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Titan Outpost is a combat-less isometric sci-fi RPG set on the moon of Saturn

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Titan Outpost is a combat-less isometric sci-fi RPG set on the moon of Saturn

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 9 February 2018, 23:51:37

Tags: The Boar Studio; Titan Outpost

Titan Outpost is an upcoming isometric sci-fi RPG by RPG Codex veteran poster Frank "MF" de Boer. It's set in the far future of 2077 during an energy crisis, in which the player is tasked with setting up a mining outpost on Titan, the sixth moon of Saturn. Like No Truce With The Furies, Titan Outpost will not have any combat system, but will instead feature innovative dialogue mechanics as well as logistical elements inspired by the original X-Com's Geoscape and Cryo's Dune. The game has an official website, but MF has been posting development updates in his hosted forum here on the Codex, where he set up shop last July. Although there have been plenty of screenshots of Titan Outpost, the latest update offers us our first look at live gameplay footage. It's a demonstration of the aforementioned dialogue mechanics, in what is planned to be the game's introductory tutorial quest. A good excuse to finally post about it on our front page. Here's the video and a description:

It is the year 2077. Humanity is in the midst of an energy crisis and the future of civilisation is in peril.

Your mission is a last-ditch effort at satiating your species’ ever-growing thirst for fuel. With unmitigated growth, environmental change was inevitable. Earth’s equator is slowly becoming a lifeless desert. Endless fields of solar arrays gave us some breathing room, but collective efforts at temperature regulation only compounded our energy problems. We colonized the moon in 2060 and the demand for energy only grew larger.

In crisis, people united. Europe, West-Russia, The United States, Japan and most South American countries united to form the International Autonomous Space Association. You work this supranational organisation.

A cold war has arisen between your employers and the economically powerful Chinese, who are working on colonising Mars and also have a presence in the Saturnian system. On frosty Titan, this war will literally be very cold indeed.

Harvest the moon’s abundant hydrocarbon resources and uncover its mysteries. Explore the orange moon, visit lakes of methane and establish a mining operation. The extremely cold climate will be your biggest enemy. Or will it?


Titan Outpost is an isometric, single-player role-playing game set on Titan, the sixth moon of the planet Saturn. Humanity is engulfed in an energy crisis and you are there to harvest the moon’s precious resources and uncover its mysteries.

There is no combat in the game. Titan itself is your biggest enemy and your character will need to use a variety of skills to handle missions. In an atmosphere so uninvitingly cold that methane is a liquid, every choice matters and every step counts.
  • The PICA character system features four attributes -Physical, Intelligence, Charisma and Awarenss- and six skills, ranging from science to exploration.
  • Branching storylines and multiple quest solutions.
  • Discrete time system, where every passing second determines unfolding events and the game world continues while your character sleeps. The game would be considered turn-based if it had combat.
  • Logistical elements , think original Dune adventure meets the strategic layer of X-com.
  • A rich backstory with a combination of realistic science-fiction and cold war tension.
  • Over twenty locations, a hundred if you count all the lakes.
  • Build and expand your base, it’s not called Titan Outpost for nothing.
  • Research exciting new technologies, ranging from new ways to keep warm, generating more power or making Titan ever so slightly more like Earth.
  • Multiple factions: You can decide to join the Chinese, work for independent contractors or stay loyal to your employer.
  • 70s aesthetic.
Looks very cool. We'll be keeping an eye on this one.

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