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Dex Enhanced Edition Released

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Dex Enhanced Edition Released

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 7 October 2015, 23:03:52

Tags: Dex

2D Cyberpunk Sidescrolling RPG Dex, whose original release was apparently somewhat unsatisfactory, is now seeking to rectify that by releasing an "Enhanced Edition" of the game (which is all the rage these days). Here's the announcement:

It’s finally here, the Enhanced Version you’ve been waiting for!
You can download it now!

Here’s a reminder of the most important improvements this new update brings:
  • Manual saves.
  • Revamped AR / Cyberspace.
  • New user interface / menus.
  • Improved enemy AI / melee combat.
  • Ability to shoot while moving.
  • Steam Achievements / Trading Cards / Badges.
  • Full localization: French / German / Czech / Hungarian.
And much more.

We hope you have fun playing or replaying Dex, and we’re looking forward to your impressions!​

[​IMG] [​IMG]

You can buy the game here.

Thanks almondblight!

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