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What to play next?

Which one?

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Oct 21, 2019
Wasteland 3 - has some good sides but plenty of bad ones too hence why I was one of those who called it mediocre. You have to resort to self-restrictions there in order to have fun with combat - hate that shit tbh. The story etc is more than fine except there's too much goofy, outright stupid stuff around which spoils the experience big time.

Vagrus - didn't play it, looks as a game for really aquired taste and judging by the fact I didn't enjoy Sunless Sea maybe I'll never try Vagrus.

Wrath of the trannies - yeah it's unbelievably woke but the gameplay should be alright since you enjoyed KM and the character progression seems really nice (mythic stuff and all that) so your choice. I personally just cannot tolerate that shit anymore, sucks any joy out of it.

So by elimination - Arthur. I haven't played it tho myself, seems it's leaning towards tacticoolness hard so if you're up for that - why not. And my friend tells it gets actually better later but he didn't finish the game yet.

Cannot recommend anything fresh other than to playtest Colony Ship if you don't care about spoilers of course. It already has plenty of content and shaping up really great. Trying out different builds is fun.
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Aug 27, 2006
If you like a dialogue focus rather than combat, you might like Disco Elysium. Lot's of choice and consequence depending on what your character build is like.


Apr 15, 2015
Thank you guys for all the recommendations. In the end I followed your votes and started playing King Arthur (installation size reduction updated helped me to decide as well) - and it's indeed a great game. I'm just 10 hours in, so it's still possible it will become stale and repetitive, but so far I'm loving it. Playing on very hard and my team is always fucked up (poor Mordred has 5 injuries atm), but so far no one died, so I'm happy. And also devs are pretty active (putting out free content updates, actively rebalancing the game, etc.) and that's always great to see.
Jul 29, 2020
Wasteland 3. Just make sure you ignore Angela Deth and Liberty. They are woman so they have bad ideas.

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