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You guys ever played Blade runner? (Made another no cd)


In My Safe Space
Feb 3, 2009
Shadorwun: Hong Kong
Ok i believe i managed to make one.

*google alert*
here is a westwood blade runner cd version no-cd full install
*google alert*

Full install of the CD version (not the DVD version, but you can try replacing the executable - it's the patch bellow - it might work if the data is the same).
edit the executable (as i said in my version is the same as the "patch" but you might want to get it to be safe, it's on patches scroll. Alternatively the md5 is given below.

Original file md5:

Edit from the address (hexadecimal) 0000FFF1 -> 90 90
Edit from the address (hexadecimal) 00010028 -> 90 90

Edited file md5:

It appears to work. I didn't play it all myself so no guarantees of course. I've since played it. Works.

If anyone from Good Old Games is googling for no-cds for Blade Runner, i give full permission for them to use this. It's cool guys. Public domain.

Steam can kiss my ass though. It's not public domain to those faggots.

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Jul 27, 2010

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