption Fix

Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

Ultimate Talkie Edition Builder

Septerra Core

Unofficial Patch

Shadowgrounds Survivor

Unofficial Patch

Shadow of Memories (Shadow of Destiny)

Win7 Fix

Shadow Warrior

JFSW (Source Port)
SWP (Source Port)

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Unofficial Patch

Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire

Unofficial Patch

Silent Hill 2

sh2proxy (D3D8 Wrapper)
Enhanced Edition

Silent Storm

FastMod (doubles speed of animations)
Running in widescreen


Unofficial fixes and patches

Sim City 3000

Resolution Patcher

Sin - Wages of Sin

Unofficial Patch

Soldier of Fortune

Community Edition (Update & more)

Spacebase DF-9

Unofficial Patch

Space Quest 4

Unofficial Patch

Splinter Cell - Pandora Tommorow

ScellptD3D8 (D3D8 Wrapper - fixes broken shaders)
Aiming Fix

Stalker - Shadow Of Chernobyl

Zone Reclamation Project

Stalker - Clear Sky

Sky Reclamation Project

Stalker - Call of Pripyat

OpenXRay (Engine Update / Source Port)

Star Wars - Dark Forces

DarkXL (Source Port)
XLEngine (Source Port)

Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds

Unofficial Patch

Star Wars: Jedi Knight & Mysteries of the Sith

Running via dgVoodoo2 & Music patches

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Graphics Fix

Star Wars: TIE Fighter (Collector's CD-ROM) (DOS)

Joystick tips, working link for joystick patch

Star Wars: X-Wing Collector Series (Win9x)

WinNT fix for Hardware 3D mode

Sound -fixes & -reconstructions for TIE Fighter:

Orchestral soundtrack
HQ Voices + Original music
Gravis soundfont


Unofficial Patch

Supreme Commander + Forged Alliance

Unofficial Patch Site down. :(


Various fixes

Syndicate Wars

Various fixes
Source Port

System Shock

Malba Tahan's Xcdshock Mod (Mouselook, Configurable Keys, Higher Resolutions)
Malba Tahan's Shlink Mod (Win32 Loader)
Gigaquad's Enhanced Log Texts Mod

System Shock 2

SCP (Community Patch)

Tales of Symphonia

Unofficial Fix

Temple of Elemental Evil

Circle of Eight Mod
Temple+ Mod

Tex Murphy - Overseer

Fix for transparency problems

Theme Park World

Compatibility Patch

Thief - The Dark Project / Thief Gold

Thief Fixer

Thief 2 - The Metal Age


Thief - Deadly Shadows

Sneaky Update

Titan Quest - Immortal Throne

Unofficial Patch 1.17 + Patchfix

Tomb Raider 1


Total Annihilation

Unofficial Patch


Various Patches

Tron 2.0

Killer Ap Mod

Two Worlds

Lip-Sync fix for GoG version (1.7)

Tyrian 2000

Fix for the updated version

Ultima series

Unofficial Fixes / Upgrades
Portable Patches
Ultima Patcher

Ultima 6

Nitpickers Delight Patch

Ultima 7

Exult (Source Port)

Ultima 9

Unofficial Patch


Unoffical Patch
DX10 Renderer

Unreal Tournament

Unofficial Patch Site down. Working link, Files mirrors
Oldunreal-Multimedia-Patches (OMP)
Enhanced Renderers
DX10 Renderer

Valkyria Chronicles

"No canvas + no paint brush effect" Mod by rollinz
Gallian Crossfire rebalancing mod

Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines

Unofficial Patch (Wesp5)
Dramatic True Gold Final Enhanced EXTRME Patch (Tessera)

Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption

Neural Redemption (HD Texture Pack)

Warhammer - Dark Omen

Fixes for newshit OSes

Warhammer - Shadow of the Horned Rat

Running on Win7 x64

Warhammer 40000 - Chaos Gate

"Cultist Bug" fix

Warhammer 40000 Dawn Of War - Dark Crusade

Bugfix Mod

Warhammer 40000 Dawn Of War - Soulstorm

Bugfix Mod

Warlords - Battlecry 3

Unofficial Patch

Warzone 2100

Source Port + Unofficial Updates

Wing Commander - Privateer

Gemini Gold Mod + sutff

Wing Commander - The Kilrathi Saga (1-3)

DirectDraw Hack
WC3 Unofficial Patch
Missing add-ons files

Wing Commander 4 (DVD Version)

Unofficial Patch

Wing Commander - Prophecy

DVD Video Enhancement Pack

Wing Commander / Privateer games

Fixes by TCSTigersClaw

Wizards & Warriors

Unofficial Patch (1.0) + Graphics Patch
Unofficial Patch (1.1)

Wizardry 7

Automap Mod

Wizardry 8

OpenGL Renderer

Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny

ECWolf (Source Port)
Mac-enstein 3D (Source port of Mac version)

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

ET - Legacy (Unofficial Update & more)

Worms World Party & Worms - Armageddon

Compatibility + HD Patches

X-Com 1/2

Unofficial Fixes / Updates
OpenXcom (Source Port + Stuff & Things)


Unofficial Patch (mostly multiplayer)


Community Edition (Unofficial Update)
Skitso's Ultimate Megamix Map Pack 2000

Xenus II: White Gold

Unofficial Patch
Russian Soundpack


HD Texture Pack + Undub

Ys - Memories of Celceta


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Crooked Bee

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Jan 27, 2010
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Good job, spekkio. :salute:


Nov 1, 2007
Dans Ton Cul
Serpent in the Staglands Divinity: Original Sin
Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

Game works fine under Win7 x64 but the installer is broken. Use this one instead.
It only works for the 1.1 release of the game, not the original one.
Once installed on your hard disk, create a shortcut for WHSHR.EXE and set the compatibility options to 256 colours and 640x480. You may want to set compatibility to Windows 95 but the game runs fine for me without it.
For x64 users: you need to start SOTHR_Install.bat through a 32-bit elevated command prompt, not the default 64-bit one. Right-click on C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cmd.exe and select "Run as Administrator", then run the batch file from it.

Deus Ex, Rune, Unreal, Unreal Tournament

Direct3D 10 renderer

Deus Ex
Updated executable
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May 10, 2011
Blood Omen - Legacy Of Kain

Unofficial Patch

The game still doesn't work properly for me (unable to continue past the initial dialogue with the inn-keeper) - you have to slow down the CPU with special software (CPU Grabber, Cpukiller3)

anyone know how to run blood omen 1 on modern pc?
I'm on Windows 7 and I awoke to the pain of a new existence, in a dank womb of darkness and decay just five minutes ago. It's pretty simple:
  1. get a CD image (TPB's one will do)
  2. download installer (info)
  3. download patch (info, look for the bink section)
  4. install the game using the installer from 2
  5. apply patch
In my case I also had to disable the dedicated graphics card.

Unkillable Cat

May 13, 2009
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There are unofficial patches for both Gothic 1 and 2 on the World of Gothic website. They're supposed to fix some bugs, but I haven't tested them myself.

There are also unofficial patches for Might & Magic 6, 7 and 8, mostly to clear up the biggest bugs and compatibility for systems post-XP.

I'm supposed to remember many more, but this is all I could come up with right now.


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Mar 14, 2014
damn, good list. I love unofficial patches if they add really good content that the devs hadn't thought of. VTM: Bloodlines had some great unofficial patches.


Sep 25, 2012
Strap Yourselves In Serpent in the Staglands Shadorwun: Hong Kong Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker
There's the Blue Sun Mod for 7.62 High Caliber, I'll add the link once I get to a system.


Dec 3, 2009
There's the Blue Sun Mod for 7.62 High Caliber, I'll add the link once I get to a system.
There's the Blue Sun Mod for 7.62 High Caliber, I'll add the link once I get to a system.
Please do, I was interested in playing the 7.62 and heard many good things about the Blue Sun Mod.
Thanks mate! You are working hard for the best new poster since Mantis stopped posting award!
Jul 23, 2013
Kitchen sink
There is one patch for Wizards&Warriors named "ww11beta.exe" and it make the game playable for me and one other codexer.
I found it on some potato forum, patch creator's name is _mok_

And trust me, this game is technical abomination (like city background in AVI, srsly) and attempts to make it work are worth the effort.

Blue Sun Mod is nice, wanted to play it in vanilia state but it contain bunch of fixes (and I know that games on that engines are infested with bugs) but instalator for BSM 2.0 is borked (fixed by google-fu, downloading from some suspicious file site and DL with power of 56kbps modem), wonder if 2.1 finally work.

EDIT: I pressume that some projects like Arx Libertatis (for Arx Fatalis) or patches for Thief 1/2 based on new Dark Engine 2.0 may not count? They were really helpful for my first playthrought.
Not to mention System Shock Portable (SSP) which is like Arx Libertatis - total convertion of the game that turn it to somewthing playable, with more options etc.
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Sep 16, 2009
TBH by "sharing my extensive database" I meant running a HDD search for "unoffic". Which led to me skipping stuff like Desu Ex renderers, Thief multipatchers and Arx Libertatis. :oops:
Thank god for my readers.



Nov 1, 2007
Dans Ton Cul
Serpent in the Staglands Divinity: Original Sin
Wizardry 8

The game works fine under Win7 x64 but DirectX renderers can cause some trouble, like mouse sensitivity problems. The OpenGL renderer works fine but shows some lines to appear across the menus and UI. This is due to a texture clamping bug that is solved in this version. Replace srDD_OpenGL.dll in the dll folder of the game with the new one.


The Creed

Got this patch from a Russian site dedicated to the old games (how lucky I am to understand commie shit). It fixes the crash in the beginning of the game for some people. If the game doesn't crash, you can try to install it just in case.
Still, I doubt any of you guys are going to play this game or finish it, even I rarely play it due to the amount of butthurt it causes every time I try to beat it.
Anyhoo, I mirrored it, get it right here, you piece of shit.

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