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Golden Land gameworld preview no. 5 at RPGDot

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Golden Land gameworld preview no. 5 at RPGDot

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 12 April 2003, 05:09:58

Tags: Golden Land

RPGDot has posted Gameworld #5 about Golden Land, that groovy little Russian brew CRPG. This time, it covers the location known as Marvia.

Marvia is the land of sly merchants, and the gods worshipped here are many. The family relations, that were of great importance in people's life even at the times of the trade clans, now affect the religious life of people very much. Almost all families have their own gods. Moreover, most Marvians believe in the existence of the Nameless God, the father of all existence. There are nearly no temples and religious traditions in Marvia. The population of Marmaris, the seaside city and the main Empire port from ancient times, worshipped the separate god - Hizr. Many years ago the government of Marmaris met the wishes of the visiting sailors from Golden Land, who wished to bring offerings to Veles even in foreign lands, and had built the temple dedicated to the god of trade. Time passed, and many people of this city joined the cult of this god, calling him in their own manner - Hizr.​

I have to wonder if the god of trade's temple is a marketplace.

Spotted this at RPG Vault

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