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Game News Wantless is now Wantless: Solace at World's End, coming to Early Access on November 8th


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Jan 28, 2011
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Are you a tactical RPG and a sci-fi fan? A lost wanderer? Or simply curious about our upcoming title? Whatever your reason, you've come to the right place! Mark your calendars for November 8 because that's when you'll be able to embark on this mind-boggling journey with us!

What's new?

First things first, we're excited to reveal the updated title of our game – "Wantless: Solace at World's End." We feel this name truly encapsulates the essence of our story, set in a bleak future where most of the population has chosen to enter an artificial sleep to escape suffering, rendering them "Wantless." Are you ready to find out more in our gameplay trailer?

Early Access Features:

In the Early Access version of "Wantless: Solace at World's End", you can look forward to:

Over 50 Synapses and 30 forms: to be combined at will into thousands of deadly spells.
More than 50 enemies: face challenging adversaries as you navigate the minds of your patients.
20 formidable bosses: including 10 unique bosses, each with their own strategies.
6 Sub-Biomes: explore a variety of environments, each with its own set of monsters.
4 Patient Difficulty Tiers, culminating in a challenging end game to make your builds truly shine!
A very large skill tree to customize your character's abilities and playstyle.

With this, Early Access will provide you with many hours of exciting gameplay, and a great opportunity to help us shape the development of the game with your feedback and suggestions!​

Lord of Riva

Jan 16, 2018
Strap Yourselves In Pathfinder: Wrath
Not a fan of the human character art but otherwise this looks pretty cool. The premise is also cool. Not going to buy into EA but I will certainly check out Full release.


You're all shills
Jan 2, 2016
Eastern block
Looks like shit. Colors are all over the place and UI is unreadable. The whole screen is oversaturated, just poor design

The only interesting thing is the part with crafting your own skills


Aug 23, 2020
Art style looks fucking reddit, both character art in dialogue and tiles/enemies in gameplay. Also naming your game Wantless is a very bold strategy, you're basically setting yourself up for being mocked if the game doesn't sell well


Jun 17, 2012
>tumblr artstyle

That's gonna be a no from me fam.

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