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Golden Land Q&A at ActionTrip

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Golden Land Q&A at ActionTrip

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 22 April 2003, 01:24:40

Tags: Golden Land

There's an interview over at ActionTrip covering that nifty looking turn based, making items, having mad skills, using guns and magic CRPG, Golden Land. While you're reading, note the question about the engine which starts with the disclaimer about it not being 3D and the mention of the FPS game that Burut is also making. Funny stuff. Here's the clip:

AT: Explain how will the players be able to create items.

The items can be created and modified with such skills as Forgery and Alchemy. The knowledge of Alchemy allows you to create potions from different reagents, and it could sometimes be used to regenerate the character's life. By learning Alchemy you may also gain the ability to refurbish the energy and magic powers of your staff. Forgery, on the other hand, helps you create new weapons and armor; furthermore, you can improve these weapons by adding special magic features. And to top it all off, when using Forgery, you can easily replenish your ammo stock.​

See, that's what I like. Don't have any arrows? Make them. One of the main reasons I rarely use bows is dealing with arrows.

Spotted this at HomeLAN Fed.

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