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Aeon of Sands Release Date Announcement Trailer

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Aeon of Sands Release Date Announcement Trailer

Game News - posted by Zed on Wed 17 October 2018, 18:57:15

Tags: Aeon of Sands - The Trail; Two Bits Kid

The post-apoc indie RPG Aeon of Sands from Two Bits Kid is being released on December 4th according to a new trailer:

I don't think we've really covered the game before, at least not on the front page. It seems to be some sort of mix between Dungeon Master, with real-time clickity-click combat, puzzles, automapping action and CYOA sequences. For more info, check out its website.

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It's a turn-based RPG thing on KickStarter. Details here.


RAISED: $613.73 USD (81%)

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