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Game News Wasteland 3 Fig Update #20: Now In Production - Backer Survey, Stanley Hotel Vertical Slice


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Brother None; InXile Entertainment; Matt Findley; Paul Marzagalli; Wasteland 3

inXile have published a Wasteland 3 Fig update to announce some important news. With Torment complete, the game has now moved out of preproduction and into production.

Matt Findley here. We've been keeping you posted on Wasteland 3's pre-production in our updates, but today I have a bigger step to share with you: Wasteland 3 is moving out of pre-production and into full production! Note that Fig has a handy Game Info tab to keep all our supporters informed on our development stage, and as you can see it has now moved over to "Production."

So what does this mean for Wasteland 3? It means our paper designs are wrapping up and getting finalized for implementation. Our prototype work is moving towards production of our game scenes, starting with rough blockouts that give us a sense of the area's spacing and flow, and let us determine the layout before we work on art. In video game projects, moving from pre-production to production is never like flicking a switch - it's a process and we will still be prototyping and even doing paper designs for the next while, but it is a big step for us as our team is ramping up.
The new community manager, Paul Marzagalli, is running a Wasteland 3 survey similar to the one he did for Bard's Tale IV a couple of weeks ago. Codexers are highly encouraged to fill it.

As Matt said, this will definitely be familiar to those of you who follow our Bard's Tale IV updates. I want to thank the inXile team for the warm welcome! It has been an outstanding (and fast) first month and a half. Though this is the “official” announcement of my arrival, I have been out in the community for the past few weeks so I may have already spoken with many of you. Whether in the forums, on our game Facebook page, or on Twitter @phimseto, please pop by and say hello!

With Wasteland 3, inXile is building out a post-apocalyptic story first begun in 1988. The success of Wasteland 2 reunited us with old fans and brought in legions of new ones. In getting to know our backers and the greater inXile community, I put together a survey to help me understand where you are coming from as RPG and Wasteland fans. This survey isn’t something that I will be sharing publicly, rather it is to help me better identify who our Wasteland 3 backers are and what they like in a Wasteland game. This will help us with development not just of Wasteland 3, but with how we consider and develop future projects! You can find the survey at this link: Wasteland 3 Backer Survey.

The survey is brief and it is your chance to talk directly to the game devs and let us know what you think. The more of you who participate, the better we can strive to make Wasteland 3 and future titles! Thank you in advance for your help and thanks to everyone for supporting Wasteland 3!
inXile's next task is to create a fully functional vertical slice of the game - what the Ag Center was for Wasteland 2 and Dyrford was for Pillars of Eternity. They've chosen the Stanley Hotel, which was described in April's update, as the location for it.

In the previous update, we introduced you to Stanley Hotel, one of the zones of Wasteland 3. As part of our production schedule, we'll be looking to flesh out Stanley Hotel early, taking it from blockout (a rough level implementation with no art) into a developed zone, with missions, combat, dialogues and art worked out. That way, the Stanley Hotel will work as our vertical slice, allowing us to proof out the entire process from A to Z. In video games, doing a vertical slice early in production allows you to prove out the production process of your level, catching and correcting any mistakes or factors that'd slow us down for later zones, and it'll give us vital information on questions regarding combat density, balance, and the use of vehicles in our game.

In the coming updates, we'll be sharing various facets of the vertical slice with you, highlighting what this process means for us in art, engineering, design, and writing. Part of the reason we chose the Stanley Hotel as a vertical slice is that the location is fairly isolated from the main storyline, so we'll be able to share a lot of details without spoiling the game's overall story.​

There's no mention of E3 in this update. I guess they're going to be focused on Bard's Tale IV there.


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Nov 17, 2012
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Replicated my response to the Bard's Tale survey: Don't fuck it up. Or words to that effect.

Hang on, I didn't back W3. Never mind - random folks have opinions too.

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Jun 21, 2015
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Multiple questions say "select up to three" but let you select as many as you want. Question two has 'other:' as an option but doesn't have a text box to specify.


Dec 23, 2014
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There are some shitty questions like when they ask how much do you love cosmetic items over character depth, I hope no one bites the bait.
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Nov 6, 2016
Pretty much the same questionnaire sent out a few weeks back to backers. I didn't get "15. As a Desert Ranger, in what way do you approach the game?," why didn't they have "all" as an option; not even going to speculate if that means all branching dialog will lead to the same monochromatic-conclusion.

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