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Project Phoenix .plan update

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Project Phoenix .plan update

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 19 April 2003, 03:14:17

Tags: Project: Phoenix (working title)

Duck and Cover has posted a plan update for Project Phoenix, which is a turn based, post apocalyptic CRPG in the works. Here's a clip:

On another note, I have had 'wind down' time to tweak some elements of combat that I think you'll be happy about. With all the "Ian shooting my ass in the back" talk, I've added options to the 'npc tactics' dialog where you can instruct the NPC to look for elements in combat that will suggest what its better course of action is. This doesn't mean you 'have' to tell the NPC, as he may be tactically inclined ( a soldier ), and do this on his own, but a less trained 'warrior' may not be so perceptive ( Ian ), so you might have to explicitly tell him 'Do Not Burst If Friendly Fire True', or, "do not fire in burst mode you fuck, if you see me or our friends in your line of sight". The NPC does a check "are friends in vision cone?" True/False. If true, set weapon to single fire or switch weaps or possibly reposition or choose new target, etc ( there are quite a few options for him tactically, of course limited by his intelligence ). If false, fire away! Good, now our "Ian" isn't shooting us. Keep in mind though...if you have such a member on your team, and you don't tell him to be careful, he could very well end up pulling an "Ian" on you, and then its just your fault. Kick him off the team then or take away his auto fire weapons...just keep him in check...​

You can see the references a plenty there.

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