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Game News Wasteland 3 Fig Update #33: Going to X019, Kodiak Turret Customization


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Jan 28, 2011
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The Wasteland 3 backer alpha was released just under two months ago, and by all accounts seems to have made a good impression. The next step is the Early Access beta, which inXile said would be releasing in "late fall" back in June. According to today's Fig update the team will be at Microsoft's X019 event in London next month on November 14th, so I expect more details will be revealed around then. Also in the update, a look at some of the weapon customization options for Wasteland 3's mighty armored truck, a recap of inXile's visit to Gamescom, and a roundup of backer alpha previews and feedback survey results. Here's an excerpt:

It’s been a couple of months since we released the backer Alpha, and while game development continues, we’ve been incorporating bug reports and feedback. While most of the results are being kept in-house so we can work on them, determine best steps forward, etc. we have a few fun highlights to share with you further down this update.

Alongside the Alpha, Wasteland 3 was at gamescom, where we debuted a new trailer, had hands-on with the game both behind closed doors with press and in the Deep Silver and Xbox booths, and were ecstatic to have been awarded “Best RPG” at the show.


We’re happy to announce that we will be attending X019! Tickets are still available to purchase. If you’re going, be sure to stop by and say hello, and of course don’t miss the Inside Xbox livestream at 12pm PDT on November 14 for plenty of Xbox Game Studios news and announcements.

More info on the X019 page here: https://www.xbox.com/x019

Steel Horse

The Kodiak is your vehicle in Wasteland 3, and as you can customize and outfit your team of Rangers, so too can you upgrade and outfit your vehicle to get around Colorado. We think of the Kodiak as a full-fledged member of the team, and it’s a big part of your play experience. It gets you around the world map, but even more important are its capabilities in combat. Changing paint schemes and visual appearances is awesome (and will offer a ton of customization), but making it tougher and more formidable against your enemies will be what transforms it from a junker to a high-end war machine.

We’re going to give you a little sneak peek of some concepts for the turrets you can attach to the Kodiak in Wasteland 3—which is the most powerful weapon slot type you can equip. The Railgun you’ve likely already seen from the Alpha, but there are a few new ones below.

More from Cologne

There was also a ton of coverage from gamescom from Brian Fargo and Game Director Tim Campbell, as well as interviews from Lead Level Designer Jeremy Kopman who we sent out to San Francisco to get the game in front of US press sites.

Here’s just a small smattering of the coverage that came out of it:
Thanks for reading, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at X019!​

I particular recommend reading the interview with Jeremy Kopman at VentureBeat, which reveals some details about the game world outside the alpha location.


Aug 31, 2013
Wow, nice. This might give me the same feel I got in Fallout Tactics when
you're driving around in your vehicle/tank with your guys shooting everything.
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