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Golden Land setting article #4 on RPGDot

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Golden Land setting article #4 on RPGDot

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 19 March 2003, 03:44:48

Tags: Golden Land

RPGDot has posted their forth article on the setting of Golden Land, that snazzy looking skills and turn based CRPG with magic and guns. Here's a clip of the Q&A part:

RPGDot : Is it required to know the background information to play the game? Or in other words how does the story given for the two countries influence the storyline?

No, in the game there will be no need to know the history of Golden Land and other countries in detail. The game is quite independent and separate from the first part, and it does not require anything from the player, except some desire and good sense. On the other hand, the knowledge about the gaming world will make the process of walking through it even more atmospheric and fascinating. The player will understand the motivation and behavior of different characters, their actions and views on events taking place. Besides, we hope that for those who played Heath it will be interesting to meet some known characters - for example, Ivlis, the immortal cursed Marvian merchant.​

I like games that require good sense.

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