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VR Recommendations Thread

puur prutswerk

Jan 29, 2006
Delegating telepathy. Yes, no, maybe.
Codex USB, 2014
Post random VR recommendations in this thread.

Beanstalker (on sale until the 20th) is a very imaginative bean stalking game. You climb randomly generated beanstalks with hooks gathering resources in order to craft stuff. I have not played much of it because of losing all progress of a run by misgrabbing the getaway harpoon trauma. I have been meaning to get back to it, but I don't seem to be getting any vr game time recently. It comes across as a little bit reddit, but I found it all to be very imaginative.

Good woodworking game.


Conquest is a fun RPG/RTS hybrid. I have only played it for an hour yet so I can not tell you much about it at this point.

I have not played this in a while, they have since added in an entire singleplayer campaign and it just got out of early access.

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