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Forged of Blood, a turn-based tactical fantasy RPG, now on Kickstarter

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Forged of Blood, a turn-based tactical fantasy RPG, now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 6 March 2017, 22:37:08

Tags: Critical Forge; Forged of Blood

Forged of Blood is an upcoming turn-based tactical fantasy RPG from Indonesia-based studio Critical Forge that first came to our attention in October. Although its premise doesn't seem incredibly unique, the game's decent production values and comprehensive development updates have aroused some interest on our forums. Now the developers are seeking to augment their budget with a Kickstarter campaign. They've put together a nice long pitch video that includes the game's opening cinematic, a bit of gameplay and the obligatory visit to the studio. Here's that and an overview of its basic features:

Forged of Blood is a fantasy turn-based tactical RPG that focuses on creating a deep tactical gameplay experience centered around meaningful choice in a morally ambiguous world. With this game, we are merging a deep turn-based tactical game with an elaborate RPG experience that takes players on a journey to reclaim a lost kingdom.

At it’s core, Forged of Blood is a 3D isometric tactical game that will force players to think critically and creatively both in and out of the tactical combat phase. Positioning, build efficiency, and tactics can mean the difference between victory and defeat in battle, while managing your characters outside of combat poses new and interesting opportunities.

Developing Forged of Blood has, and continues to be a labor of love that turned this passion project into the sort of game we’ve always dreamed about making. From tabletop to the classic RPGs of old, our’s is a project in which we plan on merging the elements of classic RPGS and tactical games into a contemporary take on the genre.

The vision for Forged of Blood has always been to create a deep tactical experience currently in development for the PC. That means character building customization that will have tactical consequences in as many ways as possible and setting it all against a brand new fantasy backdrop. So far, we’ve created an experience for our game that, while focused on the tactical experience, will develop interesting choices on and off the battlefield.
  • A Fantasy World Afire: Our game introduces a morally grey hard fantasy world on the cusp of a predestined upheaval. Forged of Blood will throw you into a beautiful new world filled with both monsters and men across multiple environments in 3D; in a world that has a richly developed history.
  • Meaningful Choices Throughout the Game: This is a design philosophy that we’ve truly hammered into every facet of the game. Whether it be the branching narratives, the tactical combat, or the minutia of character building, every choice will have meaningful consequence.
  • Build Your Characters Your Way: With 9 weapons and weapon ability trees, 6 general ability trees, a vast magic crafting system, the characters under your command are yours to build from the ground up to fit any tactical need.
  • A True Spellcrafting System: This is the spellcrafting system of our dreams, with a staggering 3822 unique effect combinations and an incalculable number of permutations when you account for effect and global modifiers.
  • All Things (Tactically) Considered: Once on the battlefield, players will have to take into consideration a plethora of tactical factors. Will you have the right composition of characters to take on a particular challenge? Is the high ground worth taking or would the costs be too high? Build efficiency, positioning, and turn order all matter - will you be able to take advantage of it?
Forged of Blood is a decidedly ambitious project for a studio for our size, but we have lived up to our wildest expectations in each build we push out. We’ve committed our own money to not only start the studio, but to finish the game, but we’ve taken the project to Kickstarter to make the game even better with your help.
Critical Forge are looking to raise 150,000 Singapore dollars (that's a bit over 100,000 USD) for Forged of Blood. You can secure a copy for just 15 Singapore dollars, with an estimated release date of June 2018. I doubt the campaign is going to get anywhere, but this looks like a game that's going to get made no matter what, so make sure to vote for it on Steam Greenlight too.

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