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Starflight 3, a sequel from original series creator Greg Johnson, now on Fig

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Starflight 3, a sequel from original series creator Greg Johnson, now on Fig

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 29 August 2018, 17:58:25

Tags: Greg Johnson; HumaNature Studios; Starflight 3

Crowdfunded sequels and spiritual successors to classic game franchises were all the rage back in 2012-2013, but there's something weird about running into one in 2018. That's the feeling I get when I look at Starflight 3, the new sequel to the famous space exploration RPG series from the 1980s, which officially launched on Fig yesterday after a month and a half in a not-so-secret backstage preview mode. The developer in charge is HumaNature Studios, a California-based indie headed by original Starflight lead designer Greg Johnson, so they've got that right. The game looks nice enough, but is there any interest in such a thing in this age of Star Citizens and No Man's Skies? Watch the video, read the pitch, and decide for yourself:

Starflight was the first PC game to go platinum, selling over a million copies while also garnering huge critical success earning “Adventure Game of the Year”. Its sequel, Starflight 2: The Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula went on to receive “Role-Playing Game of the Year”. We're building Starflight’s next incarnation under the creative direction of its original designer, Greg Johnson and we can't do it without your help!

What Is Starflight
  • A sci-fi single-player, sandbox role-playing game that focuses on exploration, diplomacy, resource gathering and combat
  • Hand-built planets and star systems to discover, mine, catalog new creatures and trade with locals
  • Alien races with distinct languages and cultures that will test your diplomacy skills
  • Ship and crew customization to suit your play style
  • Mind-bending clues scattered across the stars that you must decipher to keep going in the right direction
  • Random events that will make some of your decisions easier and at times… difficult
  • A truly free-form experience allowing you to decide how to explore whenever you want to
HumaNature are looking to raise $800,000 by next month to develop Starflight 3, which they already got a good chunk before the campaign launched. You can get yourself a copy of the game for a reasonable $20, with beta access available at $80 and alpha at $100. The estimated release window is Q4 2020.

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