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Aeolwyn's Legacy is a Might & Magic VI-like blobber by New World Computing veteran Tim Lang

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Aeolwyn's Legacy is a Might & Magic VI-like blobber by New World Computing veteran Tim Lang

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 14 September 2019, 18:06:40

Tags: Aeolwyn's Legacy; Brrapp Games; Tim Lang

Tim Lang was the level designer of Might & Magic VI and VII and lead designer of Might & Magic IX back at New World Computing. Since the studio shut down he's been doing all sorts of things, including a short stint on the Medal of Honor series, various mobile games, a vaporware sci-fi RPG project called Project 2137 and an equally vaporous shooter set in the same universe called Zombie Gauntlet Live. A couple of days ago, Tim announced that he'd decided to set the vapor aside and revealed his new project called Aeolwyn’s Legacy. He doesn't describe it as such, but it's very clear that the game is a homage to the late Might & Magic games. First person, party-based, not grid-based, with both real-time and turn-based combat modes. Here's the teaser trailer and details from the official website:

Aeolwyn’s Legacy is Brrapp Games new first-person party-based RPG for the PC. It’s an epic tale in a sprawling world filled with knights, kings, allies and betrayal.

The kingdom of Laryndor is in upheaval! Factions have begun forming against the king. Secret societies are plotting against the monarchy and may even threaten life itself!

Party Based Gameplay
Aeolwyn’s Legacy is a throwback to the Party-based Role Playing Games of old! Instead of playing one all-powerful character you’ve got a party of 4 characters who are under your full control to customize and develop as you choose!

There’s a large open world at your doorstep. Explore the world and find strange monsters and hidden locations. There will be plenty of secrets to uncover! Explore the wilderness and investigate dark dungeons and abandon temples.

Talk to NPCs. Take on quests large and small. Join factions and fight your enemies!

Epic Story
Play an epic, multi-branching story where choices you make may affect your future in Laryndor. Just because you are friendly with one faction doesn’t mean that all the other groups in Laryndor appreciate you meddling in their plans! Meddle too far and they may take action against you!

Fight powerful monsters and loot their treasure! Choose between real time combat to slay your foes, or if you prefer to think more strategically about your battles, switch to turn-based and outsmart your enemies. You can switch between the two any time you want.

Develop Characters
There’s tons of skills to learn, including martial skills, magic skills, and plenty more to help you in your quests! You have four characters to customize any way you want. Do you want to face the world with four soldiers? Do it! Do you prefer magical attacks? Go ahead! In Aeolwyn’s Legacy there are tons of character choices, each with 2 levels of promotions to get even more powerful.

Regular Updates
You won’t get the whole thing all at once! New regions, enemies, and quests will be added regularly!

Yeah, it's extremely low budget. I guess this game might end up being vaporware too, but this time there's an actual demo you can download. Given Tim's track record, the incremental approach to development is probably a good idea. Hopefully he'll release the game on Steam Early Access where it can get some attention.

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