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Game News Weird West delayed to March 31st


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Devolver Digital; Raphael Colantonio; Weird West; WolfEye Studios

Back in October, we were told that Weird West would be launching next month. Now the game is in private beta and it turns out that WolfEye are going to need some more time to get all that immersive sim stuff working without glitches. In an apologetic video, Raf Colantonio announced today that the release date has been postponed to March 31st. I'll post it here along with last week's deep dive video, which was all about ~simulation~.

Oh well, at least this gives us almost three more months to argue about whether an isometric game can be considered an immersive sim.


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Mar 27, 2016
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Glad they found it before release. Private/closed beta was a good decision and i think the delay will turn out to be beneficial in the end. I think it's simply means they found some stuff that they couldn't with in-house manpower. I do wish they hadn't announced a release date before beta started, but it’s better than releasing a broken game (which se7en never really recovered even after an enhanced edition coming out)


Jun 22, 2020
Is it just me or the guy looks a bit like a young Scorsese?
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Feb 9, 2016
This game will have the most foolproof and failsafe-equipped save system in all of gaming history.

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