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XenForo Tips & Tricks


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Oct 7, 2003
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One of my gripes with XenForo (the forum software that we're using here) is that it doesn't come with a user manual. Unfortunately, the XF developers have no intention of providing one, despite new features constantly being added to the software. While the basic functionality is easy enough to grasp, there is plenty of more advanced or less obvious or less commonly used functionality that many users who aren't very familiar with XF never discover or notice on their own.

Providing a full manual would be too much work, but many users can contribute a tip or two and eventually this thread will host a plethora of useful information, especially for those not familiar with XenForo.

I'll start with a few features that have been there for a long time, but many users are still not aware of:

How to quickly quote one or more parts of somebody's post?

Simply select any part of the text that you want to quote in a post and click on the "Reply" link that appears in the tooltip. You'll immediately be whisked down to the editor and the selected text will already be conveniently quoted for you. Repeat as often as necessary.

More advanced users can also utilize the "+Quote" link in the tooltip to store several chunks of text to reply to. When ready, scroll down to the post editor and click on the "Insert quotes..." button below the text entry field.

How to change the font size to the smaller one the old Codex forums used?

Scroll to the bottom left of any page and click on the style chooser link next to the paintbrush icon and select one of the Small Font styles.

What is the difference between the Fluid and Fixed Width styles available from the style chooser?

Fluid = Infinitely stretched content area, so the more horizontal space on your monitor, the longer every line of text will be to read. Generally, this is considered harder to read.

Fixed Width = The content area is limited to a fixed width. Especially on larger monitors and resolutions, this is easier to read as it is closer to the comfort of reading a newspaper/magazine column or a book.

How to quickly send someone a private message?

Find one of their forum posts, click on their username above their avatar and hit the "Start conversation" button. The "Start chat" button next to the "Start conversation" will open a private 1:1 chat room instead of a classic private message thread.

How to remove text before and after the quote without deleting the quote?

Hold Shift while pressing Backspace/Delete.

I'll be adding more entries here as they occur to me.
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Mar 16, 2007
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In order to have a text striked through, you can select the text and press Ctrl+S.
In order to have a text underlined, you can select the text and press Ctrl+U.

You can get those as well by clicking on the three dots in the editor next to the color palette, but who ever clicks those dots?


Sep 28, 2014
Also, when you open a thread, you may not notice this, but there's a gray bar on the right side of the window. If you "pull it down", so to speak, you will see more replies in the thread. This is called "scrolling".

If you scroll a thread all the way down, there's a reply box. If you type letters into it and hit "Post reply", they appear in the thread for everyone. Some people might not know this. Taluntain have you considered making a video tutorial about it?


Sep 1, 2020
Some people might not know this, but you can now disable chat. You can do this by using your investigation, perception and survival skills.


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Aug 6, 2014
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Consider adding to the first post:

How to remove text before and after the quote without deleting the quote? Hold Shift while pressing Backspace/Delete.


Jan 27, 2019
  • Empty quotes are removed automatically
  • If you quote a post and want to add something to the top of the post, hit enter.
  • If you want to remove the quote box from a quote at the beginning of a reply you're writing, press enter at the beginning of the first line, and then delete.
  • To open a new line in the quote, press S-RET. To open a new line without the quote box, press RET.
  • Paste without formatting via C-S-v


Oct 20, 2020
I want to ignore threads, not users. Please re-implement that feature (or tell me where to find it, should I be indeed that blind).

A lot of people don't realise this but they can save a lot of mental health problems by clicking their username at the top right, clicking logout, and never logging in again.
Sadly there’s no helpful tip in there on how to stay logged out.

I'd knew several, but they're all a bit drastic.
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