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StarCrawlers Released

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StarCrawlers Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 23 May 2017, 21:42:35

Tags: Juggernaut Games; StarCrawlers

Juggernaut Games' turn-based sci-fi blobber StarCrawlers was released out of Early Access today, a brief delay from the date announced last month. Thus ends the journey that began on Kickstarter way back in February 2014. Here's the game's snazzy launch trailer and a celebratory announcement post:

3... 2... 1... LAUNCH

We’re happy to announce that StarCrawlers v1.0 is live! First of all, an absolutely massive THANK YOU to everyone who particpated in Early Access. If you reported a bug, suggested a feature or change, or even vented some frustration - you helped make the game better. Even if you just played and enjoyed (or didn't!) - your support helped make StarCrawlers happen. Early Access experiences can vary wildly - thank you for making this a positive one.

That's great! What’s Next for StarCrawlers?

Whoa! Slow down... I literally just pushed the launch button... We are committed to supporting the game from here on out - routine bug fix and improvement patches will be made and we would love to expand the experience with core content updates and even DLC, depending on demand. We'll keep in touch with regular updates to let you know the state of the game and how things are looking for expansion!

I’m a Backer! How do I get my gear?

If you backed on Kickstarter, your reward gear can be obtained by visiting the Black Market - select “I need to tell you something...”, and enter your Steam Key in the dialogue box. To get your key, simply head to the backerkit page, login to your account, and select “Digital Downloads”.

Now, stop reading this and

Juggernaut Games
Ps. We escaped Early Access guys!​

Another oldschool RPG is born into the world. Good luck guys! StarCrawlers is available now on Steam and GOG for the price of $20, with a hefty 25% launch discount until next week.

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